Marketing Strategies For Social Media (5 Tips For Marketing On Social Media)
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Marketing Strategies For Social Media (5 Tips For Marketing On Social Media)

Even though it can be confusing at times,
social media today is a business owners dream. With 2 billion users worldwide and many people
in North America checking their email and social media accounts up to 17 times a day,
no matter what business you’re in, social media is an amazing way to reach your current
and potential clients and customers. And that’s why on today’s episode, we’re
going to cover 5 of my top performing social media strategies, so you can build your business,
grow your audience, and increase your profits. Hello and welcome, my name is Adam Erhart
and you are watching the Modern Marketing Show. Where we take different marketing tactics,
tools, tips and strategies and break them down into bite sized actionable clips that
you can use to immediately take your business to the next level. Never before have business owners had so much
power, and we owe it all to the internet and social media. With the average adult spending
20 hours each week online, and for kids and teens its even higher, we’re living in the
golden age of marketing, as you can now create, upload, and send highly targeted messages
directly to your ideal customers. Social media also levels the playing field, as you now
have access to the exact same tools and platforms as Apple, Nike, and Starbucks. So the key
to connecting with your customers is to not only use social media, but to use it well.
So here are 5 tips for marketing your business on social media. The most important tip in regards to social
media is to know your target market. This is so you don’t wind up wasting all your
time, energy, and resources on a social media channel where none of your customers are active.
Just like you wouldn’t advertise a crossfit gym at a seniors centre, you want to make
sure your brand, your market, and your message align with whatever social media channels
you decide to use. If you’re not sure which social media network would be best for your
business, all you need to do is search the term “social media network demographics”,
and you’ll have more information than you could ever need. Social media can absolutely increase your
sales, but you need to do it carefully and strategically. The key to building a thriving
and profitable community for your business on social media is to give, give, give, and
then give some more. Providing value helps build your authority, and takes advantage
of the reciprocity effect, where the more you give, the more people want to help you,
which will position you perfectly when you finally go in and ask for the sale. Design matters. Plain and simple. Ugly and
amateur designs, bad header and profile images, and cheap graphics all work together to slowly
destroy your brand and make your business look like it just doesn’t care, and above
all, you want to look like you care. Fortunately, there are some great ways to get really professional
looking social media profiles made. For one, you can hire a graphic designer to create
your images for you. This is the best, but also the most expensive option, the alternative
is to use a solution like Canva which you can find at which allows you
to create professional and really great looking graphics for your social media accounts and
it’s completely free. Video has quickly become the number 1 content
choice for consumers online. With 78% of people watching videos online every week, it’s
a great way to connect with your customers and 52% of marketers name video as the type
of content with the highest return on investment. Video is also a great way to reach CEO’s,
company presidents, and other high level executives with 75% of senior executives watching work
related videos at least every week, and over half of them share the videos with their colleagues.
Finally, video allows you to connect with your customers in a way that print simply
can’t by allowing your personality to come through. See? I feel like we’re already
more connected. My final social media marketing tip today
is slightly more advanced, but it unlocks a whole new world of possibilities, and that’s
to use the power of retargeting. Retargeting allows you to track and then send different
messages to people who have shown interest in your business by interacting with some
of your content. This is powerful because it allows you to send different messages,
images, or videos to people who already know who you are, and are interested in what you’re
offering, so you can continue to build and grow the consumer relationship over time.
Setting up retargeting is as easy as installing a few lines of code on your website, and once
it’s done, you can start to track and collect data immediately. So thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed
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