Marketing Plan Goals and Objectives Section
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Marketing Plan Goals and Objectives Section

Okay, what is the marketing objectives or
goals portion? Well, these are the individual things that
you’re trying to achieve. They’re what give you the variables, statistics,
the numbers that you can measure against to see if you’re being successful. Marketing is an art more so than a science. So with that in mind, your efforts, you’re
going to need some level of feedback to determine the efficiency or level of success your having
in employing a given market strategy or the individual tactics that you’re putting out
there. How effective they are in achieving what you’re
hoping to achieve. So, to start with, you need to understand
what your objectives or goals are. What you hope to achieve. So ask yourself, where do we want to go? What markets do we want to address? What geography do we want to – what geography
do we want to cover? How far are we going to expand our product
or service deliver at this point? And then ask yourself, within that given market
share, within that given market, what share or percentage of that available market is
– can I realistically hope to grab at any point in time or throughout the lifecycle
of the business. Because in this section, entrepreneurs tend
to be extremely optimistic or overly optimistic about the percentage of the market they’re
going to be able to grab at this point. But, laying these goals out ahead of time
will give you a metric to understand how close you are coming or how far you are away from
achieving the goals that you need for the business to stay, to be your continue on it’s
growth paths or to be viable. Lots of times, you set multiple levels of
goal, the minimum goal set and then actual realistic expectation goal sets. So again, you’ll layout your sales objectives
for any given geography or region or within any given market segment. Your level of penetration into the market,
so the customers awareness, there of your product or service. Even if you haven’t consummated the number
of sales that you’re projecting, still brand awareness could be a prime area objective
or goal. Number of distributors, if you’re using say
a retail model for distributing your product. How many stores are you in? How many individual retailers are carrying
your lines, okay? Again, your pricing policy. Where do you hope to be with the pricing of
the product at a given point in time? Do you expect it to go up as you add more
features or new models of the product or service, et cetera? Are you starting out lower or higher than
you would be? And if generally, and if you’re starting out
lower or higher, what is your strategic goals or objectives behind that. Your sales or promotion. Your sales promotion efforts within a given
time. How much are you – what is your objective
for sales promotion efforts in a given area, in a given market over a specific amount of
time. And then what level of advertising do you
hope to achieve at a given point and time moving forward. So, all of these are things that you can set
out as objectives or goals that you’re hoping to achieve with regard to your marketing efforts. If you lay this out in full, then you have
a more of a roadmap, a guidelines to judge yourself as to whether you’re achieving the
results that you desire with your marketing effort.

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