Marketing Plan Project Overview
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Marketing Plan Project Overview

hi students nate here quick video giving
you some tips on how to tackle the marketing plan project so this is your
big research assignment due at the end of the semester but as I mentioned in
Prior videos you’re actually stair-stepping this meaning you’re
completing sections as the semester goes along so you want to note these dates
week 5 7 9 11 13 and 15 those are all weeks in your weekly modules on the canvas
site where you’re going to be submitting a portion of the marketing plan your final
submission week 15 is the final marketing plan and at that point you’ll
have the marketing plan done and that final submission is just your final
edits on the previous steps all combined together so let me give you some tips
tip number one is please don’t wait until the day of to complete your
section of the marketing plan that is due that week so for example in week 5
you have your situation analysis section of the marketing plan do your situation
analysis is basically an overview of the industry and an explanation of your
product or service idea so each of these sections aren’t extremely lengthy but
you will need to do some work and some research to put each section together if
you wait until the day it’s due or just a couple of days before it’s due you’re
gonna have a fair amount of work on your hands and these sections of the
marketing plan are in addition to the regular work that you’re doing in each
weekly module in each week’s module of the course are sixteen weeks together
you’re going to have typically in each weeks module a quiz a discussion perhaps
a written assignment and in these marketing plan section weeks which are
week five seven nine eleven you’re also going to be submitting a section of your
marketing plan so in those weeks five seven nine eleven and thirteen you’re
going to have some additional work so you want to make sure that you’re
budgeting your time accordingly and my suggestion is that the week prior you
actually begin working on that section of the marketing plan so for example if
you go to the week four resource page of the course you’ll see all the stuff in
there for a week for that you need to do there’s a lecture there’s a video and I
also put in that resource page a note that says by the way next week your
first section of the marketing plan is due just as a heads up so you want to
start working on these marketing plan sections at least one week before
they’re due that way you won’t feel rushed you won’t be pulling an
all-nighter and you won’t be emailing me at 11 o’clock at night trying to get
some information that you need I might be asleep and you’re gonna actually work
kind of ahead of schedule on these so please budget your time accordingly and
as long as you chip away on the marketing plan sections as you’re going
along you’re not just trying to do these night of that it’s due you’re gonna be
fine but if you wait till the night of you’re
going to have a late night so I’m trying to help you and I’m here to support you
but please make sure that you’re budgeting time accordingly okay so since
you know situates situation analysis is your first chunk of the marketing plan
doing week five in week seven you have your competitor analysis and week nine
you have your target market and positioning section and week 11 you have
your marketing mix and promo mix explanation in week 13 you have your
budgeting and metrics and then your final section week 15 is when you submit
the complete marketing plan altogether and I’ll be lecturing and providing
information as we go along through the course so that when you have those weeks
when a marketing plan section is due you’ll know the content and it won’t be
unfamiliar to you at that stage all right good luck any questions email me
and please try to email me in Vance so that I can help you out with
these sections of the report all right good luck bye-bye

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