Marketing Strategy: 5 Principles That Will Revolutionize Your Ads
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Marketing Strategy: 5 Principles That Will Revolutionize Your Ads

In today’s video, I’m going to share with
you a concept that will absolutely revolutionize all of your marketing. My name is Traci Reuter and I’m the CEO and Founder of Divine Social we
are an Instagram and Facebook ad agency and we specialize in helping our clients
get their message get their story get their call to action in front of the
right people at the right time so what is this approach that’s going to
revolutionize all of your marketing well it’s called the five levels of awareness
and this was pioneered by Eugene Schwartz in a book called breakthrough
advertising several years ago like decades ago but it’s still to this day
absolutely incredible and I find that the best companies the
companies that are doing the best with their marketing that are growing and
scaling and getting to the level of success that they want to be at are the
ones that are taking this approach they’re taking this philosophy in to
it’s not even a philosophy it’s a principle they’re taking these
principles into account when they’re designing and marketing so what are the
five levels of awareness well it starts with the bottom of the barrel dee this
is going to be the coldest of cold traffic the first level of awareness are
people who are completely unaware they are unaware that they have a problem
they’re unaware that there’s a solution they don’t know that they don’t know
that they don’t know okay that is the coldest of cold traffic and it is
without a shot of the doubt it is the hardest to convert so that’s number one
they don’t know that they have a problem they don’t know there’s a solution and
they don’t really care level one level two the second level of awareness these
are people who know that they have a problem they’ve realized that they have
an issue that they need solved or they have a desire that they want fulfilled
and they just don’t know how to do it they don’t know the solution to their
problem they don’t know where to go they don’t even know that a solution exists
level two is still considered cold traffic but it’s less difficult to
penetrate than that first level of awareness so level two it would be that
they are problem aware okay so level twos Palma where level three now these
are people who are problem aware and they so they know that they have a
problem and they know there’s a solution they just don’t know what solution they
don’t know whose solution so they know they have a problem and they know
there’s a solution this becomes easier and easier this would be your
typical cold traffic on social platforms if you’re running ads like say for
example if you’re running an Instagram ad or you’re running a Facebook ad these
would be a little bit easier to convert because these are people who again they
know there’s no they have a problem they know there’s a solution they just
haven’t found the right one the fourth level of awareness are people that know
they have a problem they know a solution exists and they know your solution
exists okay they know about you they’re just not ready to make a decision
they’re not a hundred percent sold on your solution so this is going to be in
the code in the traffic if you’re doing temperatures or traffic this would be
warm traffic they know about you already right they know that there’s a problem
they know there’s a solution and they know you have a solution so this is warm
traffic the higher up is as I start to describe these right you’re probably
noticing the higher up and the levels of awareness the easier or more likely
conversions are going to be and the fifth and final level of awareness is is
somebody who knows they have a problem they know a solution exists they know
about your solution they know your solution is right for them they’re just
right there waiting for the right moment the right deal the right offer so what
does understanding all of these different levels of awareness how is
this going to impact and revolutionize your marketing now understanding this
and it’s starting to craft messages based on these different levels of
awareness whether it be in your paved traffic your Instagram ads your Facebook
Ads your blog posts guest spots on on
podcasts videos like this by understanding these levels of awareness
you can speak to the people at different levels with different messaging talking
to someone that doesn’t know that they have a problem that there is a solution
that exists they don’t know about you you have to start at an educational
point where you’re helping them to see you’re helping them to discovery that
this is a problem that they never knew that they had your marketing your
messaging is going to be completely different to that person than it would
be to somebody who knows that they have a problem no solution exists but they’ve
never heard of you before totally totally different kinds of
conversations if you take these things into consideration and
you start crafting marketing messages so in our case we use these five levels of
awareness in our agency when we’re crafting campaigns for clients by using
these different levels of awareness we are able to create specific campaigns
that allow our clients to scale horizontally you see most people when
they start to try to grow their business using advertising or even marketing
they’re just they’re trying they get into that place where people know about
them or know that they have a problem right the level is three four and five
so people who know they have a problem newest solution exists people who know
about your solution and people who know about it and want to buy it but are just
waiting for the right time marketing to those three levels can be the absolute
easiest because you’re not having to jump the Grand Canyon to help somebody
understand that they need what you have alright so if you start crafting if you
start crafting campaigns for all five of those you’re gonna actually start to
build a greater and greater list of people who you could potentially sell to
your audiences are gonna grow and you’re gonna start to find that it’s easier and
easier to close business at levels three four and five because you’ve been
speaking to people at level one and level two and you have a process for
that this is really really important I highly recommend if you haven’t read
breakthrough advertising it’s a little bit difficult to get a hold of it’s been
out of print for a really long time but there’s stuff floating around the
internet I highly recommend looking into see if you get yourself a copy but it is
one of the foundational principles that we’ve built our company on it’s one of
the foundational principles that we use to build all of our clients strategies
and if you adopt and you understand these levels of awareness and you start
thinking this way it’s going to completely change and revolutionize the
way the types of marketing and the way you put content out into the marketplace
to grow and scale your business now if you haven’t yet downloaded our three
pillars mini class we’ve got a mini class that talks about how to use
different levels these these the different levels of awareness with the
different types of campaigns if you haven’t gotten that yet click on the
link it should be somewhere below and definitely grab that you want to find
out the more you can understand how to do this
you’re paid traffic the better your business is going to be it’s very very
important and it’s gonna make the difference between you feeling like you
are burning dollars and feeling icky and your social or feeling like that you
really have a machine an investment that is producing every time you put a dollar
in you’re getting a dollar two three four dollars out everybody wants to have
that so make sure you click that link below and then be sure to subscribe to
this channel I put content out like this every single week and I want to make
sure that you never ever miss it we also have a playlist that I’ll link here that
has more videos on Instagram and Facebook advertising and how you can
utilize these principles these lessons to grow and scale your business my name
is Traci Reuter the best is yet to come and we’ll see you next time.

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