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Mandy || Product Design at Bucks New University

I’m Mandy Grice and I study Product Design. So my design for the End of Year Show, is a general neutral rugby tackle pad which also looks
into the safety aspects of rugby. My inspiration for my gender-neutral tackle
pad was how gender is still used a lot in sports and how that a lot sports is
still genderised. Meaning that lots of women don’t feel like participating in certain sports and how men don’t feel they can’t participate in other sports. Bucks really helped with the development of my product by having the connections they have, as we had
connections to police that are local, which have helped a lot when it came to making my product. From sourcing the foam, to sourcing the sewing upholstery. One of the
struggles that we faced with the design is looking at how you can develop so it can suit both genders without generalising the product. Bucks helped me get around the situation by improving research skills, look into what aspects I
should look at as well as what people I could talk to, to develop what’s best.
I would recommend to choose the pathway that you’re confident in and
you’re willing to learn about. If you’re passionate in that area, you’re going to
want to learn about it, your going to want to do the research, your going to want to
complete the work, so you’ll make it ten times easier for yourself if you’re choosing something you’re passionate in.

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