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Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents | Get Results Around The Clock!

Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I am back once a again and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about
marketing strategies for travel agents so if you are a travel agent listen up I
got a couple tips I want to share with you a couple of strategies that I’ve
been implementing with our business here and we show you how to do the same thing
so you do not want to miss this all right welcome back welcome back so
let’s say you are in the travel business you are work from home travel agent you
are you already want are you thinking about becoming one and you’re looking
for marketing strategies to implement in your business where I got a couple tips
I want to share with you using the Internet know if you’re anything like me
I don’t like cold calling people chasing my friends and family about my business
opportunity or my travel packages I don’t like chasing strangers so I’m
more of an introvert so if you can relate to that
hey I’m speaking to you so couple things that I do here that you can take from
this video and implement but I use Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents YouTube okay video marketing is very
powerful for strategy to generate leads clients and etc okay
so a couple of things you’re gonna need to implement this okay first thing
you’re gonna need this is very critical as a sales funnel or should I say that
capture page capture page is the first page of your sales phone sales funnel is
simply nothing but a series of pages okay then she walked your prospect
through step by step to the signup process now once a prospect opt-in to
your capture page they begin to get a series of emails through your
autoresponder okay so when somebody type in their email and name on your capture
page it triggers a series of emails that goes out in sequence over the period of
time you can you can schedule this out to do a day by day once every three days
once a week wants to weeks how do you want to do it have you want to build
your business but this is help you to gain a little more automation in the
follow-up process me that’s all I do is generate leads and drive traffic the
email autoresponder and the company presentation that the prospect sees all
this is automated so I don’t have to call nobody or text everybody or chase
people around you can automate your Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents business by leveraging the power of
YouTube okay so pretty much for example let’s say you’re looking to get more
travel agents on your travel team and you want looking for people that want to
become travel agent so let’s say for example you got a keyword phrase that
people are typing in YouTube or Google okay people are typing this in you got
about a nice amount of search volume we’ve got a lot of people typing this in
so your job as a marketer is to rank your a video on the first page of
YouTube okay as well as Google okay so you want to be ranking for that keyword
where they type that in if they type it in how to become a travel agent you want
to rank for that okay so people can see you and once people click on your video
and view your content make sure you provide value and leave a call to action
okay a call to action is a actions for your prospect to take and you can simply
do this by saying hey in the video click the link below okay so once people click
your link they go to another offer something you give away for value and
exchange for the email address or name okay this is a marketing strategy used
by all the top markers okay this is how I generate leads okay I give value
anything can be your offer can be anything such as a free download of a
PDF it can be your company presentation free video whatever the case may be you
can give this away in exchange for your prospects name and email okay once they
become a lead they got add it to your list and they go through the sales from
the process now the sales funnel will display your presentation it’s gonna
play your presentation over and over Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents again so it kind of gives you a little
leverage so instead of you actively talking to a hundred people your
presentation is working for you catering to a hundred people so you do the video
once or should I say the presentation the shopping once have you want to do it
and it’s viewed a hundred times versus you talking to a hundred people so it’s
a lot of leverage so if you are something you really won’t really want
to do you looking for ways to leverage the
internet YouTube marketing is one of them now there’s a couple things that I
do to teach our team how to generate leads so if you’re looking to get into
the travel business or you are a travel agent looking to expand your horizon on
YouTube marketing hey click the link below no watch your free presentation or
we’ll show you exactly how you can get started in the travel industry and join
our team we’ll show you exactly how to do YouTube marketing ok so just my time
hope you find value something you can implement right away YouTube is very
very quick on generating leads so you are gonna have to build your business
you don’t have to take the time and create the videos it’s not something
that’s gonna happen overnight you need to be making videos every single day ok
and if you can’t do it every day every other day okay so anyway if you find
value from this video video please give us a thumbs up like and subscribe and if
you or anybody you know looking to become a travel agent click that link
below and welcome to our team and we’ll show you exactly how we leverage the
internet using YouTube in generate leads all right Larry Porter son of golf and
be blessed happy marketing Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents

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