Marketing Strategies for Small Business – The Layering Approach
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Marketing Strategies for Small Business – The Layering Approach

– Hey guys, this is JB with Marketing 360 welcome to Webinar Wednesday. In today’s webinar we’re
gonna be talking about digital marketing and how
it needs to be laid in for your business. Really here we’re gonna talk
about the layering of it and understanding priorities, right. There’s so many different
things you can do with digital marketing today. There’s so many different channels, there’s so many different tools. How do you really understand
what to start with and how to layer in
those different channels, and tools, and services on top in a order that actually makes sense
is gonna drive results for your business? So what we’re gonna look
at today on my screen is just walk through an
infographic we created. We call it our Pyramid for Success, we call it our T&T Pyramid, which stands for talent and technology. And so let’s take a look at
it, let’s walk through it. I’ll break this down and hopefully this will be insightful to you and helping you kind of
understand the universe with regards to digital marketing and the whole ecosystem of it all and how you can really
leverage pieces of that in an orderly fashion to
layer in your campaign as you grow your business. So let’s jump in, let’s take a look. So as we’re looking at
the infographic here you can see the pyramid starts
down here with Base Platform. So, Base Platform, what that means is you need a strong base
platform technology wise essentially of which you can build upon. And so if you look at this, there are some abbreviated
things we have underneath here and so I’m just gonna walk through these. Number one is the CRM. I mean you’re definitely gonna wanna have a CRM for your business. If you’re still operating off of E-mails and spreadsheets and that sort of a thing you’re gonna fall behind the
competition pretty quick. CRMs these days are just
getting more more powerful. You can skill your business with it, you can build in just a ton of automation via rules and other things
that can trigger E-mails and all sorts of stuff to
really enhance your marketing. But to do all that you need
to start with a strong CRM. So research different CRM platforms that are gonna work for you. Marketing 360 has a CRM that’s extremely
customizable and powerful. No matter what you do, you’re
gonna wanna start there and make sure you have
that in your foundation before you really more further. Next thing is E-mail marketing. E-mail marketing you
know, it’s been around a long time, it’s still effective. It’s great for nurturing
your existing contacts, customers, and leads, asking for reviews, sending upsell ideas
and educational material and you can build a lot of automation if you’re using a CRM
to trigger these E-mails and send these E-mails so it’s
not even a manual process. It literally just all
happens automatically based on rules that
you set up in your CRM. So you’re gonna wanna have
a good strong E-mail program that’s integrated with your CRM so that you can build
these automated campaigns such as asking customers for more reviews when you complete projects and whatnot for them is just one example, but really the power is endless. E-mail is a product that
increases the lifetime value of your customers because
if you think about it, at the end of the day if you
can just get one more sale out of all of your existing customers think what that does to your revenue. That’s huge, right? So you’re gonna wanna get
as many sales as you can and E-mail is a product that helps you stay out in front of people and really reminds them of you so that they make those
additional purchase that you would not have
otherwise received. Next in here is SMS. SMS is a text message marketing platform more and more popular these days people check their SMS messages or text messages on their
phone almost in real time, I mean, it’s within five
minutes of receiving a text and 98% of those are open. So when you look at
that compared to E-mail E-mail obviously is a much
slower time frame for people when they open the E-mails that
not nearly as many open ’em. I mean, a high opening
rate on an E-mail campaign might be 20% of the people
that receive it open it whereas with SMS you’re talking about 98% of people opening it. So you’re gonna wanna use SMS campaign, kind of in the same way of E-mail where you can use that to get
those additional messages out to get those additional sales. You know, again, if you can
just get additional sale out of all of your existing customers that’s increasing the lifetime
value of your business and that obviously pumps up
your ROI which is the goal. Local listing ads is applicable if you have a physical location and you really if you
cater to a local market you’re gonna wanna have
a local listing program for business management. There’s 50 plus local popular sites and apps that people use. Not just Google, right? People are using things
like Siri and voice search and all these different
local apps and directories to find businesses too outside of Google and so a business listing
management platform is something that you’ll need to make sure that you’re
listed on all those, and that your information’s accurate. The reason why it’s important is because if you had to set up 50 of those accounts and log into 50 of those
profiles to make one change like change your hours of operation or a coupon you’re offering
or something like that it would obviously take forever whereas with the business
listing management system it takes minutes to change
essentially 50 different profiles across many different sites so that’s a powerful piece to have. Top rated local here,
that can also just stand for reputation management or
just having a presence online with regards to reviews at all. So today reputation is hugely important, I mean, people 86% of people
that go to your website before they call you
or they fill out a form they’re gonna check
your repetition online. So they’re gonna search your brand name and the word reviews,
and if you aren’t there or if you have bad reviews
then you lose, right? You’re not getting that lead. You’re not getting that call. But if it looks good, you
have some reviews out there across multiple platforms, review sites, that’s gonna build the
confidence into people that they need for them to then finally take that final step and
reach out and call you or fill out a form on your site. So you’re gonna wanna
focus on a review platform or reputation management service that’s gonna help you enhance
your reputation online and help you get more reviews and have stronger ratings online. Top Rated Local’s a great tool. There’s a free listing there. Check that out, Also if you’re looking for
reputation management services Marketing 360 helps with that too. To help you get more reviews
on a consistent basis and improve your rating overall, not just on Top Rated Local, but on all the relevant review sites for your business and your industry. ME here stands for marketing executive, that can also be interpreted
as marketing director. You’re gonna wanna have somebody in charge of running and enhancing and optimizing your marketing campaigns. Obviously that can be expensive to have a talented person
like that in your business so if you can’t afford that and you don’t have the time
to devote to it yourself then you’re gonna want
to maybe hire somebody, you know, that’s third
party or through a company or an agency that is gonna
be able to be this person for you, right. You’re gonna wanna be
heavily involved still, help, you’re gonna wanna help dictate what the goals of your business are, the type of lead flow that you want, the type of accounts you want to receive, you know, whatever it is you do, you’re gonna wanna be
highly invested in it and partnered up in that regard, but as far as execution,
setting up these campaigns, optimizing these campaigns, coming up with out-of-the-box ideas, understanding
new cutting-edge changes in the digital marketing space, that sort of thing you’re
gonna wanna lean on an expert so look for somebody that’s
a good fit for you there. Again, Marketing 360, every
marketing packages includes basically your own dedicated
virtual marketing director that you can work with that’s
gonna be partnered with you and they’re literally incentivized on your business’ success. The better you do the better they do. That’s the way we’ve structured
it so they’re invested as your partner in helping
you achieve your goals. So take a look at that, think about that. On demand marketing services here. What that means is just
really a creative piece of your business. Creative is so important today. I’ve said it before,
but ads age like bananas on the countertop, after a
week there looking pretty old, after two weeks nobody wants
to consume them anymore. And so you’re gonna wanna
have constant updated content online, new fresh ads, new videos, new content, new blog post, new posts that you’re putting on social media and across all the different
platforms all the time. If people are seeing the
same thing all the time it’s kind of like you seeing
the same commercial on TV all the time, you get kind of numb to it and it loses its effectiveness. But if you can have a fresh perspective and a fresh piece of content,
a fresh call to action, a fresh angle out there all the time that’s gonna keep a high
conversion rate on your site and within all your marketing channels and it’s also going to draw
you a high conversion rate so you’re gonna be successful, you’re gonna capture a market
share from your competitors, but to do all that you need some talent with regards to design work, video work, writing, all of those skill
sets obviously are things that a computer can’t
really do for you, right. You can’t really automate that, like that’s a skill that
somebody has to have and to leverage for
your brand or business. So hiring an internal design
team, internal video experts, internal writers is
extremely expensive, right. It’s not something a small
business can typically afford, at least initially, and
so take a look at how you can leverage teams of
people outside of your company on a on-demand basis
when you need this stuff, but as a low-cost and a fast
turnaround and high quality. Again, Marketing 360, every package comes with your own
dedicated team of designers, developers, content writers
that you can tap into whatever you need it. Turnaround’s usually two to
five business days if not faster and pretty much if you can
think it, we can do it. And so that’s something
that you can leverage there at a super low cost, really high quality, really fast turn around as you need it to help scale your business. Next thing here is really
just the analytics, the digital marketing overview, the high-level KPIs of your business. You’re gonna need that. You’re gonna want analytics set up. You’re gonna wanna understand
where’s the traffic coming from your website, where
are your leads coming from? Ultimately marketing is about doing more of what’s working less of what’s not. It’s really about eliminating waste. But you, in order to eliminate waste you need to know what’s
not working, right? If you know that these
types of marketing channels maybe your ads on Twitter
aren’t driving very good leads so turn those off, turn
up the Facebook ads ’cause maybe the Facebook ads are really what’s driving
you the best results. But if you don’t have that
analytics you don’t know that and so you can never see that success. Well with Marketing 360, you
know, and if you’re looking at setting up your own solution
you’re gonna wanna have a good strong analytical platform set up to build that data to help you understand what’s working and what’s not. And then you’re gonna need to
be able to execute on that. So, again, that’s where you need somebody like a marketing expert,
a digital marketing, you know, director that
you review that data talk to you about it come
to a decision together of what makes sense to go ahead and cut and maybe what makes
sense to maybe turn up so that you see better results and better return on your investment. And the last thing here is just, you know, more tools that can
help you drive results. Like call tracking is a good one. Being able to see your conversions
come through, you know, and give you alerts through
your phone and whatnot so you can call your leads right away, you can listen to the calls, do some call coaching with your team, there’s lots of other little
sideline tools and technologies that are good pieces of
really your base platform to build your business upon. So once you’ve layered all that in here on this bottom layer of this
graphic, the Base Platform, once you’ve laid that in and
have that really looking good everything’s ready to go you have a good, strong, foundation of
which you can build on. And the first layer in
terms of marketing channels that you’re gonna wanna make
sure is running is retargeting. And so that’s this next layer here. And retargeting you can see here you retarget people on the web, and that would be basically
the Google display network of thousands and thousands
of websites online that people are browsing
like checking the weather, checking where they wanna go out to eat, where they wanna go on vacation, checking the sports scores, all these different websites
have banner ads on them. Those banner ads are
part of what Google calls a Display Network so when
you’re running retargeting after somebody visits
your website and leaves they then see your ads on
all these other websites that they’re browsing online as they check where they
wanna go out to eat. Boom they see you, oh I
was just at that website, there they are, that’s interesting, and as they go to all these
websites they’re seeing you and this is building brand awareness, this is renting space in their
mind so when they are ready to make a buying decision they convert. Because here’s a deal, 97% of the traffic that goes to your website
typically isn’t gonna call you, or fill out a lead form,
or purchase the first time they go there, they’re
just a research mode and that’s normal, right. That’s just standard process. They then leave your site. If you’re not retargeting
chances are they may never come back and so retargeting
is hugely important ’cause it keeps you in front of them so that those marketing
dollars weren’t wasted so that when they’re ready, maybe it’s two weeks from
now, three weeks from now, maybe six months from now, maybe a year from now,
when they’re ready they go, okay you know what I’m ready now and that’s the company I wanna go with and that’s where you win the business. So that’s why retargeting is so important. That’s why it’s the first
layer of graphic here. You can see here you can also
retarget people on Facebook. So maybe they go to your website
then they go home at night and, you know, Facebook’s the new TV. People are sitting on their couch, they’re on the Facebook, and Instagram, and YouTube, and Snapchat they’re on all these things
at night when they go home. They’re not really surfing, you know, the old TV was NBC and ESPN,
now is their phone, right. Looking at these social sites. So after they go to your site and they’re basically
watching the TV at home surfing these social sites
guess what they’re seeing? They’re seeing your retargeting
ads come through their feed and so they’re seeing you again
as they’re on social media. So even if they’re not
browsing the internet they’re seeing you on social media so you’re still winning in that game. And so that’s why retargeting
is so vastly important, why we have it really
right there near the bottom right the next verse, you know,
layer after the foundation. One layer up there is Natural Listing Ads, this is organic search on Google and Bing and other search engines. This is ranking high organically. The reason we have this next in line is because it’s essentially free traffic once you rank, right. With all these other marketing channels it’s generally a pop cost
per click type of a scenario whereas if your ranking
number one on Google for the best search
terms really that drive the most leads to your business and most leads to your
competitor’s business If you’re ranking number one
you’re getting all that traffic and it’s not costing you anything. You could have a million people click on your listing
and go to your website and it wouldn’t cost you anything more. And so that’s why it’s so
important to rank high organically on search engines for the best keywords the most popular search
terms that people are using when they’re looking for somebody that provides a service
or a product like you do. You want them to find you
when they search that stuff and so the key is though you rank high. You have to be on page one, right? ‘Cause there’s that old saying, you can hide a dead body on page two, that’s true nobody goes page two. And nowadays, really, nobody
even goes to the bottom of page one, I mean, you
got really be on the top. People aren’t even really
wanting to scroll down especially with mobile
search there’s not a lot of real estate on your
phone screen, right. So you want to rank
right there at the top. So how do you do that? Well you gotta optimize your website, you gotta build continent on your website, you have to have a strong
digital, basically, content marketing strategy
of really creating valuable content through your blog and pages on your website, even sharing some of the stuff on social media and if you do that on a consistent basis for the search terms
that you want to rank for over time you’re gonna move up in rankings and Google’s gonna recognize you as the really thought leader for those different search terms. And it’s gonna therefore
put you at the top of Google, it’s gonna shine
light on your website, and you’re gonna get that traffic and obviously you’re gonna get the return. So Natural Listing Ads
is huge because maybe in that first six months of working on an SEO campaign you finally
start ranking near the top and maybe you really didn’t
get a lot of traffic, but put a lot of work
into it, time into it, investment into it, but here’s the deal the return on investment’s never-ending ’cause once you get to the top that return goes on and on, and on, and on as you rank higher you
get more and more traffic and sales and over the course of time that initial effort will pay off tenfold. And so that’s why we have
that there third layered in ’cause it’s just something
that you should never ignore. Next layer up we’re gonna be talking about some of the paid components
to getting paid traffic to your website. Really running sponsored ads to be visible for these different things. So the first layer here we
have is Top Placement Ads and that’s running paid
ads on Google or Bing either Google search or Google shopping if it’s an e-commerce site or Bing search and Bing shopping it’s an e-commerce site. If it’s not an e-commerce
site you just run search ads. But essentially what that
means is when somebody searches on Google Top
Placement Ads would be an ad that’s right at the top
in the first three listings. The way Google does it
is they put the paid ads on top and they put the organic ads below, so what we just talked about here, this Natural Listing ads program, the organic rankings
that would be just below the Top Placement Ads paid listings. So the paid ads would go on top when somebody searches something or Google and right below that you’d
see the organic listings. So the reason it’s important
is ’cause you can control your visibility there,
it’s just based on budget. So while Natural Listing
ads may take you months of working and optimizing your
website to get the page one for that keyword you can get
there today like right now with Top Placement Ads if
you apply a budget to it. And so it’s a pay per click model. You pay for the keywords
you want to be visible for and the reason why it’s
important is because that’s inbound, you’re
essentially guaranteeing that the person seeing
your ad is interested in seeing your ad
because they searched it, you know, unlike outbound campaigns where you may be running ads
to different demographics and people that may or
may not be interested if they see your ad. With inbound ads like Top Placement Ads you know that they’re interested ’cause they just searched it and now you’re at the very top. Top Placement Ads is also important because our mobile phones
you really only even see the top three listings without needing, without scrolling down. So if you’re not doing paid ads even if you’re ranking
number one organically you may not be visible
unless they scroll down. So if you wanna be a
player in that conversation you’re gonna wanna be on top and so Top Placement Ads help you do that. And you can really pick and
choose the golden keywords the ones that drive you the best results, the most sales, the highest average sale, the most leads and only pay
to be visible for those. There’s no need to pay to be visible for every keyword on The Sun. Just pay to be visible for
the ones that drive you the bread-and-butter, right. You can focus on a lot more keywords with the organic stuff, like through the Natural
Listing Ad program, but with the Top Placement
Ads you really wanna narrow the focus down to the ones that are really the ones that are gonna drive you success. And so being visible for those is key. If you’re not your competitor’s gonna be and that means you’re
gonna be losing sales to your competitors, and
losing market share to them. Don’t let that happen. Make sure that you’re
a player in the game, you’re visible when
somebody searches as well not just your competitors and
so you have to pay to play. That’s Top Placement Ads. Next layer up here is Top, or I’m sorry, is a Social Targeting Ads. Social Targeting Ads is
becoming more more popular. I mean, it’s huge now. Targeting people on Facebook
is becoming so so specific that is almost as good as inbound. I mean, when you’re
talking Top Placement Ads you basically are guaranteeing
they’re interested in seeing your ads ’cause
they just searched it with Facebook you can target
people so specifically it’s almost as good as a guarantee. So one example there is if
you sell, like, dance-wear and maybe your demographic is women that make over $50,000 a
year that have a daughter and that daughter’s within
a certain age bracket like a 10 to 15 and they
are interested in dance topic type things, dance
schools, dance apparel that sort of a thing, I mean, I’m telling you, you can
literally target the exact person. A mother that’s making
50,000 year with a daughter and dance school of a certain
age that is interested in that type of thing and you
could run ads to the person. That’s how targeting works on Facebook which also works that
way on the Instagram. Facebook and Instagram, you know, ad management is kind of
through the same platform and so you can target that exact person and then run your ads. Now the likelihood of
them being interested in your product is extremely high, right? You’ve almost guaranteed that because you put in front
of the exact right person. And so if you if you do it the right way and you build really high quality ads that are engaging and
you change those ads out every two to four weeks so
it’s always fresh content and your targeting the right people you’re going to be extremely successful. And so Social Targeting
Ads allows you to do that not only a Facebook and Instagram,
but you can target people even on YouTube through that platform. You can target people
in Gmail with Gmail ads, on LinkedIn if you’re a B2B business, on the Google Display
Network which is thousands of websites online and even
if you wanna do digital radio Pandora Radio is a part of the
Social Targeting Ads network where you can run outs to
people as they’re listening to their different radio
stations on Pandora. And so this is hugely powerful this is definitely this
is where consumers are. So if you just think about it where you spending your time, you know? Are you spending your time
mostly on Google searching stuff? Or are you mostly spending
your time on social media on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube, are you listening to radio online? That kind of thing. If that’s where you’re spending your time chances are that’s where your customers are spending their time too. So marketing’s just about being where your customers are, right? So by investing in Social Targeting Ads you’re basically investing in your success to be where your customers are so they’re thinking of you
and not your competitors and you’re therefore
capturing market share. And so that’s why that’s important there. It’s near the top because it’s something that’s extremely important but
it could be a little bit more of an investment to make and also it’s not as targeted even though it’s extremely targeted it’s not quite as
targeted as the inbound is with Top Placement Ads
and Natural Listing Ads. So that’s why it’s placed there. And then at the very
very top here you can see we have Social Media Management. Social Media Management, you know, at first you would think
isn’t that the same as Social Targeting Ads and no it’s not. it’s really basically
the difference between Top Placement Ads running
paid ads on Google and Natural Listing Ads running, you know, optimizing your website
rank organically on Google. Those are two different things. In that same way in the social world you have Social Targeting Ads which is your paid ad campaigns
basically creating ads targeting people running
ads in front of them trying to get results whereas
Social Media Management is literally building your
social media profiles up with content engagement and followers. So it’s about getting
more organic followers on social media, getting
people to actually follow your brand on social media because they like your
content in your posting a good consistent amount of content that has allowed a lot
of value to it, right, there’s meat on the bone
there and there’s engagement you’re engaging with the community, you’re outreaching you’re
liking other people’s comment commenting on other
peoples, you know, content they’re commenting back on yours, liking your stuff, there’s a
community that you’re building right, you’re building a following. And so that’s what Social
Media Management is. And the value there is
kind of like retargeting to where over time you
might have 1000 followers then 10,000 then 100,000 followers. This is people seeing you
every day in their feeds they know who you are and
when they need your product or service they’re gonna
think of your first, they’re gonna trust you
because they follow you and they like your content,
and they’re gonna go with you. Now the reason it’s on top is ’cause it’s extremely time-consuming. You know, creating all this content and networking with the community is not something that happens overnight and it’s not something that
you can get by with spending a few minutes a day doing. It’s ours and so it’s time-consuming. Is the return on investment there? Tenfold, I mean, the return
on investment is unbelievable but you’re gonna wanna
have a dedicated person to probably do this. A lot of business owners are
are busy doing so many things this isn’t something they
can necessarily keep up with on their own so you’re
gonna wanna leverage a team of people that are at least helping you and assisting you if not managing the entire social media
management campaign. And so look for a social
media marketing company that’s gonna help build
great valuable content, posts that continent on a frequent basis. It’s gonna be content that
drives really quality information to your following, it
isn’t just fluffy stuff. It’s not pillow fluff content we call it, its got some meat on the bones. Then a company that’s gonna
help boost the content, build the awareness, and
build your following. Marketing 360 we have a social
media management service that you can look into
where you get your own team of people that really
just dedicate themselves to building your
following on social media. But at the end of the day
another way to think about Social Targeting Ads versus
Social Media Management, Social Targeting Ads would
be like running a commercial on a popular TV show,
you’re spending money to run a commercial for people to see you to hopefully get some leads and sales whereas Social Media Management’s is almost like being the TV show, right. You are the actual TV show, people are going to follow your content ’cause they like watching your show is kind of another way to
think about the differences between Social Targeting Ads
and Social Media Management. But here you go guys, if you
look at this whole pyramid here you can see it’s really a combination, that’s why we call it T&T
Solution of talent and technology. You can see there’s an integration of human talent and
intelligence and experience that are executing on these
different technologies and using these tools and
technologies to drive you results so that’s a combination thing and that’s why at Marketing
360 we aren’t just a great marketing platform
with great technology and great tools we really
give you the talent and the team, you know, the
people and the processes to be successful and so
it’s the whole package. Because we know small business
small business you’re busy you’re doing a lot of things
and you can necessarily afford an in-house team even if
you had the technology you’d need somebody to execute on it and so that’s why at Marketing 360 we provide that whole package. So hopefully this helps you understand whether you work with us
or if this is something you’d manage your marketing hopefully this helps you understand
how to layer that in and build those campaigns. All the different marketing
channels and possibilities and how you should leverage
those and invest in those and how they all really work together ’cause it really is like
a link chain, right. Every link kind of connects to the other and if one link breaks
you may not see success. All of these different programs help leverage and support one another. Somebody may first see
you going to your website then they see you in
a remarketing campaign then they search and see
you ranking organically than they later see you on
Facebook with the Facebook ad then they see a post
that you did on Facebook about a particular topic that they like. All of these pieces of the puzzle all these links in the chain
are leading towards conversion and if maybe one of those
links wasn’t running at that time, maybe they
didn’t see your ad on Facebook one day ’cause you weren’t doing that, maybe they lose you in the wash and they pick up on
one of your competitors you lose a sale and they get it because he didn’t have the
whole 360 degree approach and so that’s why we try
to layer these things in, but also do all of them
to a certain extent to make sure that you
have a full comprehensive holistic marketing program
that’s gonna ultimately drive the best results. So hopefully this screen
cast was helpful guys. If you liked it like it,
leave a comment, if you had questions or if you want us
to cover different things in the future leave a
comment with those ideas too, share this with your friends and family or people that you think
would be, you know, see this to be valuable information for them to have and follow
us for more content like this in the future, guys have
a good one, we’ll see ya.

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