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#MarketerinTech: Marketing to different personas – Developer Marketing

Today we have with us Saii Shahnazi. Saii
is the head of developer ecosystem at IBM asia-pacific. Saii welcome to the
show. Thank you. Saii has a very interesting role. He
interacts day in and day out with a very important segment which is the
developers. Saii tell us what your average day looks like. Oh man I think
I’m one of the luckiest guy to be in this role so working with developers and
working with them in asia-pacific it’s actually a big honor because
asia-pacific represents the largest developer population globally. So out of
24 million developers in the world nine million of them are in asia-pacific and
over the next five years asia-pacific is going to remain the
fastest-growing region. And it’s not only the fastest-growing it’s also the
youngest population as well. So around 4 million developers in this region they
spend half of their time on open source. One thing that I really find fascinating in
particular for this region is there’s a lot of growth markets and some of the
world’s fastest growing middle class are happening here and the developers they
play a key role in this digitalization age that we’re in so being part of this
dynamic is fascinating it was such a talented group of people as well great
up to you you mentioned this you know you mentioned things like open sourcing
the technologies yes what are the skills that developers these days are looking
for or should actually focus on what do you think that they should be you know
driving towards yeah so without going into you know the tech conversation
let’s talk a bit about how I think you know some of the best developers I’ve
met what is that characterizes them right so I think some of the best that
I’ve met they are by nature very curious they want to digest new information in
different way they want to test things out right away and on top of that they
are very efficient trying to avoid building things from
scratch because there are so many things out there and trying to never get around
and deploy things without you know again building things from scratch that’s uh
that’s very smart that’s for like give an example IBM code pattern so we have a
lot of code patterns that developers they can go in have access to copy paste
and get started right away if they want to do something with blockchain they
don’t have to build things from scratch they can basically copy paste a code
pattern that is made and then get started right yeah so as as marketeers
these are the things we need to really focus on so we know they need to know
our technology but out of that backdrop of that entire technology landscape what
are those hooks that you could actually pull to engage different audience and
different personas as marketers what are some of the tips you can give us or
things that we should be focused on to actually engage with this audience got
it so let me start by saying what doesn’t
work for developers and that is ads in commercial you know things that you know
pop up doesn’t work so it’s actually back to the conversation we just had
that they’re very curious right they want to test things out they want to
consume information that can help them in their job that they’re in so as a as
a marketeer I think the artists to find relevant
content translate that into something that can help a developer skill up right
grow and and do hands-on and I think it can be two very simple way to do that
one is basically being able to set up events workshops having experts be there
to do hands-on sessions so people can test things out right away
the other way is that with all the content that I know a lot of marketers
have access to pick and choose the one that are the hottest and then have SMEs
to come with opinions about and examples around how it can be applied in
different cases across different industries right I think that is a great
starting point so there you have it there you have your text snippet right
here and as well as tips for marketers on how to talk to this specific audience
remember that each audience each persona is
different and the kind of assets, the kind of content you create and the
messaging you create has to be different. So for developers advertising does not
work. Focus on how to content, get the hands-on. So great thank
you so much site for joining us thank you so much.

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  1. This is quite helpful.. Great to understand the developer mindset and what draws them..

    Namrata, you have had a long and successful career. Curious to know what really separates the superstars in your industry from the rest. I have worked at Google, Uber and Flipkart and it dawned on me that different personalities work better in different companies. Its so important for one to know what type of company/culture works better for them..

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