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Measurable Marketing Goals | Pre-Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

Your goals need to be really specific,
with numbers and deadlines. For example, increasing app
downloads by 5% in 30 days. You can use these goals as your KPIs or
key performance indicators for the next few months. This will help you evaluate
the success of your business. Remember, a KPI is a business metric that you’ll use to evaluate factors
that are important to your success. Each business will have different KPIs. For example, a clothing store’s
KPI may be net revenue. The government’s KPI
may be employment rate. Or as for Embarkment, our KPI could be
the number of sitters we have on our site, or the traffic we get to the site. So to choose these goals, you’ll want
to start thinking about the stage in the funnel you want to improve on. Is your goal to try and
bring in more visitors? Here you’re going to
want to consider traffic. So your goal could be to increase
traffic by 5% in the next 60 days. Maybe your goal is to
convert customers to leads. You can consider sign ups here. So your aim could be to obtain 15,000 sign ups to receive launch
notifications over the next 90 days. Or maybe your goal is to
convert leads to customers. We could consider enrollment here. Our goal could be to enroll 5% of our
leads into our premium subscription, or just to turn them
into paying customers. Goals like these are trackable, and we can easily tie them into our
Google Analytics account to track. We’ll discuss that later in the course. Okay, so taking in what you’ve learned
so far about setting your marketing goals, I want you to revisit the two
goals you created earlier and change them to reflect
what you’ve learned. Now challenge yourself with this,
but be realistic. You don’t have all the money
in the world, yet, and your team is probably understaffed. Fill in your responses here.

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