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Ho, ho, ho, it’s Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, coach. It’s Carolin Soldo here, and, today, I want
to give you the gift of marketing. I have three hot marketing tips for you for
more client visibility and sales in your business so you can bring your passions to the world
and make a great living, too. Make sure you watch the entire video because
I’m going to give you a bonus marketing schedule that you can implement in your business right
away for big results. Before we dive in, make sure you subscribe
and hit the bell so you get notified when new videos drop every Wednesday. In the beginning of my coaching career, I
used what I call Spaghetti Marketing where I try to throw things against the wall to
see what would stick. The result? No clients and no money in my business, and
lots of struggle. If you want to be a grinch, you may want to
do Spaghetti Marketing and let your competition run away with your clients, but if you’re
not a grinch, the three golden rules are for you. Golden rule number one is to become a problem
solver, so how do you become a problem solver? Think about all the communications you push
out. First of all, your social media, don’t just
post for the sake of posting. Let’s face it, your audience is bombarded
with messages. They receive emails and social media calls. In order for you to stand out, you need to
get their attention, and how do we do that? By being known as a valuable problem solver
and, every time they read something from you, you want to make sure it’s worth their time. What is your target market struggling with? Speak to your target market’s problems so
that they come to you looking for expertise and solutions and, after they consume your
content, they say, “Wow, I know more than I knew before. This person is really trying to solve my problem. This person really gets me.” Now, I have a bonus tip for you. Stay consistent. If you’re consistent with your marketing and
you’re out there every single week, every day, and you consistently give value and you
solve problems for people, they will begin to follow you as well and your engagement
is going to increase every single time. To make consistency really, really easy, I
want to give you a sample marketing schedule that you can plug into your business right
away for more organization, more exposure and, potentially, more clients in your business. I recommend you do one live webinar per month
and fill your calendar with discovery calls on that live webinar. In the last couple of years, webinars have
been at the top of my list consistently, and I have done webinars almost every single month
to get myself out there, to add more value and to bring new clients into my coaching
practice very consistently. The next thing you want to do is email your
list at least three times per week. Even if your list is very small, it doesn’t
matter because, guess what, you want to communicate with your new following. These people are expecting something from
you. Once a week, you want to send them something
valuable. The third I recommend is for you to go live
on Facebook or do a YouTube video once a week. Video is fabulous. It creates engagement. You get to know the person in the video almost
instantly, and you build a connection and a relationship and you begin to trust. Lastly, on your marketing schedule, you should
be posting on social media, of course. Again, don’t just post for the sake of posting. Be the problem solver and add value. Golden rule number two is to strive for quality
over quantity, so how do we get high quality leads and followers for your business? My number recommendation is to use online
advertising. Let’s face it, Facebook is there to make money. If all you ever do is post on your personal
page or your business page, no one will ever see you post except the people you’re already
friends with, so you really want to go out there and you want to be investing in advertising. Our favorite channels are Facebook, Instagram,
Google, and YouTube. Pick the channel where you get the most engagement
and stay there until you really get the hang of it and you’re able to build a followership
and target people to get high quality leads. Golden rule number three is to build an online
sales funnel. Now, sales funnels are not scary. They’re actually there to simplify your marketing
activities and to take the stress and everything right off your shoulders. Right now, you might be in a space where you’re
doing a lot of things to promote your business. You might be using social media. You might be emailing. You might be going to meetups. You might be going to conferences, and it
might seem very stressful and very disorganized. If that’s you, stop. I want you to consider building an online
sales funnel that brings more consistency and ease into your business because it does
the work for you. If you want to know exactly how to build your
funnel, watch my video on how to get your first paying coaching clients. In that video, I share exactly how to build
such a funnel. Click on the YouTube card to access that video
right now. If you want to know exactly how our marketing
system works and what we do in our business to gain over 50 new perfect clients for our
coaching programs, I have something for you. I have a brand new workshop that will go through
the exact steps you need to be taking as a new coach to go from unknown, not working
with clients, not knowing really what to do and how to get started to making some great
money in your business and bringing your passions to the world. Simply click on the link in the descriptions,
and I’ll see you in the class. If you like the video, don’t forget to like
it below. Give me some comments. Let’s connect. Let’s support each other. Don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see you
next time. Thanks for watching.

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  1. wow great video, I think could help you out with social proof. either way keep up the good work. Thanks for the vid. 🙂

  2. Your videos are always terrific. I MUST know what the tools are that you used to produce this one. The production value is great! Thanks! ~ Monica 🙂

  3. I have learned so much from you!! You truly deliver tremendous value!! Would love to see a video or insights on how much you suggest spending on Facebook ads 🙂 In gratitude.

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