Marketing Plans : What Is Brand Marketing?
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Marketing Plans : What Is Brand Marketing?

I came across a great quote, that sums up
a common misconception. Your logo is not your brand, unless it’s on a cow. Hello, I’m Peggy
Collins, and I’m going to help you understand brand marketing a little better. What it is,
and what it is not. Many entrepreneurs, who own businesses, think that if you have a logo,
you have a brand. Wrong. Your logo’s an important aspect of your branding efforts, but establishing
your brand, requires a great deal more than a great logo. Your brand is a component of
everything your company does. Everyone who contributes to your business, from the person
who answers your phone, to the management team, helps determine image and success of
your brand. When employees have a thorough understanding of who you are, your values
and philosophy, there is an ownership, and a pride in everything they do in support of
the brand. Only when every team member is aligned behind his brand identity, can you
maximize the strength of your brand. While it is nurtured and managed by the marketing
department, it is represented by the entire organization. Quite simply, your brand must
resonate with the consumer. If you want to be remembered, when asked about the importance
of a brand, that resonates. The branding experts at One Hundred Monkeys, address the importance
of clarity and passion, as, connecting the people, so they can see the sparkle in your
eyes and hear the passion in your words. You do this, by integrating your brand strategies
through your company at every point of public contact. Your customers must not only recognize
the familiar logo, but also feel who you are, and what your brand is all about. One of the
companies that does an outstanding job of branding, is Outback Steakhouse. Their decor
is Australian, their advertising voice speaks with an Australian accent. The theme is continued
on the menu. All the graphics and every dish has a name that ties into with the corporate
image. When you walk in the door at the restaurant, or even call their offices, they greet you
with a warm, “Good day, mate!” Your actions must support the brand, and create positive
expectations in the consumer’s mind. Authenticity is vital in building a brand. And who are,
must shine out in all you do. Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers,
clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experience and perceptions. So, don’t
try branding cows with your logo, try branding your company on the hearts and minds of the
customers, and they will help you make your mark on the world. Wishing you good branding
and good business. I’m Peggy Collins.

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