Marketing Plan 4/4 – Create an Authentic Marketing Strategy
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Marketing Plan 4/4 – Create an Authentic Marketing Strategy

Welcome to video number 4 in my marketing
plan video series. In the first three videos, I talked about how to drive traffic to your
website, how to get people to stay on your site once they arrive, and how to get out
there and provide tons of value to your audience, without forgetting to ask for something in
return. This is the final video in this series, and
it’s all about being authentic in your marketing strategy. Many entrepreneurs
are beginning to create businesses with authenticity at the heart of their brand, but the authenticity
comes to a screeching halt when the marketing efforts begin. If you’ve been paying any attention to me
lately, you’ll know I talk a lot about being authentic with your branding. I’m a firm
believer that every one of us has a unique gift to bestow upon the world, and that by
harnessing the power of our authentic, core genius self, we entrepreneurs can create amazing
businesses – as well as do amazing good in the world. Many of you agree with me, and are already
building a business around your passion. And that’s great. But then you go out into the world and try
to market yourself simply by copying the tactics you see other people using. Whether they’ve
worked for them or not. “Well everybody says you have to build your
email list, so I’m going to focus on that.” “Facebook ads seem to be all the rage to
drive traffic to my website, I’m gonna do that!” The problem I am seeing is that when it comes
to marketing, entrepreneurs are focus ed more on tactics than on strategy. In other words,
you are looking at the actions that other people are taking, and merely copying them
because they’re popular. Often the results are less than stellar. This is what happens
when you are tactically focused – you copy the actions but don’t have the proper mindset
or skill set to execute the tactics properly. A tactical approach to marketing is usually
driven by fear, lack, and a mindset of reaching a mass quantity of people as quickly as possible.
It’s a “get rich quick” dream, and it rarely works. That doesn’t mean there’s a problem with
those tactics, only that those tactics were not correct for you. When marketing myself or my clients, I take
a more strategic approach, and let the strategy dictate the tactics we use. For some of my clients, list building through
ads is key to their success. We’re working on a series of content, and driving targeted
traffic to that content through targeted ads. For me personally, I am finding those same
tactics don’t work that well. I’m more of a one on one guy. I’ve learned that I shine when I present
myself to a smaller audience, like in a Facebook Group. It’s easy for me to answer questions,
get into conversations, and make friends. This strategy leads to the tactics I’ve
begun to implement in my Groups. I am connecting with group leaders, and getting asked to contribute
to online magazines, and podcasts. I’m connecting with entrepreneurs who are learning from me,
working with me, and forming joint ventures or strategic partnerships. The moment I approached my marketing with
a strategy that was authentic to my own beliefs and skills, everything in my business transformed
for the better. I was no longer trying to make something happen by copying someone else’s
actions. When you see an entrepreneur’s business
take off, and they say it’s because they mastered Facebook ads, or YouTube, or any
other platform or tactic, you have to realize they succeeded because they found a tactic
that resonated with their core genius. They were a vibrational match to that tactical
approach. Then someone else tries the same approach,
fails miserably, and denounces the same tactic. “Facebook ads suck! They don’t work at
all! “Instagram is a waste of time! Nothing but
posers! “Twitter is horrible for marketing, nobody
is paying attention!” If you believe you can or cannot do something,
you’re right. When you approach a tactic from a vibrational
point of fear or lack or desperation, you have a deep belief this will not work. And
you’ll be right. When you approach a tactic from authenticity,
and your true higher self, you will feel excited and confident in your belief that you’re
on the right track. And you’ll be right.

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