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Marketing Careers Snapshot

Undertaking a marketing degree at the University of South Australia is essentially like unlocking a door to a whole host of different pathways. I don’t think there is a clear path with marketing, which some people can view as daunting but I think is actually really exciting and a massive positive. Every business will always need a marketer. There is an absolute cry for marketers that have a theoretical knowledge of evidence based decision making. I chose UniSA, it is a more practical way of studying and a more practical degree. I really was interested in the fact that we had opportunities to meet with business leaders and more often not be taught by business leaders. You have people who are out there in industry consulting with some of the largest brands like Coca-Cola, Mars, Procter and Gamble, Unilever actually in your classroom showing you how the theoretical principles that are in textbooks actually apply in the real world. Whilst I studied Marketing and Communications at UniSA, the main point I think was the research factor. Essentially at the end of the day, you need to do the research to find out what’s best for the client. I was equipped with so many tools during my degree at UniSA. So you really learn from people who are in the industry working in marketing and I was actually really surprised by how much of the practical theories or models I took and still use everyday in my job. I know it sounds very cliche but no two days are really alike. One day I might be working on the catalogue, getting that ready, the next day I might be at a photoshoot for something and the next day I might be filming the new TV ad. It’s about being that voice that takes it to the market, whether it be through the social media or app development there’s all sorts of different campaigns. My career in marketing has helped me grow substantially as a person without doubt. I feel like I belong in a profession and I feel like I’m almost part of a club being able to say “I’m a Marketer” with other Marketers. I would definitely recommend studying at UniSA, I think it’s got a great culture there. I felt quite at home in all my lectures and tutes, I felt quite comfortable and I felt all the teachers are quite approachable which was a really important factor for me. Even if you’re still unsure whether marketing is the right role for you, you can still undertake a marketing degree because the skills that you’re going to learn are very much transferable to just about any career you’d like

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