Matt Gonnella – OSD Summer Intern 2017
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Matt Gonnella – OSD Summer Intern 2017

OSD Interns 2017 Matt Gonnella, Suffolk University Law School I’m Matthew Gonnella. I’m the legal intern for Maribeth, the General Counsel
of Operational Services Division. As you can see, I attend Suffolk University Law
School. I’m entering my final year this fall and really looking forward to
taking the bar next semester or next summer. You kind of have this perception
that people in the public sector are quote-unquote not working as hard as
people in the private sector. And that’s not, not true and, based on my perception,
based on this summer, people are passionate about the work, and they serve a very important need. We are ensuring that taxpayer money is being used as
efficiently as possible and I think that’s something that every person, you
know, every reasonable person can get behind. Unlike some of the other interns,
I didn’t have a single project. I was assigned a variety of different projects
throughout this summer and I’m going to talk to you briefly about what I did for
the General Counsel of Operational Services Division. So, this included
drafting a legislative report that was mandated by the Governor via an
Executive Order or an Executive Resolve. And this concerned the use of conflict
minerals by, from militia-run mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo region
and its effect on State procurement policies. In this report, we examined
State and Federal policies regarding this from other jurisdictions, as well as
the potential implementation concerns this law would have in Massachusetts,
especially regarding small and minority-owned businesses. This, after the drafting of this report, it was published on the Massachusetts legislative website
for the public’s viewing. Furthermore, I also conducted and am conducting record retention reviews for several of the units. This included several things. Depending on the unit, I would go through each document individually
and classify them as such. Oh, and I would also, for every unit, create sort of a
cheat sheet that would include relevant documents the unit used in how long or
not how long they could keep the records. As you all know, the work of any public
entity, the documents must be public record and there’s a certain amount of
time that you must keep each type of document per the Secretary of State’s
record retention schedule, so we want to make sure that Operational Services
Division is in compliance with the law. Furthermore, I also did a variety of
legal research and drafting of legal memoranda for the Operational Services
Division that includes research on contractual disputes, copyright
protections for marketing materials produced by the unit or by the agency, as
well as some other internal matters, as well.
I also conducted reviews of Terms and Services with potential vendors or
outside agencies to ensure that their Terms of Service did not conflict with
the Massachusetts Terms and Conditions. Lastly, I also assisted in the revision
of the internal control guide to stay in compliance with the State Comptroller’s
Office. The internal control guide’s primary objective is to ensure the
public trust, and that State funds aren’t being wasted, no one’s committing fraud, and that they’re being used efficiently. This
centers around risk management, primarily, with these, and to ensure that everything
is being used, again, efficiently. Overall, I had a great
experience working in the legal department of the Operational Services
Division, and it really helped promote my professional growth as a future attorney. For more information on internships, contact Donna Fleser at [email protected]

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