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Marketing – Sullivan Sanders

– My name is Sullivan Sanders. I’m a freshman here at
the University of Findlay, and I’m a marketing major with a minor in Healthcare management. I chose marketing because
I’m a very hands on person, and I love doing group
activities, group projects, and I love being creative
with my hands, and designing. I love designing things, so that’s why I chose
marketing as my major. University of Findlay does a very job in showing the significance
of real life scenarios, and they give us several
different ways to go about those, and they prepare us for the real world. In terms of projects and
just daily activities and management whereas
the bigger universities, they’re just more of do
the test, do the clues, do the homework, that’s your final grade. But at Findlay, they just want us to get a bigger relationship with our professors, and those around us. And that’s something that’s separates them from everybody else. I see myself pursuing a job that I enjoy. Something that I would
love going to work to do. I love being in an
environment that’s very open and creative in terms of how to keep. A company how they keep
their employees protected. Like Google, they have little
bouncey balls as chairs, and they don’t have any desks. It’s just really creative
things like that. Those are environments that
I would like to work in to help boost my
creativity for my position that I would like to work in. (slow piano music)

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