Marketing Plans : How to Write a Radio Spot
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Marketing Plans : How to Write a Radio Spot

Have you ever been driving down the street
and heard a radio spot that made you laugh? Or have you heard about a cool new product
in a commercial? And just had to rush and get one. Radio is a powerful medium for your
advertising. I’m Peggy Collins and I’m going to give you some tips on how to write a radio
script. Are you listening? Each of our senses plays a different part in triggering response.
For instance, when you smell bread baking. It may take you back to grandma’s kitchen.
When you bite into a sweet piece of fruit. The taste may really light up your mouth,
creating a favorable response. How about, when you hear a song you haven’t heard in
a long time. And it recalls a happy time from your teenage years. Audio is a big part of
our lives and impacts more than just our communication. If you’re writing a script for a radio spot,
you want to capitalize on the sounds that bring your message to life. Writing for radio
is one of the biggest challenges, creatively. Because unlike TV, it can’t depend on pictures.
And unlike printed outdoor ads, you can’t count on great graphics. To get your message
across. Radio is a more personal medium. And then it’s often listened to alone, in the
car. And the familiar voices become like a trusted friend. Now how to write a radio spot?
Begin with the basics. Who, what, when and where. And close with the how. As in how to
get the vision you’re selling. If you’ve done a great job, the whole spot will tell them.
Why they need to buy your vision. Using sound effects to add life to the script. And create
the mood or setting for your spot. If you’re selling golf clubs, you’ll want to hear the
sounds of birds chirping. A beautiful day comes to mind. And you’ll want to inject subtle
triggers. Like the sound of a club, hitting the ball, solidly. A great drive, right? In
restaurant advertising, when the listener hears the sizzle. They can almost smell the
steak. The wonderful thing about radio, is it’s ability to utilize what broad casters
call. Theater of the mind. That allows you to have a marching band, thunder or a chimpanzee
in the studio. Which is probably only, slightly larger than your walk-in closet. Likewise,
choose your words carefully. Use descriptive words that create an image in the listener’s
mind. Words are your weapons in the battle for consumer’s attention. And the competitive
combat of the market place. So bring out the best, you’ve got. Once you figure out the
who, what, where and so on. Become a story teller. be creative. Consider each word and
the image it creates in your mind. You can use the word large or you can use the word
gigantic. Which one sounds bigger? Something might be pretty or it might be dazzling. You
get the idea. You’re only limited by the extent of your imagination. I’m Peggy Collins, your
marketing expert. Wishing you good luck and good business.

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