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Marist Italy – Museum Studies Master’s Degree

JEAN: Going to Florence to study Museum
Studies was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life and I would
definitely do it again. JEAN: The thing that drew me to the program was really the fact that we’re not sitting in the classroom, and watching slides, and
listening to people talk to us. Most of the time, we were visiting museums and
going to the actual museum that we were learning about. The city itself, of Florence, is so steeped in the history of museums. Being a student there, we’re able to go to all different types of museums from Natural History to Italian
Renaissance, art, anthropological, and contemporary art, so it’s all there. I got
to travel to all different countries and cities with my classmates, and one of the
first things that we would do to get a better understanding of the city would
be to go and see a museum. It was like a class in itself. There are so many different moving parts inside a museum, it’s more than curating, although that’s
a big component of a museum. There’s the public program side that runs events to
get people interested in the collection itself. There’s educational programs for
all different types of audiences, and then there’s more of the development
side trying to get money and raise money to keep all these programs and all these
collections safe. After the coursework, it lays down the foundation for a
great understanding of museums. Students complete an internship. Internship can be
anywhere and students have done their internships in Alaska at the Smithsonian
and DC, students also stay in Italy. A couple of my friends have done
internships at the Uffizi, Museums in Greece. If the option’s available, take it.
I chose to do my internship at the Met in New York City in the education
department with teen and family programs. I am really interested in teen programs,
particularly because I’m interested in what different types of audiences we can
bring in the museum. I think there’s this preconceived notion
that a museum is an old, ancient storage facility, but it’s not that. It’s a hub of
activity for culture and society to learn and grow from. During my internship
with the Education Department, I work to try to engage with adolescent audiences
in New York City. We ran a “Teens Take the Met!” event, which was amazing to see
so many young people in the museum, and I really feel like I was able to apply
everything that I learned in the program. The internship is great because it’s a
basis for my thesis. I wrote my thesis about teen programs in the United States.
So, I looked at how many museums have teen programs, what these programs look
like, how are we engaging with a new generation of museum goers. From an international education in Florence to an internship at the Met, this was a great experience!

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