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Marketing Strategy Software How We Deploy Our Marketing Strategy At Cascade

Hey, my name is Pat I work here at Cascade in the marketing space Helping drive traffic to our website getting more cars and Looking at what’s working and what’s working for us being with Netscape For a little bit over four or five months now And I thought I’d take this opportunity To not only walk you through the software from a marketing perspective, but also give you a little bit of Our story and where we’re at now from from from that side as well, and you don’t really really show you Sort of behind the curtains as to you know not only how we use the software about how we got to where we are at Right at this stage So before I started here at cascade. We didn’t really have a marketing team as such it doesn’t mean we didn’t have any marketing being carried out of course we have plenty of marketing activities happening and This is evident if you go and take a look at even through our blog a lot of our marketing was Heavily pushed through out our blog content this is ninety nine percent is accredited to Tom our SEO co-founder who really have championed the the marketing space for cascade up and – up until This point and you know thanks to you know getting a lot of these articles ranking really well on The top of Google that drove a lot of traffic to the side, and we’re started getting a lot more traction But aside from the content in the marking a lot of it is really a little better our growth is Primarily attributed to the software release in it the amount of growth Olympic experience is largely attributed to – to the software as such we just hit the 200k mark recurring revenue in the last couple of months and We’re don’t look like we’re gonna stop anytime soon and this is really just it speaks volumes of the software the software is being really well received by our users and That’s really pushed our growth and help Helped us without having to have a dedicated marketing team and such But you know we looked at the the landscape at the end of that last year That’s when I was brought in and it was obviously we needed to drill down into the marketing for 2018 and to yawn so myself and Mary Mary you might have seen around some of those blog posts see if I can find her she’s probably Here you might have seen her if you’re a user or cascade user you may have seen videos of her In Jane with the product updates. Yeah at the bottom and so Betty is also working in marketing for cascade so it together where We sort of put our heads down and looked at where we’re at at the end of last year and decided to start planning for turning 18 and beyond So once we start at the sort of ideation phase with the plenty of ideas To go around we were suddenly not short of ideas But obviously we didn’t want to end up with the white or black board Such as this and I suddenly want to look like that guy I don’t have any more, so just add Verlander more after I started cascade so I So we moved over to a spreadsheet process and This is something I’ve used in the past that works quite well So I mean there’s there’s many ways to look at the focus areas for marketing especially, but you know more often than not most of these focus areas will fall into One of these four paths that will either will either be doing a an exercise which The end resolved all the acquisition It’ll either be activation so you’re activating and we use three people a lot of check that you’ve acquired or monetizing Those users whether that be monetizing new users or monetizing current users it depends on the situation and then you of course you’ve got retention so make surely your current customers are happy and Staying with us longer so everything really that we do in Our space for marketing falls into one of these four areas So we decided to break that down like our ideas down through that And we would actually pop down the ideas of them be the concept initial concept of the idea a description of the third idea and I Hypothesis this is you know when you write something like you know I believe that doing X will cause Y and I will know that when I see that so when you see X the desired result and then you would have list The assets that you need to get this idea going and then what you do is you basically use this model to Help you basically rank these ideas how good better? They’re not that good Then we put them on the on the back burner for a while if they’re strong enough, then we proceed and move them over to Some of our goals whether they’ll be organized a part of the organizational goals or underneath those goals So we would basically allocate these these numbers you know hd0 of zeros or ones and Then you add a confident of impact or emergency X from 1 to 10, so if you thought the good idea to have strong Impact and you were very confident, and it was relatively easy, and then you’d get it like a high school for So once we had that of course is it this model. This is sustainable in a sense that you can Work from the spreadsheet on a day-to-day basis it becomes really complex and any kind of it you track your progress And then it’s happening it’s not happening and weather or work And I’m happy to share is this especially if you want to use it as well, so What we need is we we work we use this fresh You just did you help us generate ideas and to really to rank the ideas once we had that then that’s when we moved over To our actual cascade model so we had already had you know brainstorming sessions about where we where where the marketing space will sit as far as a vision so we have our own separate vision from And this is one of the great features of cascade is that we can have the putt different departments or different Locations broken down and they can each have their own plan all leading into that sort of key corporate plan But in they they have that independent space where you know they can grow as such they can have their addition We didn’t have our values in our case. We’re sharing the same values as the the main Business plan the main corporate plan, but we have our own Focus areas, and you know so you can see we’ve got acquisition activation on the dilation and retention and all of our organizational goals for within those four Spaces and then we need those will have the actual Sort of key goals or key projects that we need to launch or deliver by certain date So that worked really well for us because the cap has kept everything Tidy and what was relevant to set an area stay relevant the other thing you can do is of course just because one day for example just because One goal is sitting in this particular focus area doesn’t mean it only pertains to that you can also We can also allocate them to multiple focus areas For example you know you can you can You can show where it’s you can see it may be contributing to more than one goal So it made it really easy for us to Allocate the past or the projects and then know where these Tasks, or goals or produce. We’re aligned to and The beauty of it of course is that we have one place for everything sits, and we can so quickly see Change for example you can be mode you can quickly see where each projects are sitting so Obviously the the color cutter so you can tell whether you’ve progressed so if you haven’t progress or the black one saw or completed and the Orange ones moving along the green ones are on track So you know so you know? As I mentioned that start how we’re really pulling the curtain on this you know what all the projects are Running as perfect as we want it. We’re quite ambitious with the amount of Golf it took on for this year but that’s because basically we wanted to get them all into one place and with the understanding that if we Didn’t carry through some of them. We could still have make sure to continue with them, but really the magic for us the where everything kind of really works for us is when we look at out our dashboard because That for really is where what we look at on a day. They have bases. We look at You know key Key numbers that we have to keep an eye on every day really And and this gives us that opportunity. You know it saves you from having to log into your Analytics your you know Facebook in your trip for in our case for example all the different sort of Software that we have running in the background Charge B. Or anything else we can see it all in one dashboard and see whether or not You know we’re first of all if you’re behind all your track on one more so for example the one here on the Left We have a goal to get to 18,000 visitors a week to the side and you know that that’s Lagging a little bit behind for the smoke going too badly at least we can see our progression We can see the spike that happened once we launched our plan in January Then here we have our mailing list and we see that that we were well above our target of number of People in our list and then here we have our Charles Which is one that we really need to push now to get our towers up to a number that we want to Hear the desire number the winner gets it We also have a space here to put our notes. So you know so we actually use the dashboard We have been a regular meetings with the rest of the team so either the dashboard to to debrief the rest of the team on what we’re doing and And get them up to speed on You know when we need some systems from You know from IT for example to help us out and bits and pieces for the website or any other sort of technical Areas that we need to focus and then further down here. We’ve got the again the four areas again, oh So we can see you know so we don’t have to come in you keep going back to Plan you can see just yeah on on one dashboard where we are with with most of the key Projects that we’ve got running, and then you’ve got other metrics on the bottom You’re like Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn followers etc there We can end the great thing about this – because you can keep adding more of these Widgets or you can basically create a new dashboard if you wanted to just a branding once much better So look you know obviously there’s many ways of the windows. This is not. There’s not one set way of money creating the strategy that You think you want to manage in terms of marketing for example? but also to lay it out in cascade as this you know there’s a You know there’s many ways that you could do The plan and it just depends on where your companies are and what their focus is You know for us. We chose just this approach of These four areas of focus because it really made sense For us to focus in in in one of these four Key chief key areas and Really the overarching goal for us for this year is Optimisation, so there’s a lot of things that we were already doing like you know before I started here at cascade We were already doing these things Organically, so it’s a matter of it was a matter of going in there and putting a little bit structure behind them and and then you know Looking at optimizing how they see since we’re running is like TV a specific example We were already creating content, but it was done in a little bit of a sporadic way because you know tom is Was from the main writer for the blog for a long time and of course There is a little thing of running the company that gets in the way of Writing blog post so the content was a little bit sporadic notes sometimes here one month and something’s not there for a couple months So you know one of the things that we do is bring some order into that by developing these sort of 90-day content plans And creating those every quarter, so we knew is too ambitious to try and crave all the content for the year And it’s really unpredictable anyway even if we did that so by doing that by breaking into unit into four chunks of You sort of forming products to create each border then we can start managing that kind of thing we were already doing Running AdWords for example, but we weren’t really looking at how to optimize those campaigns we were Already looking at we’re already doing email marketing of course oh, we went looking at again at how to get the most value from those from the List of subscribers also, so there’s many things that we were already doing Organically, but we just weren’t sort of Drilling into them and looking at optimization as a whole so that really is I think the key The key focus when you know if you look at all these four areas For all of them a system that are optimizing how we do those things. We’re already doing it We’re already obviously we’re already monetizing. You know as I mentioned forward we were Making really strong Kyrgyz in our revenue, or are you doing the activation? We’re already doing the acquisition of traffic we didn’t clean the traffic and we’re already doing a very good job at retention But there’s always a bit more things that we can do once we start putting some frameworks in from order around these things So it’s just a minute. It was just no we thought it was a really good Way to showcase how not only how cascade Works on a happy Hecate cascade can be used from a marketing perspective But also to give you a little bit of an insight as to for us. How we are we running As a company in how we were approaching our own marketing, so it looked. Hopefully that’s given you some insight Hopefully that’s encouraged you as well to try k-state if you haven’t already tried it It’s free to try for you know you get at least a couple of weeks to take a pro test drive If you also want you can reach out to our team and they can walk you through the software they can even help you Get it up and running if you’re doing some integrations and video pieces you can reach out to us And we can certainly help in that space also, so you know give it a Twitter to the spin if you haven’t tried it out I’m sure you will fall in love with it as much as I have so thanks for watching thus far And we’ll see you next time

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