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Hi there, Coaches, Carolin Soldo here, and
today I want to demystify the marketing funnel for you, so you understand how to turn cold
market into hot sales leads for your coaching business. Stay tuned until the end because I will also
show you how to use one of my favorite systems called Click Funnels to make your marketing
automation simple and easy. All about helping you go from passion to profits
in your coaching business. Before we get started, as always, make sure
you hit the bell icon so you get notified when episodes drop every Wednesday. Now, imagine waking up every single day with
new discovery calls booked in your calendar with clients ready to enroll in your coaching
programs. Sounds like a dream? Well, not when you have marketing automation
ready to work for you. With the marketing funnel we have installed,
we book between 20 and 30 discovery calls with perfect clients for our business every
single day. This is possible for you, too, when you understand
how marketing automation works and how to use it at a coach. Let’s talk about the six steps you need to
go through to set up your very own marketing funnel. Step Number One is to decide on your objective. I want to make sure you understand what we’re
building towards. The objective of your marketing funnel as
a coach should be to book discovery calls. Discovery calls are sales conversations where
you talk to your prospect and you find out if they’re the right fit for you and if you’re
the right fit for them. Step Number Two in setting up your online
marketing funnel is your expert talk. Your expert talk takes the form of a 40-60
minute presentation where you take your clients through this process of getting to know you,
understanding your story, seeing what’s possible for them, understanding how this is possible
for them, and then also seeing the results that they can have by working with you. As a coach, you want to use what I call relationship
marketing. You want to build a relationship with your
new prospect who doesn’t know you yet, right from the start. The webinar does a beautiful job at just that. Step number Three in building out your online
marketing funnel is to drive traffic to your expert talk. These cold leads have to come from somewhere. You need to find a way to get your message
in front of the right people. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube episodes,
YouTube advertising, Google advertising, Facebook live streaming, and many, many more. When you’re building out your marketing funnel,
you want to think about where your clients are, which social media platforms they are
most likely using and that’s niche-specific. Then, get yourself in front of them strategically
by using things like paid advertising and posting on social media to get your message
in front of those client every single day. Step Number Four is to actually deliver your
expert talk. We have gone from delivering our webinars
and workshops live to now having them recorded and automated so that our leads and our market
can consume our information night and day, literally 24 hours a day. Step Number Five in your marketing funnel
is the booking of your discovery call, which is still an automated process. As your leads go through the webinar and they
watched your expert talk, which might be live or it might be recorded, they then receive
an invitation to speak with you or someone on your team. At this point in this funnel, they will make
a decision about whether they want to book a call with you or not. So, you’re sending your leads, in the funnel,
right from your expert talk to your booking calendar where your clients can book sessions
for you. This is how we wake up every single day in
our business, and we see new discovery calls, new interested clients, new amazing men and
women from all over the world who want to know more about how we can help them get ahead
in their business. Step Number Six in the entire funnel is then
the hosting of the discovery call. This is not manual anymore. Not everybody will be a fit, and that’s okay,
but many of them will come ready and prepared to say, “Yes, you’re the right coach for me. I want to work with you. Let’s get started.” Bonus. Let me give you a really important bonus. The four biggest mistakes that my clients
make when they set up their online marketing funnels, so that you can avoid them. Mistake Number One is not driving enough traffic
to your sales funnel. If you don’t have enough people going through
this automation, you will not know whether it’s working, you will not know how to make
decisions, and you can’t evaluate whether the different pieces inside of the funnel
are doing their job. The second mistake that many Coaches make
is to pick a topic that doesn’t do a good job at getting clients into the funnel. You want to pick a topic that is of high interest
to your potential clients. Think about the top four goals your clients
have and what they want to learn and know more about, and present your webinar on one
of those topics. The next mistake that many Coaches makes is
not presenting the webinar in a professional way. They’re either very shy, very nervous, the
background doesn’t look professional, or it’s very boring. I hate to say it, but if you’re talking like
this and it all sounds the same, and you sound like you’re going to fall asleep and there’s
not engagement at all, they’re not going to stay on the webinar. Your job on your webinar is not only teach
them and educate your people, but it’s to entertain them. They want to feel engaged. They want you to feel excited and powerful
and into what you’re talking about. The last mistake that many Coaches make is
selecting tools that are not reliable. Do yourself a favor and settle tools that
are high-quality and reliable so that you can make the best impression you can on your
new prospects on your webinars. Now, you understand what marketing automation
is all about and how to use an online marketing funnel for your coaching business. If you’re ready to take it to the next level
and go one step further, I have something exciting for you. First of all, I have a web class for you. It’s my webinar, what we just talked about. In that web class, I want to show you the
three simple secrets and steps you can take right now to get all the coaching clients
you could ever want. There’s more information in this web class
about the marketing you should be using, about how to create products, about how to position
yourself, and so much more, and everything you need to get the perfect clients right
now. There’s a link in the description below. Simply click there and grab one of those seats,
right now. If you liked this video today, make sure you
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and I can’t wait to see you next week. Take care. Do you want to build a successful online coaching
business, but you’re not sure how to get started, and you’re scared of wasting time and money
on the wrong steps? Let me be your Coach and show you the right
steps to quickly launch your business, attract the perfect clients, and multiply your income. To learn more, go to

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  1. I hope you enjoyed today's video! Comment below and let me know if you already have a working marketing funnel, or if you will use what you learned in this video to build one for your business! See you next week!

  2. Question… on Step 6: Hosting the Discovery Call, you mentioned "This is not manual anymore" — what does that mean? Is the Discovery Call a recording?? Is it a group call? I'm confused about that step. Love your videos, thanks!

  3. Thank you so much!!!!
    Youre amazing.

    I tried to get the perfect opt-in download, but nothing was sent to my email. A few of your documents arent going to any of my emails… Please help if you can 🙂

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