Marketing Advice : Trade Show Planning
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Marketing Advice : Trade Show Planning

Hi, I’m Mike Mitchell, and today, I’d like
to talk to you, about how to plan for a trade show. In any sort of marketing campaign, most
likely you’ll go to some sort of a trade or exposition center, and participate in a trade
show, and if you organize and plan ahead for the trade show, you’ll have a much more successful,
and stress free presentation, when you actually get there. I’m a big believer in lists, and
if you make lists of everything that you need,before you set off, you’re much less likely to forget
something, especially if you start this list a couple of weeks in advance, so that you
have time to remember, before you forget, and a couple of easy things to remember about,
number one, you’re going to want to bring your printed materials, whatever that might
be, either brochures or flyers, whatever you would normally give out to customers, and
that explains your business or your service, you’ll be sure to want to bring as much of
this as possible. It’s always better to have too much printed material, than not enough,
because if you run out, your customer or potential customer, leaves with nothing in their hand.
The second thing that you should remember, is the materials that you want to take with
you, to decorate your stand, or desk, or whatever you have in your booth area, and this can
range from posters, to flowers, or almost anything that makes the booth or the stand
that you’re at, more homey, and welcoming, and friendly. Make sure that it’s colorful
and bright, and inviting, so that it is an exciting stand, from a visual effect. Number
three, it’s always nice to have name tags. You can identify yourself, and any of your
assistants, that are there at the trade show with you. Your name tag should have the company
name as well, and maybe the logo, so that you are very easily identifiable. Even better,
would be maybe t-shirts, or some sort of entire outfit or uniform, that’s bright and colorful,
and that identifies you, and your product or company, and finally, in terms of planning
for the trade show, you would also want to bring any sort of promotional items, whatever
you might be handing out,whether it’s candies, or food, or pens, or t-shirts, or whatever
the gifts are that you might use, make sure that you have enough of those, as well. If
you sort of promised people at the beginning that they are going to get a gift, and you
run out, the people at the end are very unhappy. The last thing, and it’s always something
that you sort of forget, but I like to have it, I like to call it my tool box, and in
this box, you’re going to throw things like tape, and scissors, and staplers, and pencils
and pens, and any sort of office equipment that you might need at the fair, that you
might not have just in your pocket, and with this tool box, you’ll have everything in one
place, so if you quickly need to tape a poster up, or cut some paper, you have everything
in one place, and this is a good start. I’m sure as you go to numerous trade fairs yourself,
you’ll be able to add to this list, but starting with this, you’ll have a good start, for a
good trade show.

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5 thoughts on “Marketing Advice : Trade Show Planning

  1. Very good video! It's hard to believe how many exhibitors forget how important it is to plan before attending the trade show. Another important factor is following up, because it is very likely that most potential clients won't contact you. Therefore, you need to contact them after the show and thank them for their time.

  2. This is excellent advice. Preparing for a show properly is VITAL to seeing an ROI. I'm so glad you put this information out there. Thanks!

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