Make them crave you! 7 simple steps to a profitable Marketing Calendar and FREE template
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Make them crave you! 7 simple steps to a profitable Marketing Calendar and FREE template

Do you have a marketing calendar? If not,
why not? Really, why not? I just got off the phone with my friend
and she is putting together her marketing calendar and I am asked about
this marketing calendar thing all the time.
First of all, I don’t think people understand that it’s so important, it’s
your roadmap, it is the key to being consistent, it is the key to knowing what
you should be doing, what you should stop doing, what is making you profitable, what
is not. I mean this is your marketing activities all put together on this
piece of paper, that becomes your roadmap. In fact if you haven’t already
downloaded my one page template. It’s a monthly marketing calendar template, it’s
free, it is free. I am giving it to you because I feel so strongly that
everybody should have this. There’s a link here go on there download it and
start using it. On this you’re going to have all the days, of the month you’re going to
fill in the information. You’re going to know what you’re tweaking and what’s
working and what your themes are for each month. But I wanted to shoot this
quick video for you because I’m going to give you the 7 steps to creating a
profitable marketing calendar.This is essential. Grab a notepad. Write it down.
I’m also creating a course because I charge a lot of money to create a
marketing calendar for my clients so if you want to save money then I’m going to
give you this course at a really great price if you’re on my email list so get
on my email list so that you can get the killer price. you can pay full price if
you want but I’m going to give a discount to anybody who’s on my email list.
There’s going to be a link here to do that. I am going to be putting this
course out pretty quickly. I just got to find a little bit of time and start
shooting it. If it’s not out by the time this video comes out, it’s going to
be out pretty soon after that so make sure that you go to the link, you put in
your information, you get the free 1 page template, and then when the course comes
out, get the course because we’re going to dive deeper into that. There is going
to be resources on there that you need, to make your life easier, to
make your marketing calendar, putting it together faster and quicker. I’m going to
give you like 250 different ideas for your online and your offline marketing.
I’m going to tell you which ones most businesses need. This is just a spur
ideas for you. I’m going to show you how to pick your hashtags. I’m going to show
you the best websites that are free to help you pick those those hashtags. I’m
going to tell you the holidays that are each month that you might not know. Some
of them you can do for fun social media posts themes to do for each month. I’m
going to give you content topics based on industries. I mean I’m throwing
so much into this course so it’s a no-brainer for you and simple and easy
for you to create your marketing calendar. You don’t want to miss it so
make sure you’re on the email list but for now let’s talk about the 7
steps to your profitable marketing calendar. First of all, forgot to
introduce myself because I just got on this little rant after getting on the
phone and always hearing about these marketing calendars. Oh my goodness. I’m
so passionate about this. My name is Shana Anderson-Nute, I am the owner of
Spitfire Advertising and these are the things that I help my clients with. We
help our clients become more profitable to make better marketing where it’s not
an interruption. It’s something that’s welcome. We build deeper relationships. We
help them stand out. We happen to be memorable. We help them leave breadcrumbs
so when their clients and their prospects are ready to order from them
they can find them again. We help with customer loyalty. I could go on and on
but let’s talk about marketing calendars. Okay marketing calendars. Your seven
steps. Step number one, I want you to list out all of your marketing activities
that you’re doing now and then I want you to score them. I want you to really
be honest with yourself which ones are working and which ones aren’t which ones
need to be thrown off the table and which ones can you say
well if I tweak this or I tweak that I can make it better and even the ones
that are going really good, is there anything that you can do to make them
even be better? Step number two, think about those things that you’ve wanted to
add to your marketing and you haven’t added to them yet. Speak about those
different activities, what is that? If you’re doing everything offline did you
want to add an online component? If you’re doing everything online did you
want to add the offline component? What is that and that’s what I was talking
about in the course where I’m going to have 250 ideas at least probably knowing me
at least 250 ideas that I’m going to give you. Just a spur ideas you can look
through and you can say yeah offline I want to do this and online I want to do
this and most businesses need to do this, this and this because I’m going to identify
that for you and you can put this together on your calendar. Step number
three is to create a theme for each month so that theme is based on what’s
going on in your industry. What is your target audience need at that time? What
are the holidays? Is this a slow month for you?Is it a busy month for you?
Looking at all these different angles and figuring out okay this needs to be
my theme this month. These are the themes and the activities I need to be doing
this month and then I want you to schedule out the next 1 2 3 months. I
don’t want you to schedule out the whole year. Things change and when you have a
whole year what I find is you’re going to be tweaking and moving things around so
it’s a waste of your time. I would like you to do a quarter so
do like the first three months and schedule those out. Look at what that is.
Pick these things because you have your list of what you’re already doing and
what you want to add. Start putting them on your calendar. Start doing those
things. Also when you’re putting those out there
because I know your time is limited. What are the things that you can automate?
What can you delete? What can you delegate? Look at that as you’re putting
things on your calendar to make sure that your system is so
so good, right? That it is very efficient. That it is going to make you money.
That’s what I want your premier marketing calendar to do. Step number
five, is execute your plan. Get that in motion, right? Start following what you
put out there. Make sure you’re looking ahead so if you know a month three that
you need to have some some swag made for an event you’re having. Then
make sure that you have prepared enough time in advance to figure out what you
want or to talk to us. We would love to help you about what your swag should be
for your giveaways or whatever you’re doing and then you have those prepared
way before that you need it. Because last thing you want is to be stressing
last-minute trying to put things together. Step number six, is at the end
of the month or the quarter. I say the month if possible look at where you’re
at. What you know what’s working, what’s not working, what do you need to
tweak, what do you need to get rid of. Look at everything. How’s it working for
you? Don’t just keep going blindly throughout the whole year and at the end
of the year look at that. The sooner you can look at it and redirect because
something’s not working, the better for you. So look at what that is for
your company, for your marketing plan. Really know by looking at analytics and
results that you’re getting what’s worth your time to continue to do and step
number seven is tweak it, repeat it, you know get it on the schedule for the next
one to three months. Whatever you’re doing I think it’s important to do
everything you know in three-month chunks if possible. Don’t overwhelm
yourself, you know what your schedule is because if you’re overwhelmed I’m going to
tell you because I know from experience from working with so many people. If
you’re overwhelmed you’re not doing it. You are not going to do it. So don’t
overwhelm yourself. If all you can do is handle doing a month at a time
then do it a month at a time, right? But just make sure if you know you have any big
things coming up where you’re going to have swag that you need or something that
takes a longer lead time or you’re doing say something on your website that you
have multiple people working on and you need to get all of that done in advance.
Make sure that’s on your schedule in advance and do not over booked yourself.
Do not over booked yourself because that is failure. I already know. I already seen
it I work with people all the time where they are in complete overwhelm and
failure because they have just trying to do everything. You can’t do everything.
You can’t. You need to be strategic. Remember if you already don’t have a
one-page marketing calendar then go to my link and download that. This is just a
little formula for you to follow. It has all the days of the month. It has the
theme. It has your top priorities. It has you know at the end of the month how to
evaluate it, what’s working, what’s not working, and what you’re going to be moving
forward with. That’s all on this free sheet that I’m giving you and then I’m
going to do my course and I will put that together and if you’re on my email
list which you can get on my email list by sending me an email or downloading
the free one page template for your marketing calendar. Give me your email
address and when this course is done which you want this course it’s going to
really help you. When this course is done then I will email you. I’m going to give you
guys a discount code and you will be on your way. This is going to make it so
easy for you so you never have to question again like what should I be
doing I don’t know how to do a marketing calendar. I hear all the time and it
drives me crazy is “but I’m not consistent” well you’re not consistent
because you haven’t set anything up, because you don’t have systems, you don’t
have processes, you don’t have a road map to follow, you don’t even really know
what’s working, and what’s not working for you because you’re just throwing
stuff out there and hoping something sticks.
I’m going to get off my soapbox as you can tell. This is a little heated topic for
me. Thank you guys so much for listening make sure you show this out
for anybody who needs to hear it and I look forward to helping you and don’t
forget to smile because happy looks good on you.
Thank you!

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