Marketing Research Experience as an Undergrad
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Marketing Research Experience as an Undergrad

– If you’re interested
in marketing research, but you’re not able to get a marketing research specific job, what I would suggest, is
whatever job that you do have, look at it from a
researcher’s point of view. And look for opportunities
to add value in that company, by thinking about
it as a researcher. One of the interns that
I hired this last summer, had an internship
that was really not related to
marketing research, but he clearly took a
researcher’s mindset in the way he went about it. And as he was talking
to me in the interview, talked about how he
had thought about the different consumers who
were coming to their business, and the different ways
that that business could do a better job of
serving those consumers. So virtually, any
place you work, you can take any business,
if you’re looking at things like trying to understand
who the consumer is, why they make the
decisions they make. That is kind of taking
that researcher’s mindset. So you might not get
the nighttime job in a market reearch
company, but frankly, even if you were
working in a restaurant, you see a lot of different
people coming in, and just sort of
asking those questions, of why do people make
the choices they make. I think you can
translate that into, if you get in a plug
for the program. You know, one of the
great things about this master’s program, is it has
internships built into it. And there is tremendous
support from all the members of the board to provide those
internship opportunities. And so if you’re trying
to prepare yourself for getting into the program, and getting an internship
in the program, just think about whatever it is, that you are doing with
that researcher’s mindset. – Obviously, as an
undergrad, you have certain periods of time, during which you can
do the internships. I think the most
important thing, if you’re looking for an
internship, you’re obviously- And this is just very
practical, tactical advice. You don’t have any market
research experience. I think that what most of
us are probably looking for, are some of the things
that we’ve discussed today. So are you a curious person? Are you a learner? What accomplishments,
or things have you done, that would lend themselves to
being good at market research? And I don’t mean… And take this kindly please. That you are dedicated,
energetic, and a team player. Because every single
one of you in this room, is a dedicated and
energetic team player. Tell us a little bit more about, what do you do. What do you do, that would
lend itself to a goal, that is collecting information,
that is informing decisions? So the words that
you write like that, tell me less than the
things that you do. So are you in some kind
of organized group? Are you an Eagle Scout? Are you, what are you? What do you do? Tells me more about, if you’re
a dedicated, detailed person, that if you just
write those words out. So that’s very tactical, but I think that, that’s
practical as well. – Well, one area, and
particularly since
you are in school, that is often pretty obtainable, is that many of your professors probably in certain
areas, political science is certainly one,
marketing is another. Are, often have
affiliations with, where interviewing
is being done. Where somebody’s out there,
trying to collect data. And so, that kind of getting
into the ground floor of our business, in terms
of the data collection end, literally working as one
of those annoying people who calls you on the
phone at dinner time, is a really good way
of kind of getting, your kind of foot in the door. And at most universities, and
this one in particular, there are those kind
of opportunities.

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