Marketing Plans : How to Stimulate Effective Brainstorming
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Marketing Plans : How to Stimulate Effective Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the most effective
tools available to make sure all your bases are covered as you start any project. Hi,
I’m Peggy Collins, and we’ll spend the next couple of minutes talking about brainstorming.
Before you actually begin the process, your client has some homework to do. They have
to decide exactly what it is they want to accomplish, and the – in the advertising campaign
that they’re asking you to develop and execute, once you have an objective, it’s time to fire
up the gray matter. Here’s a key ingredient to the best brainstorm sessions. Make sure
the right people are in the mix. And keep the size of the group to less than ten, and
always include at least two people who are not on the creative team. You’ll be surprised
how much they’ll contribute in this environment. There are no bosses per se in the brainstorming
session, everyone is an equal contributor. In what has to be good news for everyone around
the table, there are no wrong answers, no bad ideas, and no limits. And remember, the
client is a key part of this process. They’ll be asked along the way to say yes or no to
ideas. The facilitator of the session should be from your creative team, and be able to
write legibly on a white board or pad. No seriously, the leader will be writing down
every idea that comes to the table, every one. If you can’t handle a sharpie, sit down.
The process of brainstorming involves making a series of lists. The longer the list, the
better, because a longer list is more likely to contain the idea or concept that will end
up being your action plan. Once you have your list, the five ideas that are best will be
what is used for the discussion of the project by the creative team. The top five ideas will
be based on how the ideas are ranked by the members of the brainstorming panel. From this
list of ideas, which the client has been involved in making, you should be able to develop a
marketing strategy that produces the desired results. I’m Peggy Collins, wishing you good
luck and good business.

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