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– Hey everyone! I’m Colleen
this is my sister Rachel. – Hey! – Rachel does these videos on her channel where she tests out Jojo Siwa products. Jojo is a good friend of ours. She’s like a little sister and we love her and she very generously gave
us a bunch of Jojo products to try out because I had a genius idea that we should test out
Jojo Siwa bath products. Before we can do this, we need
to look like Jojo Siwa, so. Ta-da! We’re going to be doing
make-your-own sparkling soaps. (burps) – The dog is just over there licking. (burps) And you’re just over here burping. – And we’re going to try
to make these bath bombs. I’m sure you can get
these at Target, Walmart, I don’t freaking know, but I’m sure you can get them everywhere because Jojo’s literally in every store. – Just go anywhere! – What’s that for? I’m so confused. Why would you blindfold yourself
while you’re doing this? – I think it’s so you relax in the bath. Is it a bow? It’s a bow! – Oh, that’s cute. Fill a microwave safe measuring
cup with 16 soap cubes. Wait, does it not come with it? – I dream. – If you dream it, you can be it. – ♪ D-R-E-A-M ♪ – Okay, what are we doing? – We’re making soap! We’re gonna melt all the soap. Okay, so now we have
our soapy, melted wax, and now we have to pour
it into these things. – Oh! Are we making bath bombs? – These are soaps. – These are soaps. – Oh, wait, I wanted to put drops in mine. I’ll do some red in my unicorn. – Wait, so am I supposed to
be doing drops right now? – Wait, those aren’t your colors! – Those are your colors! You stealer! – Coleen! You didn’t tell
me that even a little bit! – You’re stealing all my
freaking colors, you punk. – These smell good. – I can’t smell anything. My nose doesn’t work. I’m pregnant. – Oh, great. – You didn’t leave me any soap. – It’s not my fault you took 6 hours. – You’re supposed to share this with me and there’s nothing in here now. This is supposed to be for a kid? – Yeah. – This is hard, kind of. – You have to do it quick. – Okay, well, this is not going well. These have to harden. Oh, you didn’t put glitter! Yours are supposed to be glittered. Okay, fine. Next, we’re gonna do the bath bombs. Citric acid. This sounds like a child
should not be near it. One scoop of citric acid. It got in my mouth. Oh, it’s going in my nose. – You shouldn’t do that! – Salt. Where am I supposed to get salt? Well, I like purple so
I’m gonna do red and blue. Why is it green? Put in more red. – Well, it said only 9 drops. You think Jojo has tried
every single product? – No. I doubt she’s done this one. She has too many products. – Place bath bomb cup on flat surface. Use a spoon to get all
the mixture into the cup. – Wait, there’s a hole
in the bottom of it. Just gonna dump this
into this little thingy. Then you push this down. (burps). Use the bath handle to
push down on the mixture. Turn the handle carefully and push down until the bath bomb looks smooth. Bath bombs can break easily. Carefully place the bath bomb on a flat surface and let rest for one hour. That’s not happening. I need to go to bed. Has it been a minute? – No. ♪ Clean up, clean up ♪ ♪ Everybody, everywhere ♪ ♪ Clean up, clean up ♪ ♪ Everybody do your share ♪ – Oh, it didn’t come out the
hole like I thought it would. Whoa! A bath bomb! Oh my god, it’s like totally a bath bomb. – Wait, we like actually made a bath bomb! – We like legit, this is actually a win. Jojo, your products. – It did it. – That is – oop it just
shattered all over my phone. Oh, it’s breaking! Oh, god, it’s breaking! (laughs) – Dang it. – Well, that’s why you’re
supposed to let it sit for an hour and not play with it. – While we’re letting this marinate, why don’t you get the
soaps out of the freezer? We’ll see if the soaps worked. – Oh, yeah. Here’s Colleen’s. This one in particular is great. These ones are mine. A little more colorful,
a little more flat. Beautiful. – Okay, here we go. Here is my cupcake! Looking good. Looking fresh. Looking fun. – Here is my star in a circle. Looking fantastic. – Here is my, oh god, here’s my unicorn. – Stop, let me see. No, I
need to see it. (screams) My start turned out great. – And here’s my Jojo bow
which actually is cute AF. – Wait, look at my Jojo bow! – Okay, so now we’re
gonna go test these out. We’ll see you in the bath. Okay! Breaking all the rules of being pregnant, I’m in the bathtub. – Gotcha. – We are wearing Jojo merch. (gasp) Rachel! Spilling! – I don’t do bathtubs very well. – So, the last time we did
a video in this bathtub I was like 60 pounds lighter. (laughs) And I wasn’t pregnant with my first son. – Correct. – I also wasn’t wearing Jojo merch. – Same. This is new for me. – Alright so we’re going to test out the products that we just created. So, here’s our bowl. So we should do the bath bomb? – Yes. – Oh my god, it’s already sizzling. – Go! (screams) – Oh my god! – Jojo! – Wait, I am shocked. – Do you get the smell? – It worked. – It turned purple! So the bomb doesn’t turn
purple, the bath turns purple. – That totally works, I was shocked. – Same. – Because, no offense Jojo, I love you. – But, I do assume when
I see little kid products that they don’t work. – Listen, I’ve tested
like all her products. They usually don’t work. – See what I’m saying? I wasn’t the one, my
hand is now dyed pink. So, we’re gonna try our soaps. – I’m going with the heart. Not the heart, this is a star. – I’m gonna go with
the bow because, hello. Okay, so what do we do? We’re supposed to clean ourselves with it? (laughs) – Oh my god. Oh, god! I’m literally going to my doctor tomorrow. They’re giving me a
shot in this arm. (gasp) Oh my god, I have to get
a vaccination tomorrow. Oh my god, I’m gonna go in hot pink. Oh my god! (laughs) They’re gonna be like, what did you do? And I’m gonna be like, I was just in a bath tub,
dressed in little girl clothes and a big bow in my hair and made soaps – – Wait, I was in a bath with my sister. (gasps) – You guys, I don’t think you’d be able to tell from the camera
how dyed my hands are. Like they are dyed. – They are fuchsia. – Oh my god, okay,
well, we need to be done with this video because we need to go do Rachel’s video. – I think this was a
success. I feel clean. – I’m fully dyed! – Maybe that’s just your true color without all your dirt on you. Maybe the soap just
washed away all your dirt and you are actually a fuchsia color. Just saying. – I’m shooky. I’m a full, grown adult pregnant woman and I just said shooky and I agree with you, I hate myself. Well, if you wanna see us, we’re gonna stay in this bath and we’re gonna continue to test all of Jojo’s bath products. On my channel we did the ones
where you create them yourself and then we test them out. On Rachel’s channel we’re doing all the ones that are already made. Hopefully, those products
will get this off of my hands. – They have to, there’s a lot of products. – I’m literally going to the
doctor at 9 in the morning. In 12 hours I’m going to
the doctor, fully dyed. Alright, well, thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe to
Rachel to watch her video. If you’re not subscribed to
me, this is really weird. (burps) I almost just threw up Taco Bell. – I almost just ate it. – I have been posting only
pregnancy related videos so, I thought it’d be fun to change it up and now I feel like this
was a horrible idea so I apologize. – Maybe you should stick
with the pregnancy things. – I’ll stick with the pregnancy
videos until the baby comes and then we’ll try to get back to regular scheduled programming. Bye! What’s up everyone? I hope you enjoyed that video. I’m just popping in here to
update you on a few things. Number 1, I wanna say, thank you so much. You guys got the Miranda channel
to 10 million subscribers. Which is so nuts I cannot believe it. So, thank you to everyone
who’s subscribed to Miranda, who’s subscribed to me over the years. I never thought I’d get to this point. So, it just blows my mind
that the Miranda channel has over 10 million subscribers. What? So, thank you. I also wanna say thank
you to anyone who tuned in to the childhood cancer fundraiser because last weekend
we raised over $80,000 for kids with cancer. You prove to me every year on my birthday that the internet can be
a place of just wonderful, beauty and the world is
kinda a hot mess right now and so to see that the
internet can be a place of selflessness and giving and caring and do so much good was really beautiful and it was the best birthday
present in the world so, thank you so much. I also want to let you
guys know I am still vlogging on my vlog channel. Trying to do vlogmas everyday. I had every intention of
vlogging every single day and I still do. Still working on it. Still happening. So, if you guys wanna
watch my daily vlogs, you can go subscribe to my vlog channel. I would love to see you guys over there. I try to post every single day. But, I am getting really
close to having this kid. My due date is January 1st
but I’m having some weird things going on that I
don’t want to get into. This baby may be coming
sooner than we thought and because of that my videos are going to be a little sparse. I don’t how often I’m going to
be uploading the next month. On this channel, on the Miranda channel. Vlogs are easy because I
just kinda film my life and then just put it up
there but this channel and the Miranda channel I edit a lot more and put a lot more thought
and hard work into. So, I’m not quite sure how much of that I’m going to be doing. I’m going to try my
hardest to keep up with it’s schedule because I love this. It makes me happy. And, I know you guys like it. So, I’m gonna try but, just
letting you know ahead of time. If you don’t see me for awhile, it’s because I’m really pregnant and I’m going through a lot right now. I’m okay, baby is okay, everything is gonna be okay but we just might have to get this baby out sooner than we thought. But, I will say this, if I don’t upload or you
don’t see me on Twitter, you don’t see me on Instagram
and I’ve disappeared, please don’t go into a panic,
frenzy and think I’m in labor. I will tell you guys
when that’s happening. So, make sure to follow me
on my social medias because, honestly, it’ll probably be twitter. I’ll probably tweet something about it. So, you don’t have to panic. If I haven’t said anything,
and I’ve just disappeared, it’s probably because I’m
miserable in bed somewhere or I’m just being really pregnant and can’t really function but if the baby is coming
I will try my hardest to let you guys know. So, make sure to follow me on Twitter. But, I love you guys and,
whoa, that was really creepy. I’m sorry that I just did that to you. Yeah, I just wanted to
pop in and say thank you for being so supportive
of everything this year and just this week has
been so amazing with the hitting 10 million subscribers and raising so much money for childhood cancer and there’s just been so
many wonderful things. Which, has been really, really helpful while I’m going through
so many weird things with my body and my pregnancy this week. It’s been a really rough week and to have so many wonderful
things has been really helpful. So, thank you so much you guys help me through a lot more
than I think you know. So, I love you guys a lot. I hope you have wonderful day and I’ll probably see you soon. I’ll keep trying to
upload as much as I can I’m just giving you a warning in case it doesn’t happen because I’m kinda a mess right now. But you guys already know that because that’s all I’ve been saying
for the last 9 months so, I’ll see you guys later. Goodbye!

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