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Marketing Plan Promotions

Okay, the promotion section of the marketing
plan or that portion of the strategic portion of the marketing plan regards the actual effort
so you’re going to undertake the activities that will make your customer or end user aware
of your product or service. Now, we all know of the primary methods of
marketing practice. Television advertisements, radio advertisements,
newspaper and magazine ads, bill boards, public relations events, any cooperative level of
co-advertising that you might have with joint ventures or partnerships, new age, internet
marketing through social media or search result optimization et cetera. These are all methods that you can employ
and things that you have to look into to determine whether that the cost associated with this
method of marketing is effective in returning the type of results you’re looking for, for
your type of product or service, okay? And the method you’d use is going to reflect
what type of brand image you were trying to establish around your product or service,
what type of awareness are you trying to create in your customer based about your product
or service. You also want to consider how this aspect
of your promotion efforts will lead to sales. So our marketing primary focuses on awareness
of the product or service. Your intension is to ultimately drive or consummate
sales or users of your product service or idea. So, in that way, how was your sales plan going
to orient into your promotion efforts. You may have a dual role for your sales people
as promotional folks or your primary method or promotion may be through your sales channels. Either through like I say, your sales representatives,
either internal reps, or external reps. Or through your partnerships with the carriers
of your product such as retailers, wholesalers, et cetera and how they go about selling or
promoting your item within their organizations. So again, you have to account for that. Any publicity that you’re going to use to
affectuate awareness of your business. Any endorsements from celebrities or again,
testimonials from individuals using your product or service. Any physical signs that you may employ again
to dear in public relations events or as part of any sponsorships or thing like that during
networking events, conferences, even things like sporting events and things like that,
maybe depending under the nature of your product or service maybe methods that you can employ
to create overall market awareness about your product or service. And then, you’re going to have to attached
a budget, an allocation of resources to these individual efforts. So, you may understand how much money you
have to put back into these as you might have designated a given percentage of your incoming
revenue back towards achieving these objectives. So, you will have to allocate individual pots
or individual percentages of the available funds to the given efforts and you will do
that based upon the information you understand about segment preference and the most effective
ways to reach them.

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