Marketing for Lawyers – 8 Tips
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Marketing for Lawyers – 8 Tips

– In this video, we are gonna break down eight effective marketing
tips for lawyers. Hi, I’m JB with Marketing 360 and we help small businesses grow with our marketing and design talent technology through our
number one marketing platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and design MAD. And we love MAD and hopefully this videos, will help you fall in love with MAD too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks and strategies
to grow your business and fuel your brand. Step number one is to build
a professional high quality compatible website. Most of the time when
somebody is thinking about doing business with you, they’re gonna do quite a
bit of research and analysis and they’re gonna do that on your website. And so you’re gonna
wanna make sure you have a professional website for your firm and you’re gonna wanna make sure that that website’s mobile friendly. About 80% of search today is mobile. So check your website on your phone. Make sure that it looks good and also do a bird’s eye view comparison of your website design in
comparison with some of your other law firm competitors. The important thing there is, your potential client
is doing the same thing. So they’re clicking
through multiple websites and they’re doing some
analysis in their own mind and it’s based on design and content. So if you feel that
your website falls short against some of your competitors, you gonna wanna level up on your website so you’re not a losing
business based on design. Tip number two, if you want your firm to dominate, you want to dominate page, you wanna google for
your top search terms. So depending on what type
of a law firm that you have, think about those search terms. People are searching various things to find somebody in your field. What are those terms? And you’re gonna wanna dominate
page one for those terms in three places. Place number one would be in the paid ads. That’s the top three listings on top. You have to pay to play. So make sure you invest
in paid search to be there via the paid ad when somebody searches. That’s important because those are on top. A lot of times people are
searching on a mobile these days and they’re really not
even gonna scroll down. So if you’re not in the top spots, you’re missing out on potential business. So make sure you invest to be there. Number two is to get into the maps. To get in to the maps
you’re gonna wanna optimize your google my business page. Make sure that it’s fully populated, that you have the listing
on google my business and that you’re getting reviews. If you do those things and you’re within general
proximity of the searcher, you’re gonna show up in the maps and that’s position number two. And position number three on
page one is organic search. You’re gonna wanna rank
organically on the page you want for your top terms as well. For that you’re gonna
wanna optimize your website in many various ways and
you’re gonna wanna create ongoing content on your
website via a blog post, new pages of content, videos, infographics and other things so that your site ranks
higher organically as well. But if you think about it, there’s only really ten
or so positions on Google when somebody searches a term If you can own three of those, you’re gonna really dominate in the space and you’re gonna see a huge lead flow for new potential clients. Tip three is to use a CRM. CRM allows you to optimize your processes, stay organized, work both leads and clients
to have the best outcome. You can also build an automation which I’m about to break down right now. So it four is to set up e-mail automation. You can set up e-mail automation
very easily with your CRM if you’re using a CRM. One example here would
be when you finish a case and the outcome is good, you can have the CRM
automatically send an e-mail out to your client asking for a review. This helps build your ratings and reviews and your online reputation as well as helps you
rank higher in the maps. And it’s gonna all be automated. Another example would be a
new lead comes in your website looking for a free consultation. You can have automatic e-mails going out talking about your process, your reputation, your experience and other things to help you close those deals. Tip five is to invest in
your online reputation. Before somebody reaches out to you, requests a free consultation or calls you, a lot of times they’re
gonna go back to Google, Search your brand name
and the word reviews. And if you don’t have a
good bird’s eye view there, if you don’t have four
five stars showing up on the first page of Google, if you don’t have strong reviews, you’re gonna be missing
out on a lot of business. And particularly if you
have some bad reviews, that’s gonna hurt you. So you wanna make sure you
invest in your online reputation. If you don’t have somebody on staff that can continually ask for reviews and monitor your reputation, you really probably need
to invest in a company doing it for you or hire and
somebody can care of it for you because it’s something that
you can’t be skipping on. Tip number six is to get
listed in local directories and directory sites especially
ones that are relevant to your particular law firm and industry. There’s lots of different
types of directories where people might be searching
for a potential attorney or lawyer to work with outside
of just searching on Google. And so you’re gonna wanna make sure that you get listed there, that you optimize your listing and that you also capture
reviews on your listing so that you stand out in the crowd. Tip number seven is to make sure that you’re doing retargeting. Retargeting basically
stays in front of people that have visited your website or maybe seen you on social media as they’re in the research mode. As you know, most people are doing a
little bit of research before they actually take the final step and reach out to you or
request a consultation. And so you wanna stay
in front of those people during that research process so when they are ready to reach out, you’re there and they think of you first. So remarketing is huge to invest in because people after they visit your site, will see you on various websites online, on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube. Just further building
trust and credibility for your brand in their mind. So when they come to decision making time, they decide on you. Tip number eight is to develop some informational videos off around your industry
and put those on YouTube and spend some money investing
and advertising those videos so when people search on
YouTube for various topics, your videos show up as
the recommended videos for them to watch. This is important because a lot of people before they actually
really reach out to you, they go through a period
of research around their particular problem and how they
might be able to solve that and how they might be
able to get out of it and those sorts of things. And one place that they’re
doing this is YouTube. It’s the perfect place for them
to go and educate themselves and watch videos. So if you create content that answers some of those questions, they’re gonna see those things on YouTube and they’re gonna be motivated
to then reach out to you and do business with you. And so it’s not something
that’s too complicated in doing. You don’t have to have a perfect setup. You could even use your cell phone to video some of these tips and trays and things that you wanna
cover around your industry. Get those out in the wild on YouTube and invest some money in advertising those so as people are searching, it shows up as a recommended
video for them to watch. So hopefully these tips
help you better understand different ways you can
maybe market your law firm and grow your business. If you have any questions
please leave a comment. Also if you like the video, like it, share. Follow us for more content
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  1. Reviews are the most absurd and demeaning aspect of this business. Clients don't understand the business. How are they fit to review me? It'd be like my reviewing someone who writes trading algorithms.

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