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Marketing Your Home

Marketing Your Home. How do you market your
home today? Do you hire an agent? Have them put it on the MLS, maybe they do some flyers,
print out some flyers puts them on the sign. Maybe he puts an ad in a magazine or newspaper
for you. Do you think that is how homes get sold today? They don’t. Homes get sold today
on the internet. Today’s buyer has a mobile phone, smart phone in fact, and that phone
connects them to the world. That phone connects them to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest
and that client is on that phone all day long! That’s where they get their information. So
your home needs to be marketed with an internet strategy, with a social media strategy utilizing
leveraging those tools to maximize the exposure of your home. video is also an important integral
part of that. Is your agent doing custom videos of your home and shooting them out to all
of those different platforms? That’s what needs to be done. So you have a choice you
can go old school, you can sit and ask yourself what am I paying this listing agent for…all
he did was put the house on the MLS. Or you can hire a skilled agent that understands
technology. Ninety percent of our clients were technology clients last year, buying
homes, coming up from the San Francisco bay area. So that’s how you need to leverage your
Russian River home and get it sole!

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