Marketing Plans : How to Use Customer Service to Promote a Business
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Marketing Plans : How to Use Customer Service to Promote a Business

Customer service is actually an ongoing process,
and takes place at all phases of the interaction with your customer. Hi, I’m Peggy Collins.
We’ll spend the next couple of minutes learning how to use customer service to promote your
business. First, let’s talk about what customer service is not. It is not providing an 800
number to a call center in a Third World country. It is doing whatever it takes to make the
experience with your company before, during, and after the sale a positive one. Many people
believe as I do, that the general level of customer service in the US has never been
worse. Indifference at the cash register is a major faux pas. When the customer is giving
you the money, this is the time when it’s absolutely essential to thank them for shopping
with you. I blame the local manager on duty for this kind of substandard behavior. But,
let’s say you have a staff that is courteous, well-trained and knowledgeable about your
product or service? Tell people that. Good customer service is so uncommon these days,
that providing excellent customer service is something to promote. Some examples of
excellent customer service, a local phone number and a knowledgeable person, a real
human being that can handle calls and questions and complaints. Refund policy on anything
on anything you sell, offer free delivery where applicable, or provide installation
and setup for no charge, or at least for a modest fee. Provide every customer with an
opportunity to provide feedback on their shopping experience. In almost every case the customer
knows as much or more about how well the business cycle does at the store. We still haven’t
talked much about promotion have we? You can’t promote what you don’t have, so make sure
your customer service is in place, then invite people to experience it. Have an open house,
offer huge discounts as a way of saying thank you to your loyal customers. Brag about your
customer service in your ads. It will be easy to secure quality endorsements and testimonials
if you walk the walk. And the best customer service tool is your employee. Lots of people
make great home appliances or high def TVs, but I guess you shop at the place where you’re
greeted with a smile, provided information you’ll use to make your decision, and where
they say thank you as they help you load the purchase in your car. Now that’s great customer
service marketing. I’m Peggy Collins wishing you good luck and good business.

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