Marketing mix in the business plan: Tips from HelloNina Expert Patrycja Pielaszek
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Marketing mix in the business plan: Tips from HelloNina Expert Patrycja Pielaszek

Hello, everyone! I am Patrycja, I am a HelloNina Expert, and today we have… …a pingpong interview on the topic “marketing mix in your business plan”. We talk about the topic of the business plan. Why does the marketing plan play such an important role for the business plan? In the business plan, the marketing plan plays a very… …important part, because it is about knowing whether there is a market, at all,… …for your services, or your product. And how big is the market – is there a demand? You should face these questions, right away. Tell me – what is part of the marketing mix? And how do I best compose… …the marketing mix for my business? The marketing mix usually includes the “five P”. In English: Product, price, placement, promotion and personnel. You want to know more about it? Get more info, on To sell a product, I need a marketing strategy. How do I get my product to the right target group? To get your product or services to your target group, you have to… …analyze it, know it very well and properly determine it. Which reason do they have to buy? Or to use the service? Which problems do they have, that need solving? You can even go that far: How does their daily routine work? When would be the best time, to meet their needs? How do I analyze my target group in the most efficient way? To analyze your target group, you do not always need a complete study. With simple tools you can find on my page, you also can… …launch surveys, in your private or business circles. To find out with pragmatic, productive questions, which trends… …help you build your marketing strategy. On the topic of marketing budget: Do you have benchmarks you can share with me? There are guide numbers for a marketing budget, but the question can not be answered sweepingly. Because, as always, it depends on your product, and… …on your respective target group. Where is it located? Which measures and channels do you have to choose, to get to your target group as quckly as possible,… …to reach the market? What do you think – at what point does it pay off to include an agency, to support marketing measures? Sadly, the question about outsourcing solutions has no one-fits-all answer, as well. Because, after all, it depends on how specialized… …the services are you have to buy for marketing measures, how big your market is. Is it only local, is it national or even international? In any case, I recommend an agency or support for that. Do you have tips for me – apps or tools I can use, for social media, for example? Yes, there are great, helpful tools you could… …use for your marketing measures or promotion goals. For example, there is “Canva” for design and graphics, or “Buffer” for social media publication, and many more. I left my tips on Please give me a few last tips, to push my marketing business. My tip for you: Don’t do “hope marketing”, do proactive, original content marketing,… …that sparks the interest with your target group.

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