Marketing Minute | “MACRA” June 2019
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Marketing Minute | “MACRA” June 2019

Good morning everybody, Bob Brzyski here, with Pinnacle Financial Services. Welcome to another Marketing Minute. Today, we’re joining you live from Washington
D.C., in front of the Capitol Building. And today we’re going to go over an update
on a new regulation, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of twenty fifteen,
better known as “MACRA”. So, MACRA has several components to it. Some of them have already taken effect, and
some of them are about to take effect come one one twenty twenty. With me today, I have Rob Valincius. Rob is part of our Medicare team, here at
Pinnacle Financial Services. And Rob, today what we want to talk about
a little bit is, how is MACRA going to impact the changes in the Medicare world come one
one twenty? So, can we have a little bit of the “hot-buttons”
on what MACRA is? Yeah, absolutely Bob. So MACRA has been around, at this point,
since twenty fifteen, right? So, we’ve seen some of the changes come into
effect: the new Medicare cards- they’re slowly coming out. Before you know it, they’ll slowly replace
all the old ones, depending upon what state you’re in. The biggest change, is that Plan F and Plan
C, are basically not going to be able to be sold to newly eligible. Meaning people turning sixty-five after one
one, two-thousand twenty. So, that is just going to have a huge impact
on our market, because [Plan] F is kind of like the Cadillac- you know? That’s really what a lot of people are selling. We slowly have migrated to the Plan G, but
you’ll start to really see a lot of Plan N being sold. Yeah, no, that makes a lot of sense. As we know, the government has a ton of responsibility
with the Medicare world, ton of expenditures. And one of the big cost-savings, going from
a Plan F to a Plan G: Medicare. The government loves the fact that people
have some skin in the game. So, it’s a big change for them, and makes
a lot of sense. But, and in real-world impact, you’re dealing
with agents, day-in and day-out. You’re talking to our agents, who are our
clients, who are working with their clients, those individuals entering the Medicare world. So, what are you hearing from the agents? Are they worried about the impact that, going
from the Plan F to the Plan G, is going to create, for individuals that are now going
to be coming into Medicare, come one one twenty twenty? Yeah, absolutely. It’s going to have a huge impact. The biggest thing being the difference between
Plan F and Plan G, is that the Part B deductible is not covered with Plan G. So you’re going to start to see a lot more
cost-sharing, unfortunately, for the clients. You know, the Part B deductible is, you know, [one] hundred eighty-five bucks. So, it’s nothing crazy, but it’s not going
to be something that people are used to. And, on top of that, the plus side to it being,
guarantee issue into [Plan] G is going to be required for all the companies. So people coming off of group coverage, you’re
going to get them into a Plan G with no issues. Right now, really, the only company that does
that is UnitedHealthcare. Yeah, no, I mean, listen. I think we really, are looking at MACRA as
something that, as an industry, is not something to fear. The insurance industry, regulation, nothing
new for us. We were dealing with it, we’ve always rolled
with the punches. But, it’s something that, of course, we’ve
got to be on top of. As in agents, working with clients in the
field, we have to know the regulations. We have to be on top of- you have one client
who might be impacted by the regulation, and the spouse who, might be able to have some
other options, because they were already in the Medicare world. One of the things that we’re making available
here from Pinnacle Financial Services, is a brand-new white paper. So, when we talk about the Medicare Access
and CHIP Reauthorization Act of twenty fifteen, better known as MACRA, what are all the details? What are the dates we have to be aware of? What’s important for us to know as an industry,
as individuals working in this marketplace? So, if you have questions, if you need to
get a hold of somebody to go over any of the in’s and out’s of this, it’d be great if you just contacted Pinnacle Financial Services. Our marketing team is here, and up-to-date
on everything going on with MACRA. Our eight hundred number is one eight hundred,
seven seven two, six eight eight one extension seven seven three one. Or, you could also visit our website. Our website is www dot pfs insurance dot com. Again, that’s www dot pfs insurance dot com. And we can get you up-to-date on all the details
so that you’re prepared come one one twenty twenty, with all the in’s and out’s of MACRA. So, for Rob, myself, Pinnacle Financial, we’re
going to leave you today. We hope that you contact us to get all the
information, if you have any questions. But, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
channel- it’s important to make sure that you’re up-to-date on everything going on in
the insurance world. Thank you again everybody, and have a great
rest of your day. Thanks, guys.

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