Marketing Self Published Books with Book Brush
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Marketing Self Published Books with Book Brush

– Are you tired of
spending an arm and a leg on graphic design, so that way you can market your book across social media and other avenues? Then today I’m going to
share a very unique resource and for some of you it may not cost a dime and for the rest of you it
might cost just a little bit but it’s going to be
worth it in my opinion, so you’re gonna want to make sure that you stay tuned to today’s video. (melodious instrumental music) This is Self-Publishing with Dale. And if you want to learn more
about how to publish books that sell and build an
unstoppable author brand then make sure that you
subscribe to this channel and turn your bell notifications on, so that way you don’t miss a single video. Stick around to the end because I’ve got a little bit of a bonus for you viewers
and subscribers out there. We can all agree that
book marketing ain’t easy and sometimes it just is not cheap. And to make it complicated even more so is putting together graphic design assets that’s going to promote your
book so that looks professional and people are interested and they’ll click on your specific ad so it takes them on over to your offer. Sure, you can hire
expensive graphic designers or you maybe even go over to some flaky freelancer over on Fiverr who is gonna be five days late, and when you finally get it it looks like a two-year-old
put the thing together. No knock on Fiverr by the way, I do like some of their stuff but there are some flaky
people on that platform. And let’s go ahead and face it, there also is the
do-it-yourself methodology. You can go over to say like Canva, maybe you can even use GIMP, I’ve had some tutorials that I’ve even walked
you through some of that. But even then it’s kind of questionable. If you’re like me, I like
the path of least resistance, I want to have some stuff
that’s set up into templates and they actually have proven results. And even people that are utilizing it enter the tool called Book Brush. Now full disclosure,
before we get into this. And people are like, no,
click away, click away. I don’t want to hear it. He’s trying to sell me on something. Okay folks, Book Brush gave
me complimentary access to their tools, so I was able to actually
play around with it and see how it worked. But I am not being paid to do this video. This is how much I
believe in this product. I like the team. Everything that they
shared with me made sense and rather than me
holding it back from you, I decided, let’s go
ahead and give it to you. So without any further ado, let’s get past this
full disclosure portion. So what exactly is Book Brush? Well you’ve probably
heard some people call it Canva on steroids, but I don’t think it’s
fair to lump Book Brush into something like Canva. It is like comparing caviar to scraps found inside the dumpster. Sorry Canva, but that’s just how I’m going to have to put it. And also it’s very specific to you the self-published author. We don’t have a bunch of
extra features in here that we don’t necessarily need to use. They have everything that
you could possibly think of but nothing that is going to deviate from what you need to do, which is creating graphic design assets that’s gonna be perfect
for book marketing. So there are two specific types of ways you can utilize Book Brush. There’s the free services
and the premium services. Before you get clenched up and go, no, not my money, Dale. It’s cool, calm down. It’s actually way easier and cheaper than you actually would think. Let’s talk about the features, so that way when I share the
premium stuff you’re gonna go, oh okay, this is a no-brainer. Add text. You can choose from
tons of different fonts, or you can actually upload your own. So that means if you already
have downloaded some from say Font Squirrel or or and you actually have the rights to that, you can actually upload that into your particular
account and utilize it. This is really good when
it comes to branding. So for instance, if you have a specific type of font to utilizing on your cover, you can utilize that in your ad as well, so everything is looking
branded all the way across. Add stamps. You can add various pre-made
stamps that they have just with a simple click. Now the pre-made stamps could
be say available in Amazon or available on Apple Books, so it gets it to where
that stamp tells people, okay, this is where you’re gonna find it. 3D covers. I remember back in the day I shelled out tons of money on 3D cover iterations of my book. It made it look kind of cool, I put it up on my website and look flashy, people of course like,
wow, this is awesome. It cost a ton of money. Book Brush, where were you
at about five years ago when I first started doing this? I tell you, 3D book covers, folks, it’s now easier than ever. And it’s not just one
specific type of 3D cover, they have numerous
choices you can pick from. It’s not even overwhelming, it’s really a lot of fun
when you play with that. Background. You can choose from over a million different free
images or bring your own image. Either way you can use
different backgrounds that’s going to be suitable to the book that you want to promote. Private Facebook group. Admittedly, I’m part of the
Book Brush Facebook group, but I’ve really yet to
actually break ground and you know talk with
the community there. It seems like it’s definitely active, at least you know that
if you have any kind of questions, concerns, comments, you can either reach out to
support through your dashboard or you can even contribute within their private
Facebook group community. Video creator ads. Okay, so I want to give a
big shout out to the team because it was Kathleen that actually got in touch with me originally and she showed me these video creator ads that you could put together. It was neat. It’s actually having some of
these Book Brush style ads but they’re animated, so
it’s more eye-catching. So if for some reason you’re
doing like say a Facebook Ad, you can have that static
image if you want, but if you put in this video it’s really gonna stop the scroll. And that’s the most important
thing when you’re running ads, if you can stop that scroll and get people to stop
and look and consume they’re gonna be more
inclined to click on that, go to your specific book and purchase it. And then here is the latest feature. This is one that finally
got me off the fence because I’ve been talking to their team about a few months ago and I thought, oh everything looked really
good but I’ve been so busy, it’s what’s called Instant Mockups. And what it does is it takes your book and it puts it into real-life situations with different models. Now you don’t need to pay the models, that’s really kind of the cool thing is you can see somebody
sitting down and reading it or they’re walking along and they’ve got it hanging
out of their purse, different situations like that. Actually that last one was kind of random, I don’t know if that one’s available. Nonetheless, you have
real-life situations, so this is going to also get
it to where it stops the scroll to where someone can stop and
look at your ad and go, huh. Rather than just showing a book, people are gonna tune it out and go, oh here comes another book
ad, I don’t want that book. Pass, pass, pass. Oh, well look at this
real life instant mockup. Okay, so let’s break it down
between the free features and the premium features. Let’s start it out with the free features. It includes create three images a month, you’re limited to 3D templates, so you don’t get as many
as say the premium one and you also get some stamps and fonts. All the images you can dream of or upload your own if you want. So that’s kind of nice, you still get the millions
of images for free. And then last but not least, right now for a limited time, you can still get Instant Mockups. It’s kind of in its beta
phase, pre-launch phase. You want to make sure that
you take advantage of that before the end of August 31st of 2019. Stick around for just a second. What about the premium features also known as Book Brush Plus. You can create unlimited images, so you’re not limited to
just three images per month. You have all the 3D
templates stamps and fonts. All the images you can imagine or upload which you pretty much have
in the free version anyways. You could upload custom
fonts for better branding. Remember, I mentioned that before, how I said you can upload your
own fonts if you have them, well that’s only through
the Plus Plan, folks. And you get five free video
creator credits per month. Now you’re probably saying, oh I don’t get that unlimited. It’s okay, five is gonna probably be more than sufficient for you. You also get priority support
and unlimited Instant Mockups. Here’s the deal folks. They will be charging for that
after August 31st of 2019, it’s gonna cost an
additional $20 per month for those Instant Mockups. To me I think that’s
probably the biggest value they’re gonna provide to you. It’s really neat seeing
something like that, because you don’t need to for
instance go and hire a model, get a full photo shoot or
anything else like that. All you need to do is provide your cover, puts it right in there. So if you get Plus access right now and you use the code of freemockupsdale, you’ll get 10% off the Plus membership. And if you do it before August 31st, you will get lifetime
access to Instant Mockups. That’s right. You get it now between
August 31st and later, you get Instant Mockups
for the rest of the time that you stay on Book Brush Plus and that means that no
extra $20 per month. This is a no-brainer here folks. You definitely need to
take advantage of it. Again, remember that coupon
code, freemockupsdale. After August 31st, you’ve been warned. August 31st, 2019, Instant Mockups does go
back up to a premium, and it’s gonna be $20 more per year. I think you just might want to go ahead and just pony up the expenses. Get it now, so you have it for life. But now that you have
access to Book Brush, whether you’re using free or premium, what exactly do you do with it? Well, the good news is, I actually have some very viable options when it comes to book
marketing strategies. I’m gonna send you right
over into this next video. I’ll meet you on over there, it’s gonna be a good time.

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18 thoughts on “Marketing Self Published Books with Book Brush

  1. I have yet to use it. I signed up, all ready to try it out and turns out I didn't put the files to my latest book covers on my NAS so I can't access it yet. I can't wait!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this, Dale! I have never heard of this website before. I made an account and tried it out and I really like it so far. I decided to go ahead and get the plus plan. Looking forward to playing around with different ideas.

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  4. Dude this looks pretty cool! Iā€™m gonna check this out for my eBook covers and and ads.

    …wondering if this is good to use for YouTube thumbnails

  5. Hey, I have two questions.
    I will be very much grateful, if you answer those.
    1. Like for kindle book, to check Profitability we see BSR rank.
    It is generally said that if kindle ebook has better than 100,000 rank then it is a profitable market.
    But what about paperback books, how to check their Profitability ?

    2. What is the relevance of number of pages in a book ?
    If in my particular niche, everyone's book has minimum of 80 pages, then will I be able to defeat them if I had less than 80 pages, lets say 50 or 60 ?

  6. I love book brush I made a couple of trailers for my book. It helped out so much when I was promoting my book.

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