Marketing strategy for small business – q4 rocks new biz
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Marketing strategy for small business – q4 rocks new biz

Hey Tamara here. So I want to answer a question that I not only get over email but in conversations with people as well. People always say to me, actually it’s not a question, let me clarify, it’s more of a myth. People say to me, well I don’t really do new business in q4 because, you know, by the time you hit Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukkah whatever it is, that nobody’s doing anything anyway and everybody’s distracted. That is total bullshit, you can totally do new business in q4. In fact I would encourage you to up your new business in q4. Why? First of all we’re all at work right? Are all of us sitting home doing nothing? No, we’re still working. Two, your competitors aren’t calling because they’re buying into that myth and the third thing, the thing that I found to be true over and over again is that people are thinking about their budgets, they have money, if they’re in a company that they actually need to spend or they don’t get it next year, or they’re thinking about next year’s budget or they’re planning for what’s going to be their priorities for q1. So I’m gonna tell you right now do not buy the myth right now is the best time to pick up that phone.

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