Marketing of Small Business-Without Losing Your Shirt Part 2
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Marketing of Small Business-Without Losing Your Shirt Part 2

For marketing of small business, this is Part
2 of a quick tip that will help you win loads of paying customers. This powerful technique will help you understand
how to uncover those hidden profits that are slipping through your fingers when you don’t
coordinate the entire marketing process. Doing this right for marketing of small business
will help you avoid the frustration of spending loads of money and having little to show for
it. In Part 1 I showed you how the process for
marketing of small business is divided into three phases – BEFORE – DURING and AFTER. Where BEFORE is getting people interested
in your product or service, DURING is getting them to actually buy and AFTER is getting
them to come back and buy more. In Part 1 I also went through the BEFORE phase
of how to attract and motivate people to want to buy your product or service. In this video I’ll show you the DURING and
AFTER phases of the marketing process – getting your customers to actually buy and then, having
them come back and buy some more. Let’s start with the DURING phase, where
– once you have your potential customer interested, you’ll need to push them over
the edge, so they actually buy your product or service right now. And here’s a simple truth about the marketing
of small business. Just because they’re interested doesn’t
mean they will buy now… or ever for that matter. Most people are natural procrastinators. Look at the long lines of people outside the
post office on tax day and you’ll see how many people procrastinate until the last minute. It’s human nature. So if you want your marketing to be effective,
this DURING section reminds you to make sure that you have a clear strategy of how to get
your customers to buy NOW. To accomplish this it’s important to remember,
there are three steps to every sale: IT, US, and NOW. Meaning, your customer needs to be clear on
why they should buy “IT”, your product or service; why they should buy from “US”,
and why they should buy NOW. Although some buyers will pass through these
three steps of IT, US and NOW almost instantaneously, most move slowly through each of these phases. Even if you think your customer is ready to
buy right now, if the purchase stalls, it’s usually because one of these three steps has
not been done right. Maybe they aren’t convinced they need IT
– your product or service. Or maybe they are convinced they need or want
it, but they aren’t comfortable buying from you. Or maybe they want it but somehow, they just
can’t quite get themselves to make the decision to go ahead right now. These three steps apply to all types of products
and services. At Procter & Gamble, the maker of soaps, detergents
and toothpastes, we knew that people must be sold on the need for the product, the comfort
in buying from us, and the urgency to buy it right now. To move them to buy now, we often encouraged
them by creating some incentive, like a coupon if they buy right now, or some other reward
if they take the product off the shelf right now. Using incentives is not the only way to drive
people to buy right now, but it can help. Early in my career we offered business coaching
for small businesses. I remember a plumber and his daughter, with
their 7-person plumbing company, who were desperate for our help. But because I was not effective in getting
him to buy right then and there, I lost the sale and his ten-year-old company went out
of business just a few months later. I remember his daughter walking me to the
door and telling me how disappointed she was that I let her dad off the hook. When HE said, “That sounds great; Let me
think about it,” I said, “Great, I’ll check back with you. How about next week?” Because I didn’t have him decide right then
and there, he would therefore NEVER decide. He would endlessly procrastinate and the company
would never get the help it really needed. That experience so bothered me that I committed
to becoming more effective at closing the sale. And you should too. If someone is truly interested in your product
or service, you need to understand how to get them to buy right now. Otherwise, you both lose. Lastly in effectively marketing of small business
is AFTER, which applies to most businesses. This is where you get your customer to come
back and buy from you again, and again and again. You can do this by offering a coupon, letting
them join some sort of club as Costco, Sam’s Discount Club and frequent flyer clubs do,
or by simply giving them a card with nine-spaces, that you stamp or sign every time they come
back. After they have 9 stamps, you give them something
free. For many businesses the AFTER portion could
simply include keeping in touch periodically with your customer, to remind them to buy
from you again, when they are ready. LegalZoom, the online legal services company,
sends a monthly email newsletter to all previous clients and people who request information,
telling them of useful changes to the law and reminding them of the products and services
that LegalZoom offers, such as incorporations and wills. However you do it, remember the easiest person
to sell is often someone who has already bought something from you. So, if you want effective marketing of your
small business, with loads of high-value paying customers, then mastering the BEFORE, DURING
and AFTER phases of your marketing can be crucial in assuring your success. If you found this tip helpful, subscribe to
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