Marketing Plan Strategy: How to Build the Ultimate Macho Brand
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Marketing Plan Strategy: How to Build the Ultimate Macho Brand

Hi I’m Graeme Newell. Today, I’m going to
show the secrets of misery marketing. Some brands try to convince you that life’s
a bed of roses with their product. “This is 5.1 surround sound luxury, luxury:
advanced.” But on the other side of the marketing divide,
are the brands that promise you suffering and pain. Brands like Gatorade…
“Whatever metal you are striving to wind, efforts will always be the main adversary
to beat” Can you show that effort, and be worthy of
this brand? Or are you some sniveling wimp, cowering in a luxury sedan?
Brands like Nike will be your companion on a trip through hell. These are the aspirational
brands. They don’t show off a product, they show off their high standards then dare you
to meet them. In each ad, is the story of a test, where most will fail.
“In all the world, there are a select few who at their very core are capable of an incredible
transformation. In the most grueling conditions they are shaped, hardened, sharpened, ready
to stand above the most elite of all warriors” The test, might be a test of will or strength,
like the marines. But it might also be a test against a competitor, like this internet poker
ad. “In poker, the cards alone can’t tell you
much about the players. But the player, carefully studied, can tell you everything about the
cards. So we don’t just play the cards, we play the man”
The test might also be in a crowded bar, where one man will win a chance with the boss’s
hot daughter. “This little maneuver is entirely ill-conceived.
Well done” Just like the marines, Heineken shows it’s
only for those at the top of their game. Lesser men will be left bleeding on the club floor.
You don’t buy a Dodge Ram truck. You earn the right to own one.
“This is the land of giants. Home of the brave. It’s where fear goes unwelcome. And certain
men find their way to rise above. This is the land of giants. Guts, glory, ram.”
So if you want to build a brand that’s an exclusive club, sometimes you gotta smack
the members around a little bit. What’s the test you’ll demand your customers pass? I’m
Graeme Newell and that’s
emotional marketing. �

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