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Marketing Strategy Examples To Promote Your Business |

We all hear we got to market and promote our
business but how do we do it? I totally want some marketing strategy examples please! Hey guys, how are you, I’m André, your
friendly host today for CareerFH! No matter what kind of business you have,
in order to be successful, you must get customers; that’s a no brainer. The harder part is
that you have to get your offer in front of their eye balls and that’s where your marketing
strategy comes into play. It’s no surprise that there are tons of marketing strategy
examples out there but in order to make it simpler to understand, let’s first classify
them in 2 categories. First, you have what I call the “old school
traditional version” which is offline and second, we have the “new modern day in age”
online. Marketing strategy examples – offline Offline includes everything from newspaper,
magazine, radio, tv, poster, flyer, business cards. Marketing strategy examples – online Online includes everything from, pay per click,
social media ads, e-mail marketing, website. Knowing what your business is all about, the
best marketing strategy to use would probably be hybrid, meaning it’s the best winning
combination of both offline and online. Here are marketing strategy examples using
a hybrid combination. Create a website for you business, company, product or service.
You then have business card printed that leads to the website but instead of sending your
prospects to your simple website, make them an enticing offer such as: get a free report,
or 10% off discount, or free sample if you visit this page of the website. Instead of
having your regular, you direct them to your,
you can use the word like special, discount, promo to add after your .com. Give your audience something of value use
the online world to put more information and use your offline marketing to generate traffic
to your site where there’s more information. Again whenever you’re using paid marketing
strategy, always test and track your results. Say you have an ad in the news paper you send
the traffic to your site, so all your traffic going to that page you
know is coming from the news paper marketing strategy. On your site you can even have a custom landing
page that says, because you’re a loyal newspaper reader and so am I, I give you this promo
just for you. On your business card you can have, this way with
a simple traffic counter on your website for you web pages, you know exactly how much your
clients are worth. Divide the cost of the ad by the number of new clients that purchased
on that page and there you have it, your cost per client acquisition. The lower the better
so keep testing various marketing strategies! What about you, what other marketing strategy
examples do you have that you can share with us? Share your thoughts and comments down below
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