Marketing Advice : Planning a Business Grand Opening
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Marketing Advice : Planning a Business Grand Opening

Hi, I’m Mike Mitchell, and today I’d like
to tell you how to plan a business grand opening. If you’re starting your own business, whether
it’s a small one or a big one, you’re going to want to have a grand opening if you have
some sort of retail outlet or some store or office where customers can and visit you in
person. And for a business grand opening, there are lots of small details that you have
to think about before the big day in order to make it go smoothly. Because ideally, on
that grand opening day, you don’t want to be dealing with all the petty details, you
want to be out mingling with the people and introducing yourself to your new customers.
So, when you’re thinking about planning a grand opening, the first place is a location.
Now, obviously, the best location would be to have it in your own office or store, but
maybe if your office or store is relatively small, and your hoping for a very large grand
opening, you might want to have it in maybe a hotel instead, where you can use their lobby
and have their reception. Number two, you’re going to need people at your grand opening.
And where do you get these people? Well, normally you have to advertise. So, when you advertise,
there are a couple of different ways that you can do this. it can be paid advertising,
or you can also send out press releases to various newspapers and magazines, and they
will advertise your grand opening and even better, they might come and record and report
on your grand opening and give you valuable time for free in newspapers or on television.
People is also important if you have some sort of existing customer data base, previous
customers, friends, basically anybody that you can invite to come on down, a large crowd
attracts even more people. So if your grand opening only has one or two people standing
in your store, it’s not going to be very inviting for the rest of the people who might happen
to drop by. So the more people you can have the better. Number three, you might want to
have some sort of printed material, or some sort of promotional items, so that when these
people leave your grand opening, they can take something with them to remember you or
the services that you provide. And lastly, number four, the best way to attract people
is to provide some kind of food. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or expensive, even small
snacks or drinks are fine, but people feel more social and ore comfortable if they’re
eating food or drinking, and so if you can provide that as well, without it being a large
expense, it will often times help at your grand opening. And otherwise, good luck.

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