Marketing Plan 3/4 – Value. Value. Value. Value. ASK!!
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Marketing Plan 3/4 – Value. Value. Value. Value. ASK!!

Welcome to video #3 in my Marketing Plan Series.
In the first two videos I discussed how to drive traffic to your website, and how to
make sure they stay there once they arrive. Today, we’re going to talk about the give
and take of marketing. I talk a great deal about providing value,
and sharing your knowledge and expertise freely. In my opinion, this is marketing at its core,
and the only strategy I would ever suggest that a client use, or employ myself. Now you might be thinking, “Bobby, does
this mean I just keep sharing my knowledge for free, and never get anything in return?” To which I would reply “No!” I say all the time that marketing is about
giving, but it’s not charity. There comes a moment when you need to ask for something
back. So when is that moment? Is it when you first
meet someone? “Hi, I’m Bobby. Wanna buy something from
me?” Hopefully you would never do that in person,
because it’s rude and kinda creepy. But that’s exactly what many entrepreneurs end
up doing online. You start to build an email list, and then
send out endless solicitations. “It’s OK! They opted in for this!” No, they opted in because they expected you
to provide epic value before asking them for a sale. Or you join Facebook Groups, and start sharing
what YOU do, and how people can hire you. Now we talked about that in the first video
in this series, it’s called spam, and everyone hates it. Don’t do it. But even less obvious is when you create a
website that is all about you, your services or product, and how people can buy from you. Over here is some info about me. And here we have the great things about my
stuff that I sell. And, ooh, here’s the form to fill out so
I can also email all this crap to you. Your website needs to provide tons of free
valuable content so people can learn from you, respect you, begin to trust you, AND
buy from you. So does this mean you should never ask for
the sale, or let people know what you do, or how to contact you? Absolutely not. All I’m saying is there
needs to be a realization on your part that marketing is 80% giving, and only 20% asking. Now on the other side of the coin are the
entrepreneurs guilty of the exact opposite. You guys give and give and give but never
ask. Maybe you think people will magically know
what you do and that you have some valuable service for sale. I have a business! I want to build an audience around my business
by providing value to them, and sharing my knowledge and expertise freely. I know not to spam people with unwanted emails
and posts that only serve my interests. No, I’m going to kill them with epic content
that they can use to make great improvements in their own lives or businesses. I’m not really sure when something is considered
spammy, so I’ll play it safe, and only hint at my own offerings. I’m confident that
my audience is smart enough to realize that I have something for sale that they can buy.
I know they will take it upon themselves to seek it out and pay me – -you know – money. I’ll just sit here and wait for that to
start. Well, then you’re going to be waiting a
very long time. A client and mentor once taught me “if you
don’t ask, you don’t get.” Asking for the sale after you’ve provided
value is a vital step in marketing. Do what you can to provide as much value as freely
as you can. But don’t forget to make an offer, or ask for a sale about 20% of the
time. On your website, asking takes the form of
call to action buttons – ask people to download your resource and get on your list. That’s
an exchange. Ask people to sign up for your program, or
buy your thing. Just make sure your website is sharing a lot of valuable content with
these calls to action sprinkled in. Ask people in your Groups to get in touch
with you about your upcoming event. But be sure to make a name for yourself first by
providing valuable information in that group. Answer people’s questions, get involved
in discussions, and then ask. Value Value Value Value ASK You’ve got to ask, or you will not get.
It’s as simple as that.

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