Male Model Skincare Routine | Best Skincare Products For Men
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Male Model Skincare Routine | Best Skincare Products For Men

hey guys have you ever wondered why some
guys have really clean and clear skin and some guys just struggle a little bit
well I believe it’s got a lot to do with your skincare routine so I’m gonna give
you my male model skincare routine with the best tips and we’re starting right
now hey welcome to DLM model lifestyle I am
Daniel and if you’re new to my channel please subscribe so that you won’t miss
anything new and just so you know I have not been sponsored to do this video by
any company I’m just doing this video because it is a request from my
subscribers so this is for you guys alright now I have four basic steps in
my skincare routine and I’m gonna share that with you with a couple of tips as
well and the first step is to wash your face two times a day with a good water
soluble cleanser instead of bars of soap why? because the ingredients they use to
keep those soap in that bar form is actually the culprits that clog your
pores so you gotta wash your face two times a day and if you work out a lot
please wash your face after every workout as well and just so you know
if you want to check out any of the products that I’m going to talk about in
this video then I’ve made it easier for you and I’ve added it in the video
description down below so you can go and check those out and do a little bit of
research now I like the face wash from PC4men which is a really good
product now I’m gonna give you three tips that’s
very important to know when you wash your face and a lot of people don’t know
this actually the first step is to wash your face with lukewarm water yes we all
know the rule that you have to wash your face first with hot water so that opens
up those pores and then you rinse it with cold water so it closes it up turns
out it’s not true yeah it’s a myth now exposing your face to different kind
of extremes actually causes you to have dryness skin irritations and blood
vessel ruptures so just wash your face with lukewarm water just to keep it
happy tip number two when you wash your face and don’t go crazy don’t over wash
it. Why? Because it will just lead to dryness irritation and even inflammation
all which destroys your faces ability to fight those pimple causing bacteria that
nobody likes my third tip in washing your face is gently pat your face dry.
Rubbing it roughly to dry it instead of just patting it gently, will destroy your
skin’s elasticity ELISA us a list is it anyway you get what I’m saying it can
result in major skin sagging in the future and you don’t want that okay now
let’s go back to the skincare routine my second step is shaving normally I don’t
really like to shave but some clients want me to really shave for the job so
then I have to do it no choice but there’s a few things that you need to
know about shaving I will shave my beard right after I wash my face or after I
took a shower because then my beard is softer and I also get a cleaner shave
I shave with a thin layer of fragrance-free PC4men that leaves my skin
looking fresh and not aggravated or irritated alright so when I’m done
shaving I usually move on to step number three which is applying PC for men
soothe and smooth but right now I’m all out and I cannot
get any more of it because I’m in South Korea and somehow South Korea do not
allow this product into their country just like they don’t allow other
products like the resist BHA9 from Paula’s Choice and this is an amazing
product for those enlarged pores or any other kind of imperfections anyway so
instead of using the soothe and smooth I use the clarifying lotion from Clinique
which is not bad just use a cotton pad and apply it just gently on your face
the clarifying lotion will clear any clogged pores it diminishes the look of
wrinkles and it improves your skin texture and it’s great to remove these
dead skin cells and refines pores to have a clearer complexion step number
four is using a really good moisturizer if it’s in the morning I use the daytime
protect SPF 30 from PC4men and I use it every day this is a great moisturizer
that not only improves my skin but it protects me from the Sun which means it
protects me from aging the moisturizer is not heavy it’s not oily and so if you
put it on it’s very light and it doesn’t look shiny at all which is great and
when it’s nighttime I use the PC for men nighttime repair that helps and repair
my skin while I sleep alright guys that is my male model skincare routine that
keeps my face looking fresh and just clear and clean off pimples and acne and
everything that is bad now if you want to go and check those products out
remember I’ve made it easier for you and I’ve added the links here in the video
description down below so you can go and check those out and do a little bit of
research now if you liked the video give me a thumbs up subscribe here so you
won’t miss any of my other videos and that’s it
yes thanks guys Cheers

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100 thoughts on “Male Model Skincare Routine | Best Skincare Products For Men

  1. Nice to see you rocking the PC4MEN line! Paula's Choice makes great skincare products and I'm glad you're sharing some of them with the world. I hope more people get educated, especially men, that a simple skincare routine with fragrance free products can be extremely beneficial to your skin's health and longevity.

  2. In my opinion all skincare products are both for men and women. You have to treat your skin regardless of what the product's "gender" is.

    A hydrating cleanser, Vit C serum, Hyaluronic serum, and SPF are a must for the morning skincare routine.

    At night you should use more regenerating products such as retinoids and AHAs

  3. Seriously heed his advice about not using bars of soap. I tried it once and it made my face like 100x worse then it was. It felt so gross and bleh.

  4. I’m originally from Haiti. I live in Hawaii currently and Want to be a model. However, I’m 5’11. Someone told me once that I was too short. Any advice on the matter? And by the way man you are killing it.

  5. Brother you just earned a Sub🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Hi Daniel , your videos are very informative. I would like to know where in south Africa I can purchase PC For Men Products.

  7. oh man! Thanks for this video. I’ve been looking for proper tips for face care. I usually use Biotherm but I will check on this line care. I hope they are all available in Italy.

  8. Does it matter in way of cleaning or product………still questioned?…… the way good video….I am your new subscriber💐

  9. sir u r best. i learn alot of thing about skin care thanks. i always concern about my skincare ur channwl solved my problem. now i want to know about skin scars. please help me

  10. Hey daniel.
    I like your channel. Great to have you in the family by the way… just one question. Is it bad using the face wash more than two times a day??

  11. Everything is perfect dude ! keep it up.
    I hope, I'll be a good model in future.
    Question is PC4MEN is it really works??

  12. PC4 product are not available in india.tell me brother which product i used?

  13. Do we have to make sure our face is dry before applying the clarifying lotion, or can we apply it whilst it’s still wet?

  14. My skin type is combination ….but forhead and nose area is not very oily some some oily and cheeks area is not very dry…so PC 4 men is good for me….

  15. 1. Wash ur face 2 times a day
    2. DNT overwash it
    3. Wipe ur face gently, no rough work here
    4. Shave with a thin fragrance-free cream
    5. Use PC4men soothe and smoothe
    6. Use a good mositurizer (also sun block)

  16. I have been doing the same things before I saw the video but I dont have that product… instead I use becutan.

  17. since I’m only 16 i don’t need to shave so do i even need to use the soothe and smooth and if so how often

  18. Hello.
    Mr. Deniel. First of all thank you so much for skincare uploading video but one problem Mr. Deniel how to buy this product coz I'm form India and this item is not able to India .

  19. You said in the video that you use the soothe&smoothe after shaving. Do you use it daily aswell even if your not shaving? Or do you really only use it after shaving. So that your day (without shaving!) would be like this: Facewash in morning -> Daytime protect -> Facewash in evening -> night time repair. Or does the soothe&smoothe goes between facewash in morning and daytime protect every day aswell even if your not shaving?

  20. Nofap gives you a free subscription of 1 week if you relapse you have to pay the full price of regret, low energy, and acne prone skin with a bad diet…with that being said I have already have 6 weeks going strong on nofap and it's a natural skin care product try it lads it's upto you 😎

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