Marketing Markets | Types of marketing Markets | Hindi
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Marketing Markets | Types of marketing Markets | Hindi

Today we will talk about Marketing Markets. What is it and whar are its types? Hello friends,I am Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies So what is Market? Market is any place where we sell our products and services. This is known as market. How many types of markets are there? Markets is majorly categorized into 4 types. First is Consumer market,then Business market,Global market and Non-profit market Let’s understand all this in depth So what is Consumer market? Consumer markets are those where we sell directly to the consumers Directly means if we are selling a phone,we sell it directly to consumers. Amazon sell directly to consumers so it is consumer market place There are many other platforms like Big Bazaar,where consumers directly take the services There is no big thing there Wherever consumers directly take the services,we call it as Consumer Market Second is Business Market So what is Business Market? Business markets are those where we deal directly with the business which means our product is used by the business So what comes under this? Like office cubicle which will be taken only by the office not others Some specific stationery,letter head,visting cards All these comes under B2B where two businesses are interacting and exchanging their products and services So this is known as B2B Market place Third is Global Market Global market is like any MNC which does not sell product only in 1 country It tries to expand in multiple countries Let’s take an example of MI MI launches its phone first in China, then it find its audience about where will its products be sold And it starts selling its services at those places Let’s take example of Mi Mix Mi Mix is a latest phone which they have launched in China and US but not in India As per their strategy nobody in India will take an Mi phone worth 35000 Most important thing in Global market is to analyze what is the need of a country and what products or services can fulfill them Last is non-profit or govt market Now what is this? Where we sell directly to the govt or some non-profit organization,then that is known as non-profit market So the prices or margins in non-profit market is very less We have the keep the margin minimum so that we can survive in that competitive environment So if any company will sell product in Aanganwadi,it will be sold at very cheap rates as it know that supply is in bulk Additionally,we can get some relaxations from govt over these products. Like we get products at cheap rates at army canteens as there is no tax on that The products being sold there are part of this market only So guys,this topic ends here. Please like,share and subscribe You can directly ask questions in the comments below. Thank You

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  1. Bro I request u please make a video about corporate governance mechanism like Anglo-American model,japnees model …. please help me bro

  2. Sir, if you do one thing in this course like digital and overall marketing course that video you mention each chapter number like chapter 1 chapter 2 and video title also. because little easy for understanding the exact video, By the way very informative and helpful guidance. Thanks

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  4. sahil ek video create kardo ap ….. HOW TO START CLOTH BRAND? kya kya karna hota hai aur kaise sab….trademark wagera sab…..

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  6. Aree waah are superb.kal mera interview mujhe eske bare main clear nhi tha ab kal achai performance doonga

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