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Marketing 101 Crash Course

hello everyone and welcome to raw
footage I’m Alena Purpero the social media
coordinator and content producer here at Raw Media Co. This is a video blog
where we will educate and inform our viewers about various marketing and
business topics. We will also upload vlogs on behind the scenes shoots for
different projects and event coverage as wel.l For a very first episode we want to
start with the basics… What is marketing? and what is digital marketing? and how
does it compare to traditional marketing? are they the same thing? Here’s an
analogy to explain the general phenomenon of marketing from Allen Dib
from the one page marketing plan. If the circus is coming to town and you paint a
sign saying circus coming to the show ground Saturday that’s advertising if
you put the sign on the back of an elephant and walk it into town that’s
promotion if the elephant walks through the mayor’s flowerbed in the local
newspaper writes about it that’s publicity and if you get the mayor to
laugh about it that’s public relations and if the town citizens go to the
circus you show them the many entertainment booths explain how much
fun they’ll have spending money at the booths answer any questions that they
have and ultimately they spend a lot of money at the circus that’s sales and if
you plan the whole thing that’s marketing as a whole marketing is an
overall system of processes and harmonious tactics that work to achieve
a business objective traditional marketing comprises of television print
and radio as channels to distribute marketing tactics digital marketing
comprises of search engines social media email podcasts and other online
platforms to distribute marketing tactics the harmonious tactics utilized
by both digital marketing and traditional marketing remain constant
this includes advertising promotion publicity PR and sales both forms of
marketing are preceded by research and systematic
to develop campaigns and content strategies to determine which tactics
are best to employ and through which channels to do so marketing is marketing
no matter which way you spend it but it can be separated into traditional versus
digital methods it’s no longer a secret that digital marketing is increasingly
becoming more prolific and effective compared to traditional methods in the
next video we will cover what digital marketing is and what services the
marketing agency is generally offered to their clients if you haven’t already
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hear from us that’s it for today bye guys

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8 thoughts on “Marketing 101 Crash Course

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  2. This crash course on marketing was very clear and helps anyone who needs a quick and easy comprehension of what it is. Marketing is a huge umbrella with so many opportunities. From advertising, promotion, public relation and sales, all coming together as channels that are utilized by marketers. Digital marketing is effective and the trend that keeps on getting bigger and bigger with more users becoming more adept at using applications like Facebook and Instagram. Digital marketing is the present and future.

  3. I’m part of the marketing DECA division and this helps quite a bit being that I’m fairly new to marketing. Thanks for the help

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