MBA/Masters in Marketing & Digital Marketing with Zero Tuition Fees – GERMANY vs INDIA
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MBA/Masters in Marketing & Digital Marketing with Zero Tuition Fees – GERMANY vs INDIA

Hi amazing people across the globe I wish that you all are fine And I’m very very pleased about your great life and I welcome you to my YouTube channel And also I welcome you on behalf of our company FESGI CONSULTANTS and EDUCATION SERVICES here We always help international Students to secure their admission in the best universities around the world and also we help for the accommodation for the jobs as well so if you choose us and approach us then you can keep aside all your tensions all your worries all your questions simply because We will take care everything So these are the numbers you can call us or whatsapp us anytime once we receive your call and message then we get back To you and we make sure that you don’t face any problem because we are here at your disposal all the time to make sure Whatever plans you have you can achieve all your plans and you can fulfill all the dreams And Today’s video is very very important for all the international students if you want to do your MBA in Marketing And never thought that you can do without tuition fees so you can do your mba in marketing With zero tuition fees in the beautiful and world-class country Germany so it’s a long story, but don’t worry I will keep it short and simple so that you can easily understand so finally let’s get started Well, first of all Let’s try to understand the concept of marketing why it is imperative in today’s world Well, the whole world is changing rapidly We are offering different types of services in the market and making zillions of new products every day And we make sure that the products we are making these should be perfect in terms of quality, design durability usability and affordable price But we forget that if no one knows about our services and products Then it remains just a product with limited buyers. So in this crunch situation Marketing plays a pivotal role because good marketing Informs the customers about your services and products which you are offering to them. So at the end of the day smart marketing Catapults your products into a brand and ensures the increase in your sales, in your revenues and also the business growth So in short now You can understand. The marketing is the heart of every business whether it’s a small business or a big business of any type So, I hope that now you have got the taste of marketing why it is imperative and why it is important in today’s world And now let me tell you why you should do MBA in marketing what does that mean for your future for your career. well MBA in Marketing is one of the oldest disciplines of management Study. MBA in Marketing is highly valued by all companies employers simply because of its direct relevance to company’s growth, profit and Survival. MBA in Marketing is required in almost all the industries You can think of for example, like Retail, Advertisements, Tourism Banks, medias and also this hospitality so list goes on and you also have to keep in mind that This MBA degree will open doors for you to the most desirable management and executive positions as well For example chief marketing officer, marketing manager, and also we have this brand manager So these marketing professionals? Secure top job positions, get higher salaries Enjoy unlimited growth and getting bonuses and attractive perks. I think that’s all you need for your life I think I believe now that you have understood why you should do MBA marketing in your life to make your future bright And now finally the time has come that I should tell you why you should do your MBA in Marketing in the beautiful and world-class country Germany so now let me explain you all the advantages you have at your disposal so the very first Advantage is zero tuition fees well Germany is very well known for offering education without charging tuition fees simply because to keep in mind one fact that Education must be free for all So if you get this world-class, advanced modern Marketing education in the world-class country like Germany without paying tuition fees. So I think you must Unquestionably choose Germany for your marketing education to make your great future I think it’s a great advantage you have and you must use this And Now, let me tell you the second biggest advantage and that is English taught MB in marketing degree program Well international students have to keep in mind one thing is that Germany is no longer obsessed with only German taught degree courses Germany needs international students coming from english-speaking countries and that is why Germany has kept, Germany has so many English taught degree programs and MBA in Marketing is one of them. So it’s a wonderful thing that you can do your complete program marketing program in English language I think you must not miss this chance. It’s a really truly great great advantage you have at your disposal And The next big advantage is part-time job rights? Well, all the international students gets a right to work part-time side by side their studies Germany offers you two options to choose from first option says that you can work 240 days half time in one year and second option says that can work 120 days full-time in one year So the choice is yours which option you choose, but this is truly a great advantage you have Because you can earn some money you can support yourself. You can acquire practical experience. You can understand the work culture You can hone your skills So overall it is a very beneficial right for all the international students and I think you must use this right And Now let me tell you the next big advantage and that is 18 months post study visa. Well International students must be very very happy to know that once you study here and finish successfully Your degree program then you get this 18 months post study visa This is very precious time. Trust me because during this time you can start looking for full-time jobs You can earn a lot of money and also you can get the practical experience You can stay longer in Germany as per your employment contract You can also bring your family So overall you can fulfill all your dreams whatever you have planned for, for your future So truly this is very very best advantage I can say that this is the best advantage you have if you come to study in Germany And now, let me tell you the next big advantage is Bountiful job opportunities for you. Well, Germany has very robust economy Germany has very low unemployment rate. So this shows that Jobs are in abundance in Germany. So when you come to study here and you pass your program Then you can easily find suitable Marketing jobs to earn a lot of money and to settle here for lifetime So I think job is never a problem Just you have to come here to study and everything will fall into place and you will love it and this is the great advantage you have that if you can easily get the job after finishing your degree program and Finally, I believe that now you have got the perfect picture about this MBA in Marketing which you can do in the beautiful world-class country Germany if you want to avail all these benefits advantages I just talked about in this video And also if you have many questions in your mind then you are welcome to ask me anything and I’ll be very happy to Respond to you and also you can write to me in the comment box I always read your comments and I make sure that I can help you in best possible way And now I want to request you that if you want to study your MBA in Marketing in the world class, Germany Then you can simply contact us on our given numbers and we will be very happy to help you to secure your admission in the best German universities for your great future and also we can help you for the Accommodation, for the Jobs, for the Visa, for Scholarships, I think in short we can help you in every matter You just need to contact us and finally if you think that this video is really useful for you So I wanna always request you that please LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE give it a Thumbs up Press the Bell ICON Button to make sure that in near future whenever we upload a new video so that you should be the first person to watch that video and We will be always happy for your support. Thank you so much always for your precious time, Best of Luck Take care, and I always look forward to seeing you in Germany …. tschüss … Aufwiedersehen

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