Marketing Training – 5 Key Questions for Targeting Your Hottest Customers
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Marketing Training – 5 Key Questions for Targeting Your Hottest Customers

Are you considering marketing training? Here are 5 simple questions that will help
you really increase your success. These questions will help you understand what
it takes to attract and sell your most valuable customers – without wasting time and stress
wondering why your results aren’t happening the way you
expected. Most marketing training addresses what they
call the 4-Ps – product, price, place and promotion. But this leaves out some of the most important
elements of marketing. Your Business model is one. Advanced targeting of your hottest customers
is another. Understanding the customer’s buying process
and defining your Competitive positioning are also important. And then, perhaps most importantly, your marketing
message. Now let’s start with business model. Business model refers to the actual business
you are in, and whether that’s the best way to make money with the capabilities you
have. If you’re selling a product or service,
maybe you can offer it in a totally different way. Southern California’s Galpin Ford became
the largest Ford car dealer on the planet in a large part by introducing auto leasing
at a time when it didn’t exist. Blockbuster Video, and later Netflix, became
hugely successful by renting movies when most others were selling them. H&R Block tax services became successful by
getting others to offer their tax preparation methods when most accountants just offered
tax services themselves. I got a lady with an online business selling
nanny-cams – the cameras parents use to keep an eye on their young infants and babies
– to use the nanny-cams as a way to build a business selling numerous
products and services to young parents – and not just the nanny-cams. I got a struggling plumber to become the “Night-Time
plumber, so people wouldn’t take time off work during the day to wait for the plumber
– and his business grew amazingly. So, an important part of your marketing training
may be examining and altering your business model – which could be a powerful way to
boost your income. Next, Advanced targeting has to be an important
part of your marketing training. Now this means you know how to pinpoint the
people and businesses who are ready right now to buy from you. Do you know where to find these people who
are ready to buy right now? Do you understand what makes them different
from everyone else? How about their buying process? Do you understand what else these people and
businesses buy, when they buy it, where, and how? How about their “tie breaker?” When two products or services are virtually
identical, do you understand what is the ONE thing that gets this buyer to select one over
the other? Next to examine is your competitive positioning. To these buyers, do you really understand
what you’re competing with? And to these buyers, how does your product
or service fit in, based on price, image, and what the buyer expects? And lastly on our list, your marketing training
must address your marketing message. Once you know who is interested right now
to buy from you, do you know exactly what to say to them that will get them to buy now? And just as importantly, do you know what
you MUST NOT say, because it will turn them off,
or worse, get them to delay indefinitely? Understanding the answers to these questions
will greatly increase your likelihood of success with your business.

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