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24 thoughts on “Making $1000 per day with an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

  1. Another good one Doug. Thanks for sharing your journey.
    I wouldnt mind seeing more website creating videos from you.

    What is your go to wordpress plugin for Amazon affiliate links?

  2. Thanks a lot Doug for your helpful videos and Q&As live videos.

    I started this thing called " Amazon Affiliate Sites " in November / 2017
    and had a plan back then to hit four figures per month starting from June / 2018.

    Now, we're in February, I've 2 niche sites and currently doing around $600 per month.
    I'm so close to hit my first goal! 🙂

    Thanks again Doug, and keep going!

  3. Thanks for sharing knowledge, Doug! What do you think if each blog has over 2000 words would site get more traffic? I'm trying to make every blog 2000+ words and give the best info possible to people.

  4. Great info as always Doug. I would keep the site IF there was still room in the niche to scale up.

    When you add a "buying guide" regarding a product or product category, are you including that on the same post as a "10 best" type list? (ie a post with "10 Best Pens" would have a "how to pick the best pen" buying guide on the same page?)

    And do you find that putting the buying guide above or below the content converts better?

  5. Good post doug. Really liked it. A lot of things came clear to me there. As for the question I would make sure I had another site coming through before I sold my first one.

  6. Listening to you feels like taking an advanced class compared to other channels on the subject. A bit complicated, a bit overwhelming, but quite informative.

  7. Hi Doug, thanks for the video.
    How do you track the percentage of visitors going to amazon?
    You say your is 50-60%. Thanks 🙂

  8. Great video… I'm stuck in the $20 per day on average combined across a few sites. It's still nice to have the extra income, but I'm working on getting out of that zone and into the $100 per day zone. That would be a nice bump in side income. Love the videos and thanks for sharing your expertise!

  9. Awesome content with great info Doug… You've got a new subscriber in me. 2 quick questions…When you say you're an outreach specialist and do white hat outreach, what does that mean?
    Secondly, you mentioned web 2.0's and PBN's as grey hat backlinking… Could you please give some examples of black hat backlinking as I was erroneously under the impression that what you described as grey hat was what I thought was black hat… Thanks.

  10. Nice video. I’m about to launch a niche site with amazon affiliate links. Should I launch without any amazon links in and then add some once the content is indexed by google? Or is it ok to add it then before launch? I don’t want to hurt my site’s SEO potential at launch!

  11. Keeping it! I would love to have that passive income coming in every week. But, I guess if you sell it you can go make a new site and one day have that income back.

  12. Keeping vs selling a site that makes 1k a day for me. It would depend on how much effort I put into it, or how much I have to reinvest into it every month in case I outsource the work. I mean if the 1k is PROFIT, but in order to reach that amount in profit, I have to reinvest more than 50% of the income, then it's probably too much work. If it truly is passive income, meaning I put little to no effort into it, and very little reinvesting, then by all means I would keep it.

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