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(click) (music plays) My name is Allie Hanson. My major is marketing with a specialization
in digital marketing. My capstone is a blog, By Allie. I like to call it a
broke 20-something blog. I really wanted to focus on something that
I was passionate about and something I really liked
talking about. In the 20-something world, a lot of us are, you know,
strapped for cash. And you know, how to
work around that and how to have
a really cool life around being kind of broke, in a way. I just think that’s
really relatable and so that’s what I decided to write about in
my capstone blog. MICHAEL:
My marketing capstone project is my professional
digital identity. When people look for you, one, can they find you? Two, do they like what they see? All of us marketing students are doing our own
personal website, which is a combination of
a blog, in which we get to talk about anything we want. We also have an entire
online portfolio for employers to access and look at our work, know if they like what they see, and if they want to call you in for an interview
just from your website, which has happened before. I had an interview for
an internship that can lead to a job. They had looked at my blog and my online digital identity. That was something that really pushed them to pick me for the position, in that the work that the work that I had done in my capstone helped me get this internship that will hopefully turn
into a full-time job. Because of how forward the Champlain curriculum is in getting students involved with their actual career side
of learning, I’m able to graduate with five internships under my belt. Interviewing for
a number of jobs for my post-grad work, they often would say, “So we love that you have so many internships under your belt. Could you tell us about them?” And so that was just
a fantastic thing to hear, to know that all of my hard work over the three years
in these internships is showing dividends immediately. ALLIE:
The professors here, they invest so much of their time and energy
in students. They want to teach you what they need to teach you and they can’t wait to see what you do with it. That is really my favorite part
about being here. (music fades)

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