Marketing Plans : How to Promote Your Event
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Marketing Plans : How to Promote Your Event

Promotion is defined as advancement of position,
encouragement of the progress, growth or acceptance of something. Hi, I’m Peggy Collins and I’m
here to help you learn how to promote your event. I’m a firm believer in developing smart
partnerships. Look for the synergies such as media partnerships with local radio stations,
TV stations, newspapers and cable companies. If you don’t have a relationship with a reliable
account executive who’s competent, get on that now, long before your event. They can
provide you great support with related cross promotions and help you develop a strong working
relationship with your media partner. What media partners generally want from you is
to own the event, taking sponsorship credit for it in the community with no cash investment
and to secure exclusive rights to be on site in exchange for promotion on air or in kind
advertising at no cost to you. Media partnerships are an excellent way to do more with less
and you always have less than you’d like. Consider working with related businesses so
that both benefit from the team work. For instance, if your event is a concert, tickets
and t-shirts become currency. Give them out a couple of days before the event to create
a little buzz. Give some to the store owner to give away as contest prizes with register
to win materials at the store to help generate traffic. If you’re hosting a fashion show,
team up with local clothing retailers and shoe stores. Include them in your ads with
simple name mentions or put their logo in print advertising and offer to let them hang
banners or give them signage on the stage during the show. Do not overlook internet
advertising and reciprocal partnership opportunities. Viral marketing is an effective way to build
interest in your event. For some guerilla marketing tactics, you can do something as
simple as creating a good video for You Tube, your website and anywhere else. Give away
goodies like t-shirts, caps and fun trinkets on the campus of colleges in the area. But
be creative. You can pull off an elaborate stunt to generate news media attention. But
be smart. Nothing dangerous. Dramatic is good and funny is better. I strongly recommend
you read Jay Levinson’s book, Guerilla Marketing. Next step, plan and place your paid advertising.
Yes, you will need to spend some money. Coordinate everything, all the details with the venue
where your event will take place. When it comes to the details, the ones you overlook
are the ones you’ll get, that’ll get you every time the day of the event. Careful, thorough
planning is crucial and record keeping and organization a must. Keep great notes. You’ll
need scripts and ad layouts, both of which can be provided by the media where your ads
runs, often at no charge. The better prepared you are, the better the experience and results.
Now write some great press releases and get them out including any trade, community or
student publications that might be appropriate for your event. Now review those details and
have a great promotion. I’m Peggy Collins, your promotions expert wishing you a successful

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