Malarkey shingles and their Marketing name review
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Malarkey shingles and their Marketing name review

do you like malarkey name no I do not
what he didn’t like about it lurk he just kind of sounds like kind of
joke malarkey you like malarkey it sounds like baloney like a bunch of
baloney malarkey hey welcome back everyone to roofing insides its
marketing Thursday here and today we’re talking about roofing brand names you
can consider this video as a case study for malarkey building products I will
not be talking per se about quality of the shingles we all know that malarkey
have amazing products had for years never been negative about quality of
their shingle like all manufacturers they had some issues over the years but
I believe that Malarkey is biggest problem is their name you’re gonna see a
lot of people reacting to malarkey name thank you guys so much for coming hope
it’ll help you with your business decision in your marketing department as
a business owner one of the biggest decisions you have to make early on is
what brand of shingles to start selling offering to your customers why because
your business name is not household name at this point if you’re just in the
beginning you’re just a commodity people don’t know about you and you have to
pick up bigger name bigger product product line that people are very very
familiar with that’s why a lot of roofers they go with the biggest brands
you know owens-corning certain TGIF and on an example of malarkey shingles I
want to explain what happens when you have bad business name yourself or a bad
business name with the product you carry so take a listen look at some reactions
what we did is we literally went in my neighbor’s in my building and I asked
them what do they think about malarkey versus some other competitors so we have
three samples right here we have OSE duration we have malarkey building
products and we have certainty to Northgate so three samples similar
colors shingles kind of look the same but we’re all we’re doing literally is
just asking people for branding name based on the name only based just at the
top which one would you pick Pam doesn’t know what we do
yeah hey Pam I want to ask you a question real quick so Pam is our
receptionist what are we doing here we’re asking people for opinion on the
names not on the products per se just on the names if you would be walking by the
samples or you know you’ve seen them maybe in the store on a shelf which one
which names is more appealing to you Owens Corning I would just click on that
name okay what do you think about malarkey or certainteed do you like
malarkey name no I do not what he didn’t like about it lurk he just kind of
sounds like kind of joke but just based on looking at the product if I looked at
the coloring I like the coloring but based on the name okay fair enough thank
you all right let’s go to our neighbors so
this is our neighborhood we’re gonna ask them to do it pretty much we have three
very similar shingles three different brands one of them is OC duration
another one Owens Corning duration another one is malarkey roofing products
and last one is certainty it Northgate they all look similar but if you would
see it in the store or maybe online which name is the most appealing to you
just owned Corning malarkey you like malarkey that’s Irish
that’s an Irish you Irish you like the name so you you would click on Mallory
Kim just based on the name so we’re waiting for another neighbor to come out
to do the same test but one of the reasons I’m doing this test is to
explain to you that perception in marketing is everything for example
mercedes-benz is luxury brand everybody wants to drive mercedes-benz found a
Volkswagen not luxury brands people don’t have perception of luxury brands
and people don’t believe in them that’s why both Hyundai and false wagon failed
with their luxury cars so Equus came out on the market a couple of years
ago it was supposed to be better than being doubly 7 Series Mercedes SES and
they just failed because people would not go and buy it you have 80 thousand
hundred thousand $120,000 in your pocket and you want a nice car even if the car
is the same that but perception is not there that’s how products fail in the
market all the time in three products which ones just based on name think
about your browsing internet and you about to click which one would you click
first racer indeed which one is the least favorite or like almost like
pushes you out malarkey why is that how would I say it it sounds like baloney
like a bunch of baloney malarkey I really don’t like it yeah based on name
alone I really don’t they say with a name like that you have
to be really good one thing about that name is people
would remember it sure sure that’s a that’s a good point but I agree
with you it’s it’s it’s memorable if you would be browsing on internet and you
see three icons which one you would click first duration flex which one
would be your least favorite like which one of you would be definitely not
clicking okay what’s wrong with Mallorca which one do
you think is a better quality I guess like why would you click or I don’t see
and would not click this is one of the best feedbacks I have so you would
assume based on the name that this is a better quality shingle than malarkey as
you can see it’s all about perception I say it all the time you can be the best
of the best but you have to be different and malarkey has one thing going good
for them it’s recognizable it’s memorable people will remember it but
for me personally it’s just not enough so this message this video is not to
bash malarkey as a product malarkey has amazing product I still to this day
recommend malarkey to change their name it’s never too late to rebrand as a
matter of fact I ever branded my companies several times so malarkey hope
you didn’t get offended with this video I wish you best of luck you have one of
the best products out there for me as a business owner in my business I had to
make a decision three four years ago not to go with you pretty much I would
say 60% of my decision was your name if you install in malarkey I want to hear
what you guys hear maybe in other parts of country if you primarily install
malarkey products I want to hear what people say about malarkey when you pitch
it why do you install malarkey products do
you agree with any of the points I made in this video let me know in comments
below we’ll see you guys in the next video thank you guys so much for watching
another marketing Thursday video if you like our content we are inviting you to
our roofing marketing class come next one is September 12 13 in Minneapolis we
do it once a month or trying to do it list you’re invited to learn more about
marketing and building your business see you guys in the next video

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4 thoughts on “Malarkey shingles and their Marketing name review

  1. The company I work for installs primarily Malarkey. We get laughs most times we bring the name up, but the name sticks with homeowners. We back it up and explain some of the selling points and those stick a little better.

    I think it comes down to the way you present it. Are you presenting it as “ABC Roofing, installing shingles by Malarkey” or “Installing Malarkey shingles as ABC Roofing”?

    If your marketing is focused on the products you install then it might be an issue. If your marketing is focused on being a leader and expert in the field then it doesn’t matter what the name of the product is.

    Also, Malarkey has some amazing new marketing resources that break down any customer concerns. They’ve spent the last year revamping it and it’s been amazing.

  2. Good points made right here. They could help themselves by changing there name. I had a guy laugh at me yesterday when I told him malarkey was a good shingle! Thanks. Keep it up.

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