Marketing Plan 2/4 – How to Get People to Stay on Your Website When They Arrive
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Marketing Plan 2/4 – How to Get People to Stay on Your Website When They Arrive

What do people do when they come to your website?
Have you ever considered how your site welcomes people – whether it makes them want to take
a look around, or take off? In my last video, I discussed ways you can
share your knowledge freely, attract people’s attention, and drive them to your website.
But that’s only the very beginning of marketing. Once they land on your site, you have to entice
them to stay and take some action. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs and small
businesses try to get by with the bare minimum of effort when it comes to their website.
If you count yourself among this majority, it could be crippling your business. If you are already doing everything you can
to attract the attention of your target audience, and providing value on a daily basis by sharing
your knowledge and expertise, then congratulations. You are among the small minority of entrepreneurs
who understand that marketing is about giving. It’s about being of the greatest possible
service you can be, to as many people as possible. Because when people see you as a generous
and knowledgeable expert, they will want to be around you more. They will want to learn
from you, and hear your advice. They will want to be on your list, and learn from your
wisdom. Sooner or later that will lead them to your
website where they will be… completely underwhelmed. When it comes to creating a website, many
entrepreneurs see it as an expense they cannot afford, or as something to be done as quickly
and cheaply as possible. What an epic mistake. Your website is the nerve center for your
entire marketing effort. Everything you do in the real world or online is done to drive
people to your website. But when they get there, you do very little to wow them, and
make them want to stay. By now, most entrepreneurs have understood
that having a mobile-ready website is absolutely critical By the way, if your site is not currently mobile-ready, then you can kiss about 60% of your traffic good-bye in a matter of seconds. People simply do not have the patience to look at outdated websites on their phones. Anyway Being mobile-ready is the bare minimum. People
expect a site that is designed to engage them on the device they are using. Think of it this way. If you are out there
wowing audiences with your knowledge and wisdom, people will expect that same wow factor from your website. But here’s what most entrepreneursend up doing. I am an expert, and I know things that are
of great value to my audience. I know how to solve the problems they have.
I’ve done a great deal to put myself out there through webinars, Facebook groups, meet-ups,
and so on. And people have really taken notice how awesome I am. So when they go to my website, I want to put
a damper on that awesomeness. I want to begin to confuse them and make them doubt the wonderful
opinion they’ve formed about me. Yeah, instead of continuing to express my
unique vision through a website that seamlessly connects to the brand image they’ve seen
already, I want to make a website that makes me blend in with the pack. Ooh! Or maybe even makes me look amateur. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if after all this
effort I’ve exerted to make a name for myself, these people came to my website, and in the
blink of an eye, decided I was not worth their time after all, and so they just left. Yeah. Please, for the love of everything good in
this world, PLEASE stop shooting yourself in the foot by presenting your business with
a website that is amateur. Hire a professional whose energy aligns with
yours. Create a site that is an experience for your
visitors – one that continues to express the awesomeness your visitors saw in you in the
first place. Your website is your most precious and valuable
marketing asset. It should not be the cheapest. It will either reinforce their opinion of
how amazing you are, or it will destroy it irrevocably. Yeah. No!!

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