Market CRASHES 800 Points As Trump Visibly Clueless
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Market CRASHES 800 Points As Trump Visibly Clueless

I know I told you this last week, but once
again, the Dow Jones has crashed. What is now another 2019 scene record. This time just over 800 points yesterday,
it wasn’t just the Dow crashing more than 3%. The Nasdaq fell more than 3%. The S and p 500 fell more than 3% and it is
starting to get very, very ugly in real terms. Uh, personally, although this doesn’t matter,
I looked at my mutual fund account last night, something I don’t do that often and it was
ugly, very, very ugly. I recommend, uh, most of you stay away from
those accounts if you have them as well. But the economic implications are of course
much more important and drastic than the personal implications. And when we look at the effect or the non
effect of the federal funds rate cut that we saw from the Federal Reserve, when we see
the continued impact of Donald Trump’s trade war, when we see continued instability in
the bond markets every, every day, we are getting a little bit closer to us saying we
are now in a recession rather than getting closer and closer to one and meanwhile, maybe
most disturbingly, because economic downturns are part of the status quo. But usually we want to feel good about the
person at the top, at least understanding what’s going on, if not necessarily being
able to do anything about it. Trump, meanwhile is pretending like his economic
policies make sense that everything’s fine, uh, unless of course it isn’t fine, in which
case it’s definitely not his fault. It’s everybody else’s fault. It’s Democrats, it’s Obama, it’s the Federal
Reserve because they didn’t do a big enough federal funds rate cut is trade war against
China. Oh, that’s very good. That’s definitely not the reason for economic
instability. Farmers going out of business or anything
like that. And Trump now personally attacking fed chairman
Jay Powell as clueless when it’s of course Donald Trump who has no idea what’s going
on. Take a look at this. Trump saying, quote, we are winning big time
against China. I mean that’s just not true. Companies and jobs are fleeing, they’re fleeing. The United States prices to us have not gone
up and in some cases have come down. China is not our problem though. Hong Kong is not helping. Our problem is with the Fed raised too much
and too fast now to slow to cut. Spread is way too much. As other countries say thank you to clueless,
Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve, Germany and many others are playing the game, crazy
inverted yield curve. We should easily be reaping big rewards and
gains, but the Fed is holding us back. We will win. Even if you believed this story, which is
a completely story who nominated so-called clueless Jay Powell to the Federal Reserve. Oh, right. It was Donald Trump himself. But personal responsibility obviously not
happening, and this may actually be a real problem for Trump. Obviously a recession is a problem period. And I don’t want one, regardless of the political
implications that some Republicans are saying, you left, these are hoping for a recession
to remove Trump. No, we have more than enough evidence to remove
Trump to warrant removing Trump already. Uh, we don’t actually need a recession and
I’m not hoping for one, but remember that Donald Trump’s rich friends, we’re all counting
on Trump at least boosting the stock market so that they could make a ton of money while
lowering their tax rates. The stock market is back down to where it
was about a year and a half ago, and they could continue to look very ugly for the next
year, for the next many years. Are Those Trumpists going to keep funneling
cash to Trump’s campaign? If Trump loses the stock market gains and
actually delivers losses, you almost can’t really even have an economic discussion during
the Trump administration because you have a completely reckless, clueless, petulant
child with no understanding of economics or trade policy or financial policy sort of feeling
around in the dark and making major policy announcements via Twitter while blaming everyone
but himself for what’s going on. I want Donald Trump to lose in a landslide
in 2020. I don’t want it to happen because of a ruined
economy that’s bad for everyone. No matter what I want though it might be what
we end up with at the rate that things are going. And once again, we may end up with a terrible
stock market during a republican president, a sensible recovery under the next democratic
administration, which Republicans will pretend doesn’t exist, followed by Republican saying
it was really Republicans that caused the recovery rinse, repeat like Bush Obama. And as we’ve seen many times in the past,
it doesn’t look good and it is actually starting to affect Donald Trump’s approval rating. Let’s talk about that next

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100 thoughts on “Market CRASHES 800 Points As Trump Visibly Clueless

  1. Stupid Jackass, 800 points after a 3 year rally that has tacked 8,000 points on the Dow? Mr. Parkman, you don't know shit about the market, a normal correction would be between 10% & 15% from a recent high of 27,000 & change, that would leave it at about 23,000 to 24,000, so 800 points aren't shit , at 23,000 the market would still be over 4,000 points higher then when Trump took office, a crash would be 50% from the top, or 13,000 points, so you see, the bull market is still in tack & until we get a REAL crash, the market is going higher. Use your brain, not "blind hate".

  2. It's not that President Donald Trump is "clueless". He's got ALL the clues. Donny just lacks the cognitive ability to put any of those clues together.

  3. The Fed really has to stop worrying so much about inflation. Putting a brake on rising prices is not worth a recession.

    But it's like the Fed, the ECB and the Bank of England – see inflation rise a little and just jack up interest rates, curing the inflation but potentially causing recession.

    It's like the cure is worse than the disease.

  4. Hell That Fucker can't even read and he always talks about people having a Low IQ and I seriously doubt if he even know what the initials IQ stands for

  5. Trump was saying that BS too about people wanting the economy to fail so it will destroy his chance at being re-elected. Even in a country wide crisis, he STILL makes it all about him. People keep screaming at these jackasses that they are ruining the country and all they say is'You just want the country to be ruined because you see that Trump is winning' WHY would I WANT the country I live in to fall apart just to spite Trump? I am the one that still has to live in the chaos it causes.

  6. Trump can piss all over the 99% (99.99%, really) and 40% will love getting a golden shower from their beloved fuhrer while the rest of us are prohibited from protesting or doing anything effective, but when you wreck the stock market, the people who are really in charge (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!) will throw a bucket of water on him and he will melt.

  7. The stock markets are rigged anyway. No one that I know owns stock and all it is a rich mans game . Let it crash ! We need a large reset .

  8. Asstrump, thinks this is Monopoly money!…No, dickhead this is real money with real people feeling the affects of your inability to conduct policy!…

  9. As usual the trump haters just regurgitate what they hear on their flatscreen TV many have proven to be lies.

    Acting just like the Nazis
    Stocks record high
    Best economy in over 40 years facts are facts

  10. Tell me mentally ill person what did I say that is not true

    Remember it was Obama who said that Trump have a magic wand

    LMAO! Really? Last I heard Obama said, and I quote: "It is because of me, thanks Obama" … still the POS he always was! He did NOTHING for 8yrs. & on the stump for Hillary Clinton actually asked "How would Trump get jobs back, a magic wand" ??? Just goes to prove Obama zero, and President Trump CORRECT AGAIN! MAGA!
    I guess you have such a mental illness you cannot even believe what Obama said

  11. WOW these guys are rich.

    LOL Obama….the same guy that said 1.5% GDP was the new Norm. The one that said how exactly will Trump bring manufacturing jobs back..with a magic wand? The guy that spent 9 trillion and had nothing to show for it. The man that wrote more regulations than all the previous presidents. WOW these guys are rich.
    LOL Obama….the same guy that said 1.5% GDP was the new Norm. The one that said how exactly will Trump bring manufacturing jobs back..with a magic wand? The guy that spent 9 trillion and had nothing to show for it. The man that wrote more regulations than all the previous presidents.

  12. LOL Obama….the same guy that said 1.5% GDP was the new Norm. The one that said how exactly will Trump bring manufacturing jobs back..with a magic wand? The guy that spent 9 trillion and had nothing to show for it. The man that wrote more regulations than all the previous presidents. WOW these guys are rich.
    LOL Obama….the same guy that said 1.5% GDP was the new Norm. The one that said how exactly will Trump bring manufacturing jobs back..with a magic wand? The guy that spent 9 trillion and had nothing to show for it. The man that wrote more regulations than all the previous presidents.

    I’m just repeating what your god Obama said

    Those are absolute facts that you cannot comprehend

  13. Constantly repeating what are you hearing your flat screen TV

    Anybody that supports Trump is a cult member?
    The Obama cult
    If Barack Obama disappoints his supporters, they will have only themselves to blame

    The worship of Obama

    The left-wing politician Barack Obama has been worshipped like a God since he emerged in 2007. The worship does not seem to be based on any accomplishments. In fact, he was worshipped before he had done anything at all. It seems to me like a mass delusion.
    Obama is just a bog-standard left-wing defeatist. I cannot see why people are so excited about him.

    Typical Democrat mentally ill and I am American call your opponents exactly what you are

    Same type of people like you brainwashed by Hitler years ago

    You just regurgitate what you hear on your flat screen TV no matter no matter no matter Trump will win hands down in 2020

  14. Do You Know Someone Suffering From Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD)?
    TURD is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time.
    Sufferers of TURD often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, rioting, and uncontrollable crying.
    People with TURD are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again.
    TURD Is caused by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. For many, both in America and worldwide, this was a shocking and unexpected outcome; their preferred news sources having failed to inform them that the alternative candidate was a criminal parasite.
    Research is ongoing, but TURD appears to correlate closely with some of the following environmental and behavioral factors:
    * Membership in the Democratic Party
    * Identifying as a Feminist
    * Currently enrolled in college, and/or Possession of a Liberal Arts college degree
    * Living in a densely populated metropolitan area
    * Massive student debt
    * Spotty or non-existent work history
    Patients with TURD are very resistant to treatment, and dangerous in large groups. Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from their hive-mind support apparatus; they cannot begin the process of accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards delusion and irrationality. Separation may require the assistance of law enforcement.
    If you have a friend or loved one suffering from TURD, urge them to seek treatment. Together we can beat this scourge, and Make America Great Again.

    I really don't think treatment is possible only time may heal. Of course if they exhibit violent tendencies report to the police as possible terrorists. 😭😭😭😭

    You have not given me one fact just criticize and name calling

    You just regurgitate what you here on your flat screen TV many has proven to be lies.

    Criticize the facts and truth and try to silence the facts and truth.

    Trump guaranteed a win in 2020

    Again what have I said that is not true?
    If Trump is doing such a bad job . Why is your god Obama trying to take credit for it?
    Tell me?

    The Trump haters are becoming crazier and insane every day

  15. Typical Trump hater cannot stay on the subject

    Many businessman lost money in the 80s Obama cannot run a one-man lemonade stand

    Trump will win hands down in 2020 and less the Democrats come up with better candidates

  16. Trump has over 500 businesses file for bankruptcy 7 times 98% success Reckitt more than many other businessman
    Obama almost bankrupt the country stop regurgitating the same all thing

    If Trump is doing such a bad job tell me why Obama is trying to take credit for his successfulness?

    Tell me why in the last Democratic debate the Democrats were criticizing Obama more then they were criticizing Trump?

    You keep on regurgitating the same old Lies
    Many businessman lost money in the 80s

    Look how much money Obama lost for the American taxpayers
    I know you cannot comprehend facts and truth



    Obama lost a lot of the taxpayers money

    Many businesses failed in the 80s many businessman lost money

    Apparently you cannot stay on the subject


    At least President Trump did not lose the taxpayers money billions and billions like Obama did


    Many businesses private businesses went belly up in the 80s

    Obama cannot even run a one-man lemonade stand


    At least President Trump did not lose billions and billions of taxpayers money like Obama did


    It was Obama that lost billions and billions of taxpayers money he could not even run a one-man lemonade stand

    Don’t let facts and truth get in the way of your mental illness

    Trump had seven bankruptcies years ago he has over 500 businesses 98% success record
    Many private businesses failed at that time

    Yes he lost money it was his money not the taxpayers

  23. Remember Solyndra? Loss of taxpayer millions now seems forgotten, expert says

    So I guess it’s OK for you God Obama to lose taxpayers money?
    All you have is talking points that you are regurgitating from your flat screen TV

    Trump lost money in the 80s at least it was not the taxpayers money

  24. Apparently you cannot comprehend facts and truth you just regurgitate what you hear on your flatscreen TV constantly repeating the same thing over and over again
    Trump lost money in the 80s so what at least he did not lose billions and billions of taxpayers money.

    Looks like another win for Trump
    Like I said before Trump guaranteed a win in 2020 unless the Democrats can come up with a decent candidate


    Obama waste

  26. So I guess Citizen is not allowed to lose his own money but Obama can lose billions of taxpayers money?

    Trump a guaranteed a win in 2020 because of people like you
    Maybe the Democrats can come up with a decent candidate
    Tell me if Trump is so bad why was it on the last Democrat debate the Democrats criticized Obama more than they criticize Trump

    Tell me

  27. Still talking about trumps business record ?
    He filed for bankruptcy about seven times.
    He has over 500 businesses
    That’s a 98% success record
    Obama cannot even run a one-man lemonade stand Obama almost bankrupted this country.

    You can eat not even answer simple questions

  28. You say Trump lost more money in the 80s?
    At least it was his money Obama lost billions of taxpayers money

    Obama cannot run a one-man lemonade stand


    It was a recession in the 80s
    Yes Trump lost a lot of money but it was his money Obama lost billions and billions of the taxpayers money


    Obama lost billions of taxpayer money when he was president

    blame Bush if that does not work blame Trump


    In the mentally ill mind a regular Citizen is not allowed to lose his own money?

    Obama could not even run a one-man lemonade stand

  32. 4 months ago, I sold 50% of my mutual funds after I learned about the yield inversion curve. My parents (republicans) basically told me I was stupid and to “trust the market.” Yeah no thanks.

  33. What a codename what a handle just proves you have a mental disorder your hatefulness for Trump is causing your mental illness to expand

  34. Medalist cab drivers & farmers kill themselves. Police are ALL corrupt, their crimes are never reported or put to trial. Children killed in schools, churches shot up & buying school stuff is a death penalty. Moscow Mitch stops gun regulations personally & brags. This U S Government has to go!!!

  35. The Orange Russian Traitor doesn't need to be smart, all he needs is hatred, fear and racism. That's what the Republikkklan party thrives on.

  36. So look at the list of nations we have tariffs with and we can not sell to.

    We lost billions in trade with Iran, Russia and China. People that support this forget we lost billions in contacts and American jobs.

  37. Man……David….. you are young, uneducated and clueless. Lets be clear on how things really work on fuckfest planet Earth which includes the United States. The ENTIRE USA financial system is OWNED and CONTROLLED by a Non-American entity consisting of NON AMERICANS! The United States government has NO CONTROL over the USD other than deciding how much money they will be borrowing from the entity which OWNS the Dollar. This is fact and your comments about the "government" determining financial decisions of the USD is COMPLETELY INCORRECT. You are uneducated. Trump is not clueless. He is completely aware of the fact that he and the rest of the "government" have absolutely no control over any of the important working of the USD and this includes the markets. You need to understand that the Bank of International Settlements and the Federal Reserve are OWNED and CONTROLLED by the same banking cartel entity which controls the entire world finance. The only people who think of independent currencies are the citizens. The banking cartel thinks AND CONTROLS internationally not nationally. The banking cartel has America by the balls and Trump HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT IS GOING ON FINANCIALLY IN AMERICA. The "improved" economic "activity", while Trump is in office, is not the result of his actions. The entity is "improving" conditions for the purpose of the agenda…..THEIR AGENDA. Get studying if you want your channel to become successful. At this point, your ignorance is becoming obvious due to the fact the average citizens are exponentially learning about what is truly going on when it comes to the financial workings of global money.

  38. I feel great about President Trump.
    Ever since he has been in office my 401 K had been Amazing. I had 8 dismal investment years under Obama. Little growth and high unemployment. Your political liberal view point is apparent. Create fear and pray for recession. Because everyone knows you can't beat trump on the economy. So the Democrat plan is to push the recession taking point, even though the economy is strong. Markets go up and down. Here after 2 days, those 800 points have nearly been all regained. That is what is making money for the stock market. Buy low sell high. Stop with the political crap, we can see right through it

  39. Trump supporters will blame the next president for the market crash. I almost want him to be relected if the market is going down the shitter just to show all the idiots who voted for him that he has no idea what the fuck he is doing.

  40. So when has trump ever had a clue. Also, why do we assume that trump is responsible for the booming economy, he inherited that from Obama.

  41. I don't know how long most of you people have been involved with our stock market but my guess is that most have not been involved if you think this recent selloff is any big deal at all. We have seen one of the largest bull markets since Trump has been elected president and we are so long overdue for a correction (10% drop or more for you that don't know market terms) And this slight selloff isn't even close to what would normally have occurred in the past.

  42. You dipshits realize they found child remains on Epstein island right? Epstein cofounded the Clinton foundation. How do you explain defending pedophilia?

  43. To be honest, I really don't know if Trump really understands what's going on. He might. But we both know that even if he knows and all of his heart and all of his mind that something is his fault, he can never admit it. And then of course we have what we like to call the Jedi mind trick. That's when even though you know something is obvious, if you keep repeating it over and over again to simple-minded people, they actually believe it. For example if I keep telling you that the sky is orange which is obviously incorrect. If you have a weak mind, and I keep saying it constantly over and over and over again oh, you will eventually believe it and then you will be spreading that talking point and slowly more and more people actually go to believe it. So basically if that is what his game is, he just wants people to believe that is not the case.

  44. Trump is singlehandlingly the stupidest human beginning,this is entirely his fault and now everybody has to suffer cause of this shithead 😒 here in Canada we're already feeling it,groceries are freaking expensive and health care is brutal and it will only get worse,enjoy the ride folks cause it's gonna be a wild but interesting ride

  45. you don't want a ruined economy? … time to consider that Trump is a symptom of the decadence of late stage capitalism and that it is the engine of greed and mindless consumption that is destroying the planet … and therefore the sacred economy. Trump is merely the prince holding the outdated message stick.

  46. What makes everyone say the traitor in chief is clueless? comrade trump is getting directions from fox talking heads and who knows who they are actually working for. The nazis and white supremacist may hope this will be America's reichstag fire. Or this may be putin's control or influence over the unstable idiot directing the liar in chief to destabilize the US, a long used soviet strategy to over throw governments. But wait you say the soviet union is a thing of the past… Is it really, the strong man dictator is putin a kbg soviet cold war warrior. .

  47. Clueless? My farts are more intelligent than trump.
    He’s as dumb as duck shit
    As thick as two planks
    One sandwich short of a picnic
    Need I go on

  48. The add at the beginning for epoch news is dlsnted. I fact checked ghe epoch news and fhey were found to be biased towards the right on their reporting.

  49. Trump: "It is liberals' fault and they are going to pay for it."

    Liberals: LMFAO "How?"

    Trump: "I'll win in 2020."

    Liberals: "No, no you won't."

    Conservatives who hate Trump: "Yeah, you won't. We'll vote Democrat no matter how much we detest it. Necessary evil for a necessary purpose."

    Conservatives who still support Trump: "TRAITORS!"

    Conservatives who hate Trump: "You are the traitors, you FILTH!"

    Conservatives who still support Trump: "We denounce you as fellow Republicans!"

    Conservatives who hate Trump: "We denounce you as fellow Americans!"

    Corporate Democrats: "It is kind of nice to not be fighting with fellow Democrats for once."

    Progressives: "You got that right, but we are not stepping down and supporting either Biden or Harris. This is just a temporary truce until that hot mess finishes."

    Russians: "OW! I wanted to see the Americans kill one another."

    Chinese: "Oh this is even better. Infighting within infighting. Doesn't get better than that."

    Russians: SOB "I guess…"


  51. People looking to make money on the stock market don't want stability. A lot of people made a lot of money in the last recession… as ever it's the poorest among us that suffer from such things whilst the rich ride it out, invest more whilst markets are low and come out richer.

  52. Book smart and street smart. Trump rich kid his father paid grades. Keep his school records hush go for security clearance know high college and grade your back ground.

  53. President Fuckwad: "the buck stops at the most convenient member of my team that I picked, whom I will as usual, throw under the bus and insult as if it wasn't my choice to hire them, to avoid any culpability for my own moronic actions".

  54. I say to those who doubt that Republicans are at fault; Look at who was President When The Actual Crashes Occurred!

  55. If for some unknown reasons that Trump announces he is stepping down and had enough stresses the stock markets would definitely rises sky high and the whole world would be rejoicing and celebrating,at least now there’s a chance for world peace ,stopping the crazy trade wars,saving Venezuelan and allowing N.Korean to lives a happy and normalised lifestyle free from intimidation and sanctions.

  56. In other news, the market has surpassed the drop, today. David really needs to lay off the fear mongering of an imenant recession.

  57. Tbh trump is scamming everyone, it doesn't matter who he is ripping off, he will definitely get richer in the end. It is your fault as Americans who have failed to see it coming, which implies the U SS and A's need to rethink about social basic skills which you normally get taught when you are in kindergarten…, sad to see that the majority has lost their common human sense.

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