Marketing Plans : Principles of Service Marketing
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Marketing Plans : Principles of Service Marketing

Selling widgets is one thing but selling widget
repairs requires a different approach. Hello, I’m Peggy Collins and I’d like to help you
with some principles of service marketing. For many years, lawyers, physicians, CPA’s
and other professional service providers, they were hesitant to market their businesses
and depended solely on referrals and word of mouth promotion to obtain new customers.
Well, if you watch much T.V. you know all that has changed big time. The airwaves are
flooded with personal injury attorneys and cosmetic surgeons, and at tax time H&R Block
will step up to help you fend off the IRS. To get and keep new customers service providers
must rethink their marketing strategies of yesteryear. Principle number one, always ask
current clients for referrals. This must be a constant. So the best way to insure recommendations
is a referrals rewards program, to reward customers for their good word of mouth. Principle
number two, put your website to work for your practice. It has become the first step most
consumers take to learn more about your company and your products. Keep your website current
and the content relevant to your customers and prospects. Remember, even if referred
by a trusted individual your site is often creating that crucial first impression. Principle
number three, distinguish your business from competitors. You may offer special services,
hours that meet the customers need, like Saturday mornings or evenings. Low priced services
or packaged services might differentiate your company from industry competitors. Find your
uniqueness and spread the word. Principle number four, establish yourself as an expert
in your field with public speaking engagements. Publish articles or white papers. Offer to
write a column for the local newspaper, but be sincere in your desire to serve others
and demonstrate excellence in customer service. Competent, reliable service is a must. Trust
is the key to effectively marketing services. Wishing you great service and good business,
I’m Peggy Collins.

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