Marketing Strategy Training – Two Simple Tips to Attract High Income Customers
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Marketing Strategy Training – Two Simple Tips to Attract High Income Customers

When you’re considering marketing strategy
training, here are two quick tips that could help you generate ten times the number of
customers of ordinary marketers. These two techniques can help you make more
money without all the hassle and guesswork of just trying blind tactics that may or may-not
work. When it comes to marketing, most people rush
into TACTICS without realizing that developing the right strategy could be far more important. Strategy defines which tactics you’ll use
– and getting the proper marketing strategy training could make the difference between
years of struggling and a lifetime of success. With certain marketing strategies, you may
end up spending literally no money and still become massively successful, just by doing
little things that make a big difference. Marketing strategy should be different for
every business, it’s usually a good idea to start out by analyzing everything you can
about your core customers. That’s what Paul Orfalea did. He opened his first TINY Kinkos photocopy
shop across from a university. Then he built his marketing strategy around
those college students. That led him to spend almost NO money for
marketing yet still generate a massive income. A Web marketer I worked with — was originally
selling Nanny-Cams on the Internet – cameras for parents to monitor their young children. Initially she simply wanted techniques for
attracting customers. But that’s nuts! After all the work attracting and selling
these young parents to buy her product, why let them go without trying to sell them more
stuff later? Once you’ve got them trusting you, you should
definitely sell them more products and services. Right? Although this strategy doesn’t make sense
for everybody, it did make sense for her. And with proper marketing strategy training,
she’s becoming a seller of a wide range of child-security products and services. For her, that’s much more valuable than
just selling the one product – now her nanny-cam is the door opener to a longer buying relationship. With proper marketing strategy training, another
key activity is analyzing the alternatives your customer has. Notice I said alternatives and not competition. The word competition makes you think of companies,
but your customer has more than just companies to consider. There are real alternatives to buying your
product or service. The better you understand what those alternatives
are and why the customer should buy yours rather than the alternatives, the easier and
less costly it will be for you to make money. So, proper marketing strategy training combined
with clearly understanding the alternatives your customer has, can be extremely valuable
in helping you generate far more money with less effort and investment.

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